Thursday, May 21, 2009

Muslim Politician Hisham Moustafa Guilty of Murdering Sexy Pop Diva Suzanne Tamim in Dubai.

Muslim Politician Hisham Moustafa Guilty of Murdering Sexy Pop Diva Suzanne Tamim in Dubai.

From Times Online May 21, 2009, It is a plot straight out of one of the over-acted soap operas that keep Egyptians glued to their sets through Ramadan: the beautiful showgirl with a troubled past, the playboy billionaire who falls for her and a sordid, blood-soaked murder in a Dubai apartment that shattered their intertwined lives.

But today Egypt was reeling with an ending far stranger than fiction when Hisham Talat Moustafa, the property tycoon, high level political insider and personal friend of the President himself, was sentenced to hang for the killing of his former pop star lover.

It brings to an end a year-long episode which had refocused attention on the Egyptian government’s relationship with big business, its attempts to muzzle the press, and a rather more basic discussion on private morals.

The murder of Suzanne Tamim, a 30-year-old Lebanese singer, sparked a tabloid sensation when photographs of her lying dead with her throat slashed leaked across the Middle East after her killing last July.

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Egyptian property mogul, Hisham Talaat Mustafa arrested in Sexy Suzanne Tamim murder in Dubai, the Egyptian Tycoon hired a hitman

Moustafa, 49, a parliamentarian from the ruling National Democratic Party and a member of its supreme policies council, was a close personal friend of President Hosni Mubarak’s son and heir apparent, Gamal.

Mr Mubarak’s regime has become notorious for its close links with wealthy businessmen and Moustafa was no exception. He ran a real estate conglomerate worth several billion dollars.

Prosecutors alleged that Moustafa and Ms Tamim had been lovers for several months before she broke off the relationship and became engaged to the Iraqi kick-boxing champion Riyad al-Azzawi, whom she met at Harrods in London.
They claimed Moustafa paid $2 million to a former Egyptian police officer turned hotel security guard, Mohsen el-Sukkari, to follow his former lover from Egypt to London and onto Dubai.

There Sukkari staked out her apartment and after buying a knife, he tricked his way into the flat claiming to work for the owner of the property.
Ms Tamim was discovered hours later, dead, with her throat slashed and multiple stab wounds over her body.

Dubai policed solved the murder when they found Sukkari’s footprint at the scene and traced it back to him through the shop where he bought the shoes. Moustafa was arrested in September and stripped of his parliamentary immunity to face trial on capital charges alongside Sukkari.

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