Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Woman Accused Of Trying To Poison Baby Food At Publix Store, Shirley Ybarra Was Already On Felony Probation For AGG BATTERY WITH A DEADLY WEAPON.

TAMARAC, Fla. -- A South Florida woman is accused of trying to poison jars of baby food at a Tamarac Publix supermarket. Police arrested Shirley Ybarra, 50, of Sunrise on Thursday after workers at a Publix store on W. Comm. Blvd noticed her wearing latex gloves in the store and using an eye dropper to mix a black liquid with items in her shopping cart. Surveillance video showed her in the aisle.

Shirley Ybarra Was Already On State of Florida Felony Probation For AGG BATTERY WITH A DEADLY WEAPON with a Scheduled Termination Date: 03/08/2012. In 2006, Broward Sheriff's deputies arrested Ybarra for stabbing a friend with a kitchen knife, Ybarra is yet another ticking time bomb on the streets of Florida.

It is unclear what the black liquid was, but a detective said in court on Tuesday morning that a jar of baby food bananas and a bottle of baby juice had been tainted. BSO said the liquid smelled of ammonia, and that Ybarra had it in a Victoria's Secret body splash bottle. The detective also said police found an open bottle of pine-scented cleaner in the cart, as well.

"The effects of the chemicals I can't testify to. I just know they were tampered with, and there's some unknown substance in there," said Detective Jeff Kogan of BSO.

Investigators said Ybarra was trying to leave the store with the contaminated items, but workers stopped her and held her there until BSO deputies arrived.
Ybarra told store employees that she was mixing food for her son, BSO said.
Police said there is nothing to indicate that Ybarra put any tainted items back on the shelf. All of the contaminated food was there in her cart.

That was little comfort to the judge, who set her bond at $250,000. "I'm looking at somebody who's gone into Publix and allegedly poisoned baby food and was leaving the store. I have no idea where it was going from there, but I think you represent a danger to the community," Judge John Hurley said.

Ybarra faces charges of poisoning food or water, a first-degree felony. She is being held at BSO's North Broward Bureau jail in Pompano Beach. BSO said she was taken to a hospital under the Baker Act and charged on Saturday.

Bill Warner
private investigator