Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Evidence of Financial Links Between Saudi Royal Family and Al Qaeda 500 Toyota pick-up trucks to Taliban, PI Bill Warner exposed the trucks in 2006.

Evidence of Financial Links Between Saudi Royal Family and Al Qaeda 500 Toyota pick-up trucks given to Taliban from Saudi Intel Service and Turki al-Faisal, private investigator Bill Warner exposed the existence of the trucks in 2006. CLICK IMAGES ABOVE TO ENLARGE.
An Afghan guy by the name of Said Jalal brokered the deal to bring 500 Toyota pick-up trucks to Afghanistan and Mullah Omar in 1995 that was very important as the Taliban had been defeated in Islmabad and were down.
One Billion Riyals, Saudi money ($267,000,000.) from what appears to be the Saudi Intelligence Service who at that time was run by Turki al-Faisal. Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud (DOB February 15, 1945), most commonly referenced as Turki Al-Faisal is the former Director General of Saudi Arabia's Al Mukhabarat Al A'amah, the Kingdom's former ambassador to the United Kingdom and Ireland, and served as Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States from July 2005 until December 11, 2006.

New York Times, are shown here. Lawyers for the Saudi royal family deny any connection to the financing of Al Qaeda and say the links claimed by the Sept. 11 families are tenuous and misleading.
In an attempt to link members of the Saudi royal family to the financing of Al Qaeda, lawyers for Sept. 11 families and their insurers have collected several hundred thousand pages of interview transcripts, government reports, financial records, court testimony and other material.

Four of the documents, not entered in the court record but provided to the
The Supreme Court is expected to decide this week whether to take up the case; lower courts have found that the Saudis cannot be sued in U.S. court based on a 1976 law giving sovereign immunity to foreign nations and their leaders.

The presence of these Toyota vehicles raises questions, given that Afghanistan has been subjected for five years to one of the strictest economic sanctions ever applied by the United Nations and the US Government.

Toyota's unease at being associated with the Taliban and Al Qaeda is evident. In its September 2001 statement, the company said, "Toyota does not have a sales or distribution channel in Afghanistan, and we do not export vehicles to that country." "Any other Toyota products presently in the country have probably arrived from neighboring countries via unofficial channels" - that is, they were smuggled from Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia to Iran and Pakistan and into Afghanistan.

It's all about the cars and trucks, supplied by Muslim car dealers in Saudi Arabia in support of terrorism ! There is no army on earth as mobile as the Taliban. Piled into the back of hundreds of open Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks, their vehicle of choice, and carrying no possessions other than their weapons, the Taliban Calvary can move nimbly ("Toyota does not have a sales or distribution channel in Afghanistan, and does not export vehicles to that country.") .

Few of the Taliban have any education beyond years spent in the madrassas, the fundamentalist religious schools in Pakistan that have produced an endless supply of Taliban (and suicide bombers) for more than a decade.

He is the youngest son of the late King Faisal by Princess Effat Al-Thuniyyan, brother of foreign minister, Saud al Faisal, and a nephew of the present King Abdullah. "Turki al-Faisal hand a check for one billion Saudi riyals (now worth about $267 million) to a top Taliban leader".