Thursday, June 11, 2009

Al-Muhajiroun to be re-launched in the UK but they never went away, many meetings in London UK & Queens NY in last 5 years exposed by PI Bill Warner.

Al-Muhajiroun claims to be re-launched in the UK although they never went away and had numerous meetings in London UK and Queens NY in the last 5 years all exposed by private investigator Bill Warner in NY. In the years between 1996 and 2004, under the leadership of Omar Bakri Mohammed, the repulsive antics of al-Muhajiroun featured regularly on the front pages of the UK tabloids. Whether it was holding up placards proclaiming that the flag of Islam would one day be flying above 10 Downing Street or organising a meeting to celebrate the achievements of the "Magnificent 19" hijackers behind the 9/11 atrocities, it seemed that the small band of Muhajiroun supporters lived for the limelight and revelled in their notoriety and being openly provocative. The group was disbanded by Bakri in 2004 (so he says) and soon after Bakri himself left the UK and moved to Lebanon where he still resides. As for the Muhajiroun remnants, they formed new off-shoots including the Saviour Sect and al-Ghurabaa. In 2005, following the 7/7 bombings, the government announced the banning of al-Muhajiroun and its offshoots, (but they just went underground). May 5th, 2009...One of Britain's most notorious preachers of hate is back on the streets after being freed early from jail. Al-Muhajiroun preacher, Abu Izzadeen, who publicly confronted John Reid when he was Home Secretary, had his jail term reduced by the Appeal Court - along with four other extremists convicted of supporting terror. He and fellow British-born Muslim convert Simon Keeler were handed the same jail term after making a series of rabble-rousing speeches at a central London mosque. Four fellow fanatics were also jailed. The defendants were all members of an extreme Islamist group known as Al-Muhajiroun, which has been banned only to allegedly regroup under a different name

Private investigator and self-styled “cyber vigilante” Bill Warner, currently based in Sarasota, Florida, unearthed details about the operations of Al-Muhajiroun in the United States. Warner helped the BBC journalist Richard Watson to unravel the links of Mohammed Junaid Babar and other American Al-Muhajiroun members with a small mosque in Queens, New York. June 2nd to June 4th, 2000, there were radical Muslims meeting at the Islmaic Center of Queens aka Masjid al-Fatima Mosque, with lectures given by Sajil Shahid a recruiter for the terror group Al-Muhajiroun also present was American Al-Muhajiroun member Syed "Fahad" Hashmi, who was arrested at London's Heathrow airport on June 6th 2006 suspected of assisting an Al Qaeda terrorist plot, and assisting jihadists in Afghanistan and Iraq. In October 2005, (after al-Muhajiroun was supposed to have disbanded) Bill Warner took BBC journalist Richard Watson to the Masjid al-Fatima 57-16 37th Avenue, Woodside, which had been taken over by radicals from Hizb ut-Tahrir in the mid 1990s. Watson videotaped Bill Warner's interview with imam Aqeel Khan, who spoke of the problems of radicals at the mosque just after a group of al-Muhajiroun radicals from Baltimore had left the Queens Mosque, see their picture above, Aqeel Khan is the man in the white shirt.

Aqueel Khan of the Islamic Center of Queens is also listed as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of at least one of the Florida corporations set up by Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari (arrested 2/15/2007), also known as Michael Mixon, a bank underwriter and resident of Ardsley, New York, charged in Manhattan federal court with terrorism financing, material support of terrorism, and international money laundering, as well as additional charges of conspiracy and wire fraud. Aqeel Khan of Queens NY and Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari of Ardsley, N.Y are business partners in a Florida corporation, GLOBALPROTECTOR.NET, INC,(orginally set up in New York State Division of Corporations) which appears to be a front company to launder money for FEDI which was also set up in Florida as a Foreign Corp., Aqeel Khan handled the cash he was the CFO. A couple of months back in 2009 Newspapers world wide wrote about how the followers of al-Muhajiroun had succeeded in their polarising antics once again with their now infamous little protest in Luton at the welcoming home parade of soldiers from the East Anglian Regiment. The only people who should be taking the Muhajiroun activists seriously are the police and the security services who should be ready to haul them before the courts if they cross the line from simply voicing offensive opinion to actually inciting violence and race hatred. A number of Muhajiroun supporters have indeed now been successfully prosecuted in recent years.

Bill Warner
private investigator