Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sarasota Scammers Neil Mohammad Husani, Art Nadel and Gary Brown Take SRQ Area for $400 Million. Cash is Now in Foreign Banks

Between Sarasota Scammers Neil Mohammad Husani, Art Nadel and Gary Brown They Have Taken the SRQ Area for $400 Million.

1). Tuesday, February 10, 2009. Sarasota Real Estate Scammer Neil Mohammad Husani Arrested in Jordan, "No Doubt Husani Masterminded Whole Thing" Sarasota Cash is in the Arab Bank.

Yesterday Neil Husani's name came up repeatedly during the daylong proceedings against Larry Nardelli, a Tampa businessman indicted in July along with Husani, Sarasota lawyer John Yanchek and Manatee County builder Michael Tringali for mortgage fraud and money laundering.

The men were accused of inflating land values to get $83 million in loans from banks and pocketing about $40 million (Husani has cash in the "Arab Bank"). Muslim commercial real estate flipper Neil Mohamed Husani, who almost single handedly triggered an economic downturn in Sarasota Fl and jeopardised several Sarasota banks, was living the high life in Amman Jordan with his Scamed Millions of Sarasota Dollars sitting in the terrorist linked "Arab Bank" !

2). Wednesday, February 04, 2009 FBI Arrests Another Sarasota CEO Scammer, Gary Brown Skylynx Communications, On Stock Manipulation Charges To Fool Investors.

FBI Agents from New Jersey and Florida arrested Sarasota resident Gary Brown, 60, Tuesday February 3rd 2009, at his BOCA POINT DR home on charges of inflating the shares of Delaware-based Skylynx Communications (to fool potential investors).

A criminal complaint had been filed against Brown, the company's chief executive, in New Jersey. Potentially there might be some victims in the Sarasota area," said David Couvertier, an FBI spokesman. "If anyone believes they have been victimized we are asking them to contact the FBI," call the FBI Office in Atlantic City, NJ Office at (609) 677-6400, or the Newark, NJ office at (973) 792-3000.

As Arthur G. Nadel sat Wednesday in the Pinellas County Jail, law enforcement officials indicated that more charges could be filed against the Sarasota hedge fund manager and that the investigation is likely to broaden.

Sources says Nadel was briefly in the New Orleans area after leaving Sarasota. He also went to Georgia, possibly near the Newnan-Coweta County Airport (near Atlanta), where he owns five aircraft and airport hangars. Some investigators suspect he was traveling on a private jet.

Last week, surveillance photos were obtained at the home of Art Nadelin Sarasota Fl, a middle aged man was photographed coming out of the Nadel home (by himself) carrying what appeared to be legal sized envelopes and documents. The unidentified man was driving a silver vehicle that had Georgia license plates and the vehicle appears to have been purchased in the Atlanta area.

Background checks of past address's of Art Nadel show he links to an address in Atlanta GA, also see one of my prior post on Art Nadel here, SEC charges Art Nadel with fraud in Sarasota, Art Nadel Links to a NYC Address, Howard P. Sturman and the NYC Mob .

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