Friday, February 13, 2009

Few Attend UK Screening of Wilders' Film FITNA 1,389 Members of UK Parliament Invited for FITNA Only 30 Showed Up, Dutch Bigot Wilder on His Way Out.

Few attend UