Friday, April 03, 2009

Under Seige 13 Shot Many Dead, American Civic Association, 131 Front Street, an act of terrorism on unarmed Binghamton residents.

Official: Hostages held after ‘multiple’ shootings Under Seige 13 Shot Dead, American Civic Association, 131 Front Street, Binghamton NY. The local newspaper, the Press & Sun-Bulletin, said on its Web site that at least 17 people were shot and 41 people had been taken hostage.

The newspaper reported that Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan, who was at the scene, said there was a hostage situation and said the shooter, Jiverly Voong of nearby Johnson City , had two handguns.

The suspect was described as an Viet Nam man, Jiverly Voong who had been fired at IBM, was wearing a bright green nylon jacket and dark-rimmed glasses he carried two handguns, an act of terrorism on unarmed Binghamton residents.

Who is Jiverly Voong aka Jiverly Wong? Conflicting picture of Binghamton gunman emerges,The maniac who shot 13 people dead in a Binghamton immigration center before killing himself was described Friday as an angry loner who loved guns, hated America and talked about assassinating the President.

Kevin Greene, who once worked with 41-year-old mass murderer Jiverly Voong, said a question about a New York Yankees T-shirt he was wearing brought out his dark side.

Greene said, “I asked him if he liked the Yanks,” and “he said, ‘No, I don’t like that team. I don’t like America. America sucks.’”

Greene, who lives outside of Binghamton, said he worked with Voong - whom co-workers knew as Jiverly Wong - for a few months at the Shop Vac assembly plant in Binghamton before it closed in November.

He told FBI investigators he and a buddy used to joke about how they thought Voong “would come in mad one day and shoot people. He seemed like that kind of guy.” The New York Times has now identified the alleged shooter as Jiverly Wong, who used the alias Jiverly Voong, according to law-enforcement officials. A law-enforcement official said that Mr. Wong had a New York State pistol license that listed two pistols, a 45-caliber Beretta and a 9-mm Beretta. The authorities matched the serial numbers of two guns found with the gunman’s body to the serial numbers on his license. The authorities were trying to trace the guns to determine where Mr. Wong obtained them and their history.

Donald Ackley, another former Shop Vac employee, said Voong “kept to himself but made some of off-the-wall comments like he wanted to kill the President.” It was unclear if Voong was threatening the life of former President Bush or President Obama.

Greene said Voong’s conversations often focused on weapons. “He went to target practice on Saturday. He said he had two guns, one in his glove compartment. He was always talking about his guns.

This is my hometown.
Bill Warner
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