Friday, March 20, 2009

Chicago's Mohammed Alkaramla Finally Arrested for Hate Mail Sent To Jewish School, PI Bill Warner First Broke The Name Of The Muslim Perp On Feb 12th.

Arrest made in anti-Semitic threat FBI says North Sider Mohammed Alkaramla from Jordan mailed threatening letter to Orthodox Jewish high school.

The letter, which investigation determined bore a fictitious return address for a fictitious individual in Chicago, claimed that explosives would be set off around the school, if military actions in Gaza did not cease.

The letter gave a deadline of January 15, 2009 for this demand to be met.

Mohammed Alkaramla a 25-year-old North Side man with dual U.S. and Jordanian citizenship was arrested this morning by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and accused of sending a threatening letter to an Orthodox Jewish high school late last year — one in a series of anti-Semitic incidents in December and January targeting Jewish institutions on the North Side and in Lincolnwood following the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Mohammed Alkaramla had maintained he was a suspect “because of my name and where I come from” and because he is Muslim when FBI agents searched his apartment in the 6000 block of North Artesian last month, Feb 12th.

Alkaramla will be held in custody pending a Tuesday detention hearing, after prosecutors argued Alkaramla poses a flight risk

The FBI's search warrant was related to a former New York resident who police believe is connected to the vandalism as well as written threats against Jewish institutions, a law-enforcement source said. FBI agents were searching an apartment at 6029 N. Artesian Avenue which is linked to Mohammed Alkaramla and Tasfiq Alkaramla and a son, they have not been arrested. "The original internet postings were the work of terrorist Yousef al-Khattab of Queens NY, see prior post on this disgusting piece of filth who needs to be in jail, click here"

Feb 12th 2009, FBI agents raided a Chicago-area home (in West Rogers Park--a highly Jewish area) in connection with these hate crimes. Private Investigator Bill Warner discovered that the residents of the home at 6029 N. Artesian Ave. are Mohammed Alkaramla and Tasfiq Alkaramla and their son, a 2004 high school grad. I wonder if Mohammed Alkaramla knows brother Muslim Khalim Massoud of Muslimas Against Sharia since they both seem to be Muslims who like to send hate mail.

Bill Warner
private investigator