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New 9/11-Style Plot In The Works? The FBI is looking into whether there is any connection between two arrests - one in Tampa and one in Philadelphia

Raed Al-Saif; Saudi Student in Tampa tries to Board US Airways plane to Phoenix with knife, other Saudi's boarded planes with knives on 9/11. Raed Abduhl-Rahman Al-Saif is/was a student at the University of Tampa. Raed Al-Saif was tooling around the Tampa Bay area in a 1994 green Cadillac registered to the address of 401 w. Kennedy Blvd, box 04842. Tampa Fl 33606 which is the address of the University of Tampa. Raed Abdulrahman Al-Saif is still being held on No Bond in the Pinellas County jail. Other Saudi's with the last name of Al-Saif, Khaled Saad Mohammed Al-Saif was recently releaed, June 14th 2009, from Gitmo to Saudi Arabia for "rehab", his release was arranged by the Saudi Royal Family, Khaled Al-Saif's family is from Al Tabia, Saudi Arabia. The killing of Abu Omar Al-Saif, "the mufti of Arab fighters in Chechnya", on December 12, 2005, Mohammad Bin Abdullah Al-Saif al-Jaber al-Buaynayn Al-Tamimi is from the Bani Tamim tribes that are widespread in the Arabian Peninsula. His tribe is originally from Jubail in northeast Saudi Arabia. He was born in Qassim and died at the age of 37. Abu Omar Al-Saif's brother, Ali Al-Tamimi, told the al-Hayat newspaper, "my brother participated in jihad in Afghanistan.

Tampa's Raed Al-Saif was a Graduate of the Islamic Saudi Academy Alexandria, VA Class of 2003, ISA shares its Internal Revenue Service employer tax ID number with the Saudi Embassy, which owns one of the ISA properties and leases the other. ISA offers courses in English language arts, Arabic language arts, computer graphics, psychology, economics, journalism and English as a Second Language. Islamic Saudi Academy Ninth- and twelfth-grade curricula place heavy emphasis on the concept of jihad, or holy war, and on Muslims’ religious obligation to kill infidels in the name of Allah. Islamic Saudi Academy comptroller Ismael Selim Elbarasse: Named as a co-conspirator in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial, this former ISA comptroller has been described by the U.S. government as a “high-ranking” Hamas operative who had financial dealings with Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook. In August 2004, Elbarasse was arrested after police had observed his wife videotaping sensitive parts of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Bridge from his vehicle.

Sen. Charles E. Schumer questioned whether the Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Virginia, is another example of radical Islamic madrassas funded by and linked to terrorism here and abroad. Another graduate of the Islamic Saudi Academy, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, Valedictorian of the Academy, was indicted and convicted on charges of providing material support to terrorists and in conspiring to assassinate the President of the United States, George Bush. The Islamic Saudi Academy is primarily a English as a Second Language school. New 9/11-Style Plot In The Works? The FBI is looking into whether there is any connection between two arrests - one in Tampa and one in Philadelphia - of men trying to smuggle weapons onto airplanes. The arrests took place June 4. Both planes were bound for Phoenix. All of the men, Damien Young, 29, Roshid Milledge, 38, and Raed Abduhl-Rahman Alsaif, 24, are being charged under the same Federal violation, Title 49, United States Code, Section 46505(b)(1). See the Federal Complaint of Damien Young and Roshid Milledge, click here.

