Monday, February 09, 2009

Horrifying Video of Muslim Terrorists Beheading Polish Engineer Piotr Stanczak is released by Pakistani Taliban.

A shocking new video that appears to show Pakistani militants beheading a kidnapped Polish engineer has emerged. The 7 minute video shows Polish hostage, Piotr Stanczak, sitting on the floor flanked by masked men. Off camera, a militant engages him in conversation before 3 others behead him.

The video is so horrifying that some news wire agencies chose not to distribute the images. This frame grab from video footage released by Pakistani Taliban militants shows kidnapped Polish geologist Piotr Stanczak (photo above) minutes before he was beheaded.

One of the hooded men then addresses the camera, blaming Pakistan for the killing for not agreeing to their demands to release Taliban prisoners. If confirmed, Stanczak's death would appear to be the first killing of a Western hostage in Pakistan since U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl was beheaded in 2002.
The video was given to an Associated Press reporter yesterday in north-western Pakistan on a flash drive by an intermediary who said he obtained it from the Taliban.

Jacek Cichocki, Polish minister for security services, said he saw the full video and in his opinion 'that is the Pole and the film is authentic.' 'I can say that watching the film last night, it is a terrible thing,' he told Poland's TVN24 television, adding final confirmation would have to wait until diplomatic and consular services receive the body.

President Barack Obama has made resolving the Afghan war a key focus of his foreign policy strategy, appointing heavyweight diplomat Richard Holbrooke as a special representative to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Holbrooke, who was the White House envoy to the Balkans in the Kosovo conflict, was due to visit Pakistan from Monday to Thursday, according to the Pakistani Foreign Ministry.

A spokesman for the Taliban in north-western Pakistan said Saturday that they killed the Polish captive because the government missed a deadline to release 26 prisoners.

Armed men pulled Stanczak from his car on September 28 after killing three Pakistanis traveling with him near the city of Attock in northwestern Pakistan.
Stanczak was surveying oil and gas fields for Geofizyka Krakow, a Polish geophysics institute.

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