Thursday, May 07, 2009


SARASOTA BRADENTON HOME INVASIONS, NO ATTACKS IN 22 DAYS (as of 5/13/09) LONGEST GAP SO FAR AND NO FBI PROFILE, YET. UPDATE...Tuesday, May 26, 2009, Masked Man Beats and Rapes Woman In Her Home On Siesta Key, The Attack Mimics 10 Other Sarasota-Bradenton Home Invasion Serial Attacks of Women.

The 10 Sarasota Bradenton home invasions by the lone masked man have stopped since April 20th 2009, this is the longest gap without an attack so far since they started back on February 16th.

In March the Sarasota Bradenton home invader went 13 days between March 14th to March 27th without an attack, in April he went 14 days without an attack from April 6th (woman murdered) to April 20th. Georgeann Lee Smith was the victim on April 6th, see her obit from Sarasota Herald Tribune.
Georgeann Lee Smith, 37, (Nov. 18, 1971 - April 6, 2009) of Sarasota, formerly of Millersport, Ohio, died April 6, 2009. Services were at the Bee Ridge Baptist Church on Proctor Rd Sarasota Fl .

The heat is on for this coward who attacks middle aged single women who are usually home alone during the attacks, yet the Sarasota Bradenton masked home invader has yet to be profiled by the FBI who joined the hunt for him back in April, why the delay.

From various victim accounts it has been verified that the perp involved with these horrendous crimes is a white male, 5'10" to 6' 0" tall, about 175 to 185 lbs. He often wears dark colored clothing and a black ski mask and has made statements that he robs to feed a crack cocaine habit. In the prior attacks, victims expressed that the attacker was anywhere in age from 35 to 55. The attacks in the Sarasota Bradenton area have most often occurred during the daylight hours, so why can't the FBI issue a profile on this guy ?

The Sarasota Bradenton home invader strikes his victims in the head with a gun after he has bound them with cords or rope he finds in their homes, then grabs cash, credit cards, jewelry, computers and electronics, he took a large plasma 54" TV from a Bradenton home invasion, (something a van or pick-up truck would be needed to transport). If the Sarasota Bradenton home invader is not selling his stolen goods in local pawn shops (since Feb. 16th) what is he doing with all this stuff,
eBay ?

I have strong feelings that the Sarasota Bradenton home invader is very computer savvy, he must be also able to access information on who lives in the houses he cases to identify single women in a certain age bracket, he knows who is supposed to be in the house before he attacks.

The Sarasota Bradenton home invader is still out there.

Bill Warner
private investigator