English language schools were the portal for numerous Saudi's to enter the USA and for some involved with terrorism, back in 1997 Bandar al-Hazmi, a Saudi pilot student in Florida was taking English classes at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne Fl, he played a background role in the resulting investigations stemming from the September 11 Hi-Jacking attacks. Alleged pilot of American Airlines Flight 77 Hani Hanjour lived with Bandar in Phoenix, Arizona for several months starting in late November 1997, allegedly after the two met while studying English at the same school, the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne Fl. The story was corroborated by Rayed Abdullah, a high school friend and fellow pilot who also fell under suspicion. After moving out of Bandar's place, Hanjour lived in several apartments in Tempe, Mesa and Phoenix. Bandar continued his intermittent flight training, taking frequent trips back to Saudi Arabia - finally returning for good in January 2000.
On January 15, 2002, a formal FBI investigation was brought against Bandar, as agents looked for a familial relation between Bandar and the brothers Nawaf and Salem al-Hazmi. Bandar al-Hazmi links to Rayed Mohammed Abdullah Ali, in 2004, the Arizona Daily Star reported him as Rayed Mohammed Abdullah. Abdullah was a leader at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Phoenix where, the FBI says, he "reportedly gave extremist speeches at the mosque". Rayed Mohammed Abdullah Ali was taking flying lessons when he was arrested on May 30 2006 as a result of a tip off, Ali entered New Zealand in February 2006 on a student visa. On June 10, 2006 the New Zealand government released a statement saying that Ali was deported because he "posed a threat to national security" and confirmed that he had lived and trained in Phoenix, Arizona, with fellow Saudi Hani Hanjour in the months leading up to the September 11, 2001 attacks. The passport Rayed Mohammed Abdullah had wasn't from Saudi Arabia: It's from Yemen — and Abdullah was using a different surname: "Ali." Rayed Abdullah was on an international terrorist watch list; Abdullah Ali was not. Rayed Ali, the Saudi student deported from New Zealand in 2006 on national security grounds, has disappeared after reaching Saudi Arabia, his whereabouts are unknown. 
The FBI was somewhat convinced that Rayed Abdullah, Bandar al Hazmi and Hani Hanjour all knew each other prior to arriving in the United States. Rayed Abdullah told Williams he had earlier been to Florida and knew an individual named Bandar al Hazmi from high school. Rayed Abdullah said he had decided to move to Florida to become a commercial pilot after speaking with Bandar al Hazmi. While the FBI found there was no "familiar" connection between Bandar al Hazmi and the 911 hijackers Nawaf al Hazmi and Salem al Hazmi, Rayed Abdullah said he had met Hani Hanjour (who is alleged to have piloted the airliner into the Pentagon) upon arriving in Florida - presumably through Bandar al Hazmi who claimed to have met Hanjour in Florida while they were both studying at the same English-language institute the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne Fl.

