Monday, February 23, 2009

Six Burundi Peacekeepers Killed in Mogadishu Attack by Al-Shabaab Suicide Car Bombs, PI Bill Warner Spent 2008 Closing the Al-Shabaab Website in USA.

MOGADISHU (AFP) – Six Burundi peacekeepers in Somalia were killed Sunday and another 20 injured in a suicide attack by Islamist rebels (Al-Shabaab terrorists see their photos above and to the the left) on an African Union base in Mogadishu.

"There was a suicide attack" against a camp of Burundi soldiers with the African Union peacekeeping force, said Colonel Adlophe Manirakiza, adding: "The toll is six dead and about 20 wounded."

"A vehicle exploded inside the camp" while the soldiers were unloading a truck that had brought in supplies, he said. The attack, the deadliest against the AU peacekeepers in the Somali capital since early 2007, targetted the base in the south of the city.
All during 2008 the Dotster Web Hosting Co allowed the Al-Shabaab
website to operate freely out of Vancouver WA, USA, knowing the Al-Shabaab website was recruiting future terrorists and suicide bombers on the website. The Columbian Newspaper in Vancouver WA, USA even ran a article expressing their support for the "freedom of free speech" for the Al-Shabaab website in Vancouver WA, see article here in May of 2008 where the Columbian Newspaper calls private investigator Bill Warner a Internet Censor for his efforts in getting the Al-Shabaab terrorist web site shut down. The Columbian Newspaper is now facing bankruptcy, SEE HERE.

Sheikh Muktar Robow Abu Mansur, spokesman of the hard-line Shabaab Islamist rebels, claimed responsibility, saying "holy fighters carried out suicide attacks ... in the national university."

One of the suicide bombers detonated a vest filled with explosives inside the camp, he said, while another drove a primed car into the base. A local witness, Ali Mohamed, told AFP he saw a car entering the Burundian camp, the site of the former Somalia National University. "Minutes later, there was a huge explosion (see photo above)," he said.

The AU said it "condemns these savage attacks (in) the strongest terms. In any event, it won't affect our determination to do whatever we can to support Somalia." The attackers "have no care for Somalia and their sole aim is to destroy and bring about more violence to the country," El-Ghassim Wane, AU Commission spokesman, said from the organisation's headquarters in Addis Adaba.

Earlier this month, the Shabaab called on its fighters to intensify their holy war against AU peacekeepers. Sunday's was the second attack on the Burundian base in the space of a few days. The previous attack left one civilian dead and two wounded, but caused no casualities among the AU troops.

Until the latest attacks, the Somali capital had enjoyed a relative lull in violence following the election on January 31 of Islamist cleric Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed as president. The radical Shabaab spent two years battling the Ethiopian forces who invaded Somalia in late 2006 but completed a pullout last month. The Al Qaeda-linked organisation has since pledged repeatedly to continue its armed struggle against AU peacekeepers, whom they regularly describe as invaders and crusaders.

Bill Warner
private investigator