Sunday, February 08, 2009

Wildfires in Australia Many Deaths Near Melbourne Flash Point, Convicted Muslim Terrorists Sentenced in Melbourne Feb 3rd 2009

Arsonists hunted as Australian wildfires raze homes, Arsonists responsible for lighting the fires could be charged with murder, police have said. Sunday, 8 February 2009.

Victoria police spokeswoman Sarah Campbell said a total of 35 bodies were found at a dozen locations north and east of the state capital, Melbourne.
Most of the people who died came from a cluster of small towns to the north of Melbourne. The BBC's Phil Mercer in Sydney said many charred bodies had been found in cars. It is thought they were trying to escape the fires but were overtaken by their "sheer speed and ferocity".

Forest Fire Jihad Being Threatened On Terrorist Websites last year. A terrorist website was discovered recently that carried a posting that called for “Forest Jihad.” The posting was listed on the Internet on Nov. 26 and reported in U.S. intelligence channels last week. The statement, in Arabic, said that “summer has begun so do not forget the Forest Jihad.”The writer called on all Muslims in the United States, Europe, Russia and Australia to “start forest fires.” The posting quoted imprisoned Al Qaida terrorist Abu Musab Al-Suri, as saying “Jihad is an art just like poetry, music, and the fine arts. There are people that draw and there are others that are jihadists. They both act upon inspiration.”

Some cars appeared to have crashed into one another as people tried to flee the flames. Death toll is now at 131 as the Aussie fires engulf areas North and East of Melbourne.

A MAN has been charged with arson, accused of lighting a fire which became a raging, uncontained blaze on the New South Wales central coast. Ugly questions need to be confronted about arsonists, who are suspected of lighting and re-lighting some of the state's most devastating blazes.

The 31-year-old man from Somersby was arrested yesterday on the Pacific Highway but released without charge by police after questioning.

He was again arrested and questioned today, then charged with intentionally causing a fire and setting fire to another person's property. The man has been refused bail and is due to face Gosford Local Court tomorrow.

Convicted Muslim terrorists face sentencing today, Tuesday Feb 3rd 2009 in Melbourne Australia. Posted Tue Feb 3, 2009 7:46am AEDT Map: Melbourne 3000 ...Seven Muslim Melbourne men convicted of forming a terrorist cell will be sentenced in the Victorian Supreme Court today. The men, including leader Abdul Nacer Benbrika (his photo), were found guilty last September, in Australia's largest terrorism trial.

During their trial, the court heard the men formed a terrorist cell based in Melbourne, and prepared for attacks in pursuit of violent jihad at various locations in Australia were thousands of people could be killed.

The 7 Muslim terrorists convicted the same week that the Aussie wildfires started, were not working alone, 5 suspected terrorists of the original 12 arrested were let go.

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