From the June 2009 Federal Complaint of Raed Alsaif in Tampa Fl, it says, quote; "This Affidavit Does Not Contain all the information known to Federal Agents in the course of this investigation", more to come. We definitely want to follow regular investigative measures to see if there is a connection," said FBI spokesman Frank Burton Jr. "We don't know if there is a connection, but we are checking it out." The FBI will also see if these two arrests are connected to any other cases around the country, Burton said.
War on terror: Saudi Arabia has released a list of 85 wanted militants, Published: February, 2009. Following are the names of the wanted militants whose world-wide whereabouts are unknown:
1- Ibrahim Hassan Tali Assiri, Saudi
2- Ibrahim Suleiman Hamad Al-Hablain, Saudi
3- Ibrahim Salman Mohammed Al-Rubeish, Saudi
4- Ibrahim Mohammed Abdullah Al-Mudian, Saudi
5- Ahmad Ibrahim Mohmmed Al-Tuweijiri, Saudi
6- Ahmad Saleh Ali Al-Shiha, Saudi
7- Ahmad Abdullah Saleh Al-Zahrani, Saudi
8- Ahmad Ali Barakat Al-Zahrani, Saudi
9- Ahmad Ali Atallah Al-Farhood, Saudi
10- Ahmad Kuteim Mohammed Al-Huzali, Saudi
11- Osama Hamoud Gharman Al-Shihri, Saudi
12- Osama Ali Abdullah Damjan, Saudi
13- Bassil Ayed Ali Al-Qahtani, Saudi
14- Badah Mukhis Badah Al-Kodari Al-Qahtani, Saudi
15- Badr Saud Owaid Al-Aufi Al-Harbi, Saudi
16- Badr Mohammed Nasser Al-Shahri, Saudi
17- Baheej Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Baheeji, Saudi
18- Turki Mashouy Zayed Assiri, Saudi
19- Thamir Mohammed Ghiram Al-Omari, Saudi
20- Jaber Jabran Ali Al-Fifi, Saudi
21- Hassan Ibrahim Hamad Al-Shabaan, Saudi
22- Hassan Ayed Badah Al-Saad Al-Qahtani, Saudi
23- Hussein Mohammed Abdu, Saudi
24- Hamad Hussein Nasser Al-Hussein, Saudi
25- Khaled Ibrahim Ahmad Al-Sunbul Al-Assiri, Saudi
26- Khaled Saleem Owaid Al-Luhaibi Al-Harbi, Saudi
27- Khaled Saleh Ali Al-Samiti, Saudi
28- Khaled Ghallab Fari Al-Rouki Al-Otaibi, Saudi
29- Rayed Abdullah Salim Al-Zahiri Al-Harbi, Saudi
30- Rayyan Mohammed Humeidi Al-Zayedi, Saudi
31- Saeed bin Ali Jaber Al-Shahri, Saudi
32- Sultan Radi Sumeilil Al-Otaibi, Saudi
33- Saleh Suleiman Hamad Al-Hablain, Saudi
34- Saleh Abdullah Saleh Al-Qaraawi, Saudi
35- Saleh Naif Eid Al-Makhlafi, Saudi
36- Tuleihan Mutlaq Tuleihan Al-Muteiri, Saudi
37- Adel Fileih Salim Al-Jaffari Al-Anazi, Saudi
38- Abdul Ilah Mustafa Mohammed Al-Jubeiri Al-Shahri, Saudi
39- Abdul Rahman Abdullah Abdu Rahman Al-Dossari, Saudi
40- Abdullah Hassan Tali Assiri, Saudi
41- Abdullah Salem Duheim Al-Qahtani, Saudi
42- Abdullah Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Murshid, Saudi
43- Abdullah Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al-Harbi, Saudi
44- Abdullah Abdul Karim Ibrahim Al-Salloum, Saudi
45- Abdullah Othman Abdul Rahman Al-Dubeikhi, Saudi
46- Abdullah Farraj Mohammed Hamoud Al-Juweir, Saudi
47- Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ayed, Saudi
48- Abdullah Nasser Suleiman Al-Rayaei, Saudi
49- Abdul Mohsen Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Sharikh, Saudi
50- Obaid Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Saudi
51- Obaid Mubarak Obaid Al-Kufeil, Saudi
52- Ateek Faraj Sati Al-Hassanani, Saudi
53- Othman Ahmad Othman Al-Omeira Al-Ghamidi, Saudi
54- Othman Suleiman Dakheel Al-Suweid, Saudi
55- Adnan Mohammed Ali Al-Sayegh, Saudi
56- Azzam Abdullah Zureik Al-Maulid Al-Subhi, Saudi
57- Oqail Omaish Oqail Al-Mutairi, Saudi
58- Ali Saud Omair Al-Shanbari, Saudi
59- Ali Abdul Aziz Ali Al-Omar, Saudi
60- Fayez Ghuneim Hameed Al-Hijri Al-Harbi, Saudi
61- Fahd Rikad Sameer Al-Ruwaili, Saudi
62- Fahd Saleh Suleiman Al-Jutaili, Saudi
63- Fahd Mohammed Saad Al-Ajlan, Saudi
64- Fahd Mohammed Ali Al-Juaithin, Saudi
65- Fawaz Al-Humaidi Hajid Al-Habradi Al-Otaibi, Saudi
66- Fawaz Owaiz Ateeq Al-Zahimi Al-Salami, Saudi
67- Faisal Jassim Mohammed Al-Omari Al-Khaledi, Saudi
68- Qassem Mohammed Mahdi Al-Rimi, Yemeni
69- Majed Mohammed Abdullah Al-Majed, Saudi
70- Mohammed Saad Saeed Al-Siam Al-Omari, Saudi
71- Mohammed Abdul Rahman Suleiman Al-Rashid, Saudi
72- Mohammed Abdullah Hassan Abul-Khair, Saudi
73- Mohammed Otaik Owaid Al-Aufi Al-Harbi, Saudi
74- Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al-Mutlaq, Saudi
75- Mohammed Hilal Thawab Al-Makati Al-Otaibi, Saudi
76- Murtada Ali Saeed Mukram, Saudi
77- Mishaal Mohammed Rasheed Al-Shadoukhi, Saudi
78- Mujab Atiyyah Abdul Karim Al-Zahrani, Saudi
79- Mukad Qaed Mukad Al-Mukati, Saudi
80- Nasser Abdul Karim Abdullah Al-Wihaishi, Yemeni
81- Naif Mohammed Saeed Al-Kodari Al-Qahtani, Saudi
82- Waleed Abdullah Ibrahim Bin Barghash, Saudi
83- Waleed Ali Mishafi Al-Mishafi Assiri, Saudi
84- Yousuf Mohammed Jameel Abdullah Al-Takroni, Saudi
85- Yousuf Mohammed Mubarak Al-Jubairi Al-Shahri, Saudi
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