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Terrorist Car Bomb Attack, ATF: Explosive Device Found in Arkansas Doctor's Car After Blast.

FOX NEWS...An explosive device went off in the car of a prominent Arkansas doctor as federal agents investigated the blast outside his home that critically injured him, a spokesman with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms told FOX NEWS.

The explosion happened Wednesday in the driveway of Dr. Trent P. Pierce, the chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board.

We believe he was on the outside of the car when the explosion occurred," Paudert said.

UPDATE ON DR. PIERCE'S CONDITION: A close family friend
told Eyewitness News Wednesday evening that the doctors at the hospital were taking a "team" approach to treating Dr. Pierce. He was in surgery most of the day and team by team, the doctors went in to treat the most critical injuries. The first thing they removed was the shrapnel in the abdomen. They were able to stitch him up and moved on to his face. Dr. Pierce has severe burns on his face. They moved to his damaged eyes. Surgeons were able to work on both eyes, but don't believe they were able to save his left eye.

They believe he will see out of his right eye again. Wednesday evening, specialists moved to the metal in his throat. They were trying to remove it. Dr. Pierce also has a broken wrist and leg. Doctors said once he is stabilized, he may be transported to a burn treatment center in Ohio. They say he will probably need plastic surgery on his face for the burns. Pierce’s white Lexus hybrid sat in the driveway after the explosion, its hood open and bumper partially torn away. THE BLAST INJURIES INDICATE THAT THE BOMB WAS DIRECTED UP TOWARDS DR. PIERCE FROM HIS WAIST UP WITH THE MOST SERIOUS WOUNDS TO HIS HEAD.

The doctor was taken to Regional Medical Center in Memphis, Tenn., where he was listed in critical condition, hospital spokeswoman Sandy Snell said

Looks like a "sticky bomb" was placed under the left front fender, see my prior post on "sticky bombs" Friday, November 14, 2008, Militants Turn to Small Bombs in Iraq Attacks, Sticky Bombs on the Rise for Al-Qaeda .

West Memphis ARK Police Chief Bob Paudert said "some type of explosive device" was planted in the car that blew up when Pierce was leaving his West Memphis home for work.

Dr. Scott Ferguson, a friend and neighbor who is serving as the Pierce family spokesman, told reporters Pierce apparently found a spare tire in front of the vehicle Wednesday, and as he was warming up the car, went to move it so he could leave his driveway.

As he was doing so, the bomb -- under the vehicle -- exploded ("sticky bomb" detonated by remote control usually a cell phone, someone was watching), Ferguson said, adding he did not know what role the tire played.

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The ATF would not confirm what type of device was involved, but said a "bomb truck" was making its way to the scene in West Memphis, Ark.

Neighbor Julanne Ingram said she heard the blast about 8 a.m."It was a huge explosion," she said. "It rattled the windows in this house."Two agents from the FBI's national headquarters have joined the ATF and local law enforcement on the scene. Authorities are interviewing witnesses.

Pierce, a family physician, was appointed chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board in January 1997 by former Gov. Mike Huckabee. The board oversees the practice of medicine in Arkansas and can discipline doctors for wrongdoing, including revoking their medical licenses.

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