Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Racist Geert Wilders Anti-Islamic Politician Banned From Britain, Telegraph News Blog UK, Far Right Bloggers Cry Foul, INTERPOL should tag him.

An elected representative, the leader of a legitimate political party, banned from entering the United Kingdom? It's true that Geert Wilders is a controversialist, who takes pleasure in causing offence (he stirs up racism). He needs 24-hour protection (so he says), so serious are the death-threats he has attracted from jihadis.

He revels in offending liberals as well as Muslims: his call for the Koran to be banned struck me as rather inconsistent with his stated commitment to civic freedoms.
I wouldn't vote for him if I were Dutch. Posted By: Daniel Hannan at Feb 10, 2009 at 18:06:09 Telegraph UK News blog.

The British letter to Geert Wilders:
Dear Mr Wilders,
The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the Secretary of State is of the view that your (GEERT WILDERS) presence in the UK would pose a genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat to one of the fundamental interests of society. The Secretary of State is satisfied that your statements about Muslims and their beliefs, as expressed in your film Fitna and elsewhere, would threaten community harmony and therefore public security in the UK.

You (GEERT WILDERS) are advised that should you travel to the UK and seek admission an Immigration Officer will take into account the Secretary of State's view. If, in accordance with regulation 21 of the immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006, the Immigration Officer is statisfied that your exclusion is justified on grounds of public policy and/or public security, you (GEERT WILDERS) will be refused admission to the UK under regulation 19. You would have a right of appeal against any refusal of admission, exercisable from outside the UK.

Yours sincerely,
Irving N. Jones
On behalf of the Secretary of State for the Home Department.

Dutch protest Britain's Wilders ban Associated Press 2009-02-11 12:45 AM; The Dutch foreign minister has protested Britain's refusal to allow right-wing lawmaker Geert Wilders into the country to show his anti-Islam film "Fitna." Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen says he "deeply regrets" the British government decision to bar Wilders from the country. Wilders said on his Freedom Party's Web site he was invited by a member of the House of Lords to show his short film, which criticizes the Quran as a "fascist book." But he was informed Tuesday in a letter from the British Embassy he would not be allowed into Britain.

There should be an INTERPOL Red Alert attached to Geert Wilders...See PI Bill Warner's prior posts on Geert Wilders Thursday, January 22, 2009,
Anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders Faces Trial Over Controversial Film, Far Right bloggers and Neo Nazi Groups Pledge Support
Ultra far right American Bloggers and Muslim Mashers like Racist Pamela Geller of "Atlas Shrugs" SUPPORT GEERT WILDERS! and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch"Wilders expects to be sent to prison" have pooled their support for the Racist Wilders.

The limits of free speech and Dutch tolerance are to be tested in a court case after judges ruled yesterday that a right-wing MP who compared the Koran to Mein Kampf should be put on trial for inciting hatred and discrimination.