Thursday, March 19, 2009

Al-Muhajiroun's little helpers, USA Right Wing Bloggers.

Thursday 3/19/2009...The UK main street media (and USA ultra right wing bloggers) should not reward the al- Muhajiroun fanatics who protested against the Royal Anglian Regiment Soldiers in Luton UK with the publicity they seek !

The latest publicity stunt organised by some former members of the banned al-Muhajiroun outfit in Luton last week appears to have gone exactly to plan.

It is a simple formula – hold up some offensive placards designed to get people's backs up and call a local reporter to come along and capture some footage - that has reliably generated acres of media coverage for them in recent years.

The UK TV channels, newspapers (and the USA right wing bloggers like the the Hewlett Harbor Hag,) have very obligingly given over a huge amount of precious broadcast time, newsprint (and internet exposure) to report the antics of the tiny group of al-Muhajiroun hooligans.

Al-Muhajiroun and its variously named successor organisations have always craved media attention in order to help further their goal of creating discord and polarising relations between communities in the UK.

A long time associate of mine, Adrian Morgan, is running a two part series in on al-Muhajiroun starting today "Exclusive: Feeding Frenzy of the Islamist Crocodiles Part l" see his article, click here.

Adrian asked me for a quote on al-Muhajiroun and their whack job mouth piece Ajen Choudary which he plans on posting Friday 3/20/09 in Part II, my response was, "New York City Cops take so seriously the threat from al-Muhajiroun that the NYPD keeps a Detective on full time in London working with Scotland Yard and MI5 to keep tabs on al-Muhajiroun activates and it is al-Muhajiroun no matter what other name they use."

"People who are recruited by al-Muhajiroun are taught by the organization that Israel, the Jews and the West are evil and that it is their Muslim duty to fight them. Al-Muhajiroun recruits heavily on the internet and YouTube, Anjem Choudary has 81 related YouTube videos currently online click here".

"Al-Muhajiroun recruits online at which is a reincarnation of al-Muhajiroun in all but name. It is headed by Bakri Mohammed, now living in Lebanon, and his deputy Anjem Choudary, its official spokesman. Al-Muhajiroun still meets in Queens NY, members from Baltimore MD show up in the city on weekends".

USA right wing bloggers are so in a rush to show how fast they can get a photo array up of Jihad protesters that some right wing bloggers really over do it, especially in New York City like the the Hewlett Harbor Hag, not even realizing it was al-Muhajiroun and calling them a group of Muslim men like in Lutton Uk last week, always ID the enemy. Right wing bloggers like that miss the point entirely of why these groups like al-Muhajiroun do such outrageous things, "Media Exposure" and these goof ball right wing bloggers fall right into the al-Muhajiroun trap without even knowing it.

In Part Two on Friday, Adrian Morgan will describe how Al Muhajiroun and other Islamist groups exploited the weaknesses in Britain's social and political life. The current British government has allowed extremism to flourish for more than a decade.
Are the online attacks by the author of the "Muslims Against Sharia" aka Khalim Massoud with an email address of who has has Defamed and Intends to cause an interruption of Bill Warner's business, WBI Private Detective Agency, by posting libelous messages, linked to the al-Muhajiroun group, same tactics are being used.

Bill Warner
private investigator