Monday, May 11, 2009

Report: Somali Pirates Selecting Targets With Help of British and Dubai Informants, Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner Warned Of This In Nov 08

Report: Somali Pirates Selecting Targets With Help of British and Dubai Informants, Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner Warned Of This In Nov 2008 !

Somali pirates attacking ships in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean are reportedly selecting their targets with the help of a team of "consultants" based in London and Dubai.

According to a European military intelligence document cited by a Spanish radio station, "well-placed informers" are in constant contact with control centers in Somalia. The control centers give the pirates information about ships in the area including their routes and cargoes, the Guardian reported.

Cadena SER radio said that in some cases, hijackers even had details on the layout of ships, their ports of call and the nationalities of those on board, the Guardian reported.

The document said pirates seem to be avoiding British ships and those from a few other nations, the paper reported.

The network of informants allegedly extends to Yemen,
Dubai and the Suez Canal. Speaking by telephone from Istanbul, Haldun Dincel said today that London was one of a number of centres (Dubai) the pirates contacted regularly after the tanker had been sailed to the Somali coast and senior gang members had boarded and taken control. "Every day the chief of the pirates got in touch with people from London, Dubai and some from the Yemen," he said. The calls were made on satellite phones the pirates brought with them.

There are No Major Shipping Ports in Yemen, the Dubai Port of Jebel Ali dominates the regions shipping activity !

Shabaab pirates are run by Muslim Mafia Crime Lords in Dubai UAE who monitor shipping routes for targets. The Crime lords pass directions on to at least five pirate gangs who pay a licence fee to Somali politicians.The majority of the Somali leaders are warlords or mafia-like businessmen connected to pirates, arms smugglers, stolen car networks and people-traffickers.

The profits from the ransoms of hijacking the cargo ships go to the Somalia al-Shabaab Islamists, just one more example of al-Qaeda terrorist financing on the cheap, huge profits from ransoms, low cost with the al-Shabaab pirates. The Muslim Mafia Dons in Dubai have access to the shipping routes of specific cargo ships due to their long time involvement in the stolen car networks that ships stolen vehicles from around the world to Dubai for re-papering and re-export.

Haji Mohammad Ismail, a magnate with interests in the cold-storage business and shipping, is among several Dubai-based businessmen who has for long faced media allegations of using Somalia, Dubai and Mombassa-based operations to support Dawood Ibrahim's trafficking operations and directly linked to Dawood's network.

In 1997, a Nairobi court charged another Dawood Ibrahim-linked businessman, Madat Ali Chatur, with customs and tax-fraud. See Haji Mohammad Ismail's website,
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