Sunday, March 01, 2009

L.A. Muslims say FBI surveillance (since Feb. 2003) has a chilling effect on their free speech, Ahmad Niazi Arrested in Tustin CA links to Al-Qaeda.

LA TIMES March 1, 2009, The Islamic Center of Irvine blends into the rows of office buildings surrounding it. Last week, it became the most publicized mosque in California with disclosures that the FBI sent an informant there to spy and collect evidence of jihadist rhetoric and other allegedly extremist acts by a Tustin man (Ahmad Niazi links to Al-Qaida) who attended prayers there.

The latest anxiety wave was triggered by an FBI agent's testimony last week that an informant was sent into several Orange County mosques and helped collect evidence against Ahmadullah Sais Niazi. The Afghanistan-born Niazi, 34, is scheduled for arraignment this month on charges of perjury, naturalization fraud and other acts related to lying about ties to Al Qaeda.

A man claiming to be that informant, Irvine resident Craig Monteilh, said last week in interviews and court documents that he served the FBI as a paid informant from July 2006 to October 2007 and used concealed audio and video equipment to record thousands of hours of conversations with Muslims in homes, restaurants and mosques in Irvine, Tustin, Mission Viejo and elsewhere. But Muslim leaders said that FBI scrutiny of the Muslim community -- and efforts to recruit informants -- began years ago (It did, in Feb 2003). The FBI declined to comment.

The FBI knew there were suspicious activities happening in mosques," particularly in Southern California, Monteilh said. One famous case was that of 30-year-old Adam Gadahn, the former resident of Santa Ana's Floral Park neighborhood and member of the Islamic Society of Orange County in Garden Grove. After settling in Pakistan, Gadahn joined Al-Qaeda and became "Azzam the American." Monteilh said his assignment was to infiltrate mosques in Irvine, Tustin, Anaheim, Culver City, West Covina and San Pedro. His contact on the outside was an "FBI Agent Armstrong." Monteilh was certain others were sent to infiltrate Southern California mosques as well.

I, Bill Warner, am very aware of another FBI led investigation of a
Muslim man, Ibrahime in Tustin CA that began in Feb. of 2003 and involved support of terrorism. The FBI in Santa Ana led a JTTF of ICE Agents and Department of Defense (DOD) Special Agents from NORTHCOM. The subject of the 2003 FBI investigation had a front "job' as an insurance salesman and on the backside made hundreds of cell phone and land line calls to 5 different Middle East Countries every month.

At the time, in 2003 to 2004 of all the phone calls, there were no
package deals on long distance calls like today. This "insurance
salesman" spent an average of $3,200 per month on his Nextel cell phone and $750 on his home land line phone, all paid every month with a credit card on file. When details of the hundreds of International phone calls were given to the DOD Special Agent, with what number called, time, date and duration, the NORTHCOM agent is quoted as saying that the phone numbers called in the Middle Eastern countries lit up the NSA list of known terrorist associates "Like A Christmas Tree." That is just one reason for the FBI surveillance in Southern CA, a reporter for the LA Times was made aware of the situation in 2007 but was warned not to write about the story by an ICE offical in L.A.

NORTHCOM'S Strategic role of the military in anti-terrorism with the FBI in Tustin CA, includes protecting against infiltration of the United States by terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, and exceptions to the Posse Comitatus Act authorizing DOD to assist the Department of Justice (FBI) in responding to nuclear-radiological threats and chemical- biological threats.

Ibrahime of Tustin has had heavy telephone communication with multiple associates in 5 Middle East Cities that had a violent murder of an American linked to Al Qaeda terrorism from Oct./2002 to May/2003. All of the Ibrahime of Tustin calls are made prior to the terror incidents with the heaviest call pattern, as many as 12 a day, just days before the terror attacks.

A). 5/16/03-Terrorist bombing in Casablanca, "There were bodies mutilated all over the place," one witness said. - Ibrahime in Tustin CA calls a land line in Casablanca 212-2-xxx-7077 this number in located near the bombed Hotel Safir, Ibrahime also calls a cell phone in Morocco 212-6-xxx-5351

B). 5/13/03-Terrorist bombing in Riyadh SA. - Ibrahime in Tustin CA calls a land line in Riyadh 966-1-xxx-9522 the number located in the West side of Riyadh, near the bombing, 9 Americans are killed.

C). 1/21/03-Terrorist shoot US Contractors Camp Doha Kuwait -Ibrahime in Tustin CA has heavy call pattern to Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research on route 80 in Kuwait near Camp Doha, shooter was Sami al-Mutairi he worked for Kuwait's department of Social Affairs, KISR phone Kuwait +965-4-836100 and +965-55322180

D). 10/28/02-Terrorist shooting of US Diplomat Laurence Foley Amman Jordan -Ibrahime in Tustin CA has a very heavy call pattern to Amman, in Amman Jordan the US Embassy Amman Fax: phone is 962-6-592-0101, number called by Ibrahime in Tustin CA near Embassy is 962-6-592-xxx7

E). 10/08/02-Terrorist shooting of US Marine Lance Cpl. Antonio J. Sledd, from Tampa Fl in Kuwait-Ibrahime in Tustin CA has very heavy call pattern to mid town Kuwait City- KISR ph: 0965-4-836100 near Grand Mosque where Iman was arrested for involvement. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed admits March 14th 2007, to gruesome attacks that range from the suicide hijackings of Sept. 11, 2001 ,which killed nearly 3,000, to a 2002 shooting on an island off Kuwait that killed a U.S. Marine, according to an account released by the Pentagon that the murder of US Marine Antonio J. Sledd was an al-Qaeda plot.

Back In Tustin CA, Ahmad Niazi was indicted last week on five fraud and perjury counts. At Niazi's bail hearing, the government also alleged an unnamed informant got e-mails and recordings of the eight-year Tustin resident (since 2000) talking about initiating jihad, getting weapons, blowing up buildings, sending money overseas to the Afghan mujahedin and even calling Osama bin Laden "an angel."

Since 9/11, federal authorities have also shut down at least six of the Muslim community's major charitable organizations, accusing them of involvement in terrorist financing. The actions have impeded Muslims from fulfilling the duties of their faith, because charitable giving is not a voluntary act in Islam but a religious obligation.

The FBI unilaterally broke off ties with the (CAIR) American-Islamic council a few weeks ago, issuing a cryptic statement that the agency would limit contact until "certain issues" were addressed by CAIR's national headquarters in Washington. In protest, an umbrella group of Southern California mosques suspended its contacts with the FBI.

Bill Warner
private investigator