Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cops focus on two in murder of Mark Ruffalos brother, Scott Ruffalo, including Saudi Princess Shaha Adham.

Cops are closing in on the person they believe shot actor Mark Ruffalo’s brother, Scott. “We will be able to make an arrest,” Sgt. Michael Publicker, who is heading the investigation in Beverly Hills, told The News.

Publicker wouldn’t say when the arrest might come but confirmed that detectives are focusing on two people who were at Scott’s apartment on Dec. 1 when a bullet entered his brain.

Still considered “persons of interest,” according to Publicker, are Shaha Mishaal Adham, 27, and Kristian Muradaz (a man), 29. Adham, the daughter of a wealthy Saudi businessman, has told police that Scott, 39, shot himself in a game of Russian roulette while high on cocaine.

But L.A.’s coroner later ruled the shooting a homicide — noting that the gun was fired at a 45-degree angle from above and in front of his head (at least 4 feet away). The autopsy report also noted there was no gunpowder residue or “stippling” of the flesh around the wound (powder burns), both of which often accompany a self-inflicted shot. Kristian Muradaz is a man. Kristian and Shaha were in the room at the time of Scott Ruffalo being shot and Shaha's boyfriend, Brian Scofield, came after Shaha called him informing him of the so called self inflicted shooting.

Beverly Hills police initially arrested Shaha Mishaal Adham, 26, before Ruffalo died on an attempted murder warrant. Police knew to question Adham because she was on surveillance video at Ruffalo’s condominium along with Brian Scofield, 29. Adham was the one who told police Ruffalo shot himself with his left hand to the left side of the head, during a game of Russian roulette while he was high on cocaine.

A second witness 29-year-old Kristian Muradaz (a man), corroborated Adham’s testimony. Both Shaha Adham and Kristian Muradez now have the same high priced criminal defense Attorney Ron Richards . Lawyer Ron Richards has been the defense lawyer in a lot of drug cases and won.

Once the coroner ruled the gun was fired from above and in front of Ruffalo’s head at a 45-degree angle and without any gunpowder residue, Adham’s claims were dismissed. If the above parties are arrested in this case it sounds like it’s going to be quite the murder trial. One might speculate that the police perhaps now have a motive for the alleged murder to go with the forensic evidence.

Based on what is revealed in the autopsy report, someone else had to have shot Scott Ruffalo, it was not possible for him to hold the .38 at least 4 feet from the top of his head and shoot down at himself at a 45 degree angle. That said, it appears that there were a total of 3 people in the room including Scott Ruffalo, he ends up dead, no powder burns on his skin from the gun shot, someone shot him, which leads me or anyone to believe that one of the other 2 people in the room shot him, Shaha Mishaal Adham, 27, or Kristian Muradaz, 29

Shaha Adham’s lawyer Ronald Richards gave the following claim (fairy tale):
'We expect the coroners report to show the shooting was a result of the victim’s chronic playing of Russian Roulette and his dangerous playing with firearms while under the use of controlled substances.” “My client (Adham) was a good friend of the victim and is very sad for the loss of his family. However, she played no role whatsoever in his accidental death,” Richards said. “I can confirm that my client was present when Mr. Ruffalo shot himself,” Richards said Tuesday. “She was picking up some keys.” He said the gun belonged to Ruffalo and that Ruffalo was a known cocaine user who had used drugs and played with guns in the past in front of numerous witnesses (blah, blah, blah).

Ruffalo’s stepfather, Jerry Hull, was delighted when told that cops intended to make an arrest.“That’s wonderful,” said Hull. “I just want to see someone brought to justice. We’re going to be sad about this the rest of our lives. We want the perpetrator properly punished.”A rep for Mark Ruffalo, who has starred in “You Can Count on Me” and “Zodiac,” had no comment.

Bill Warner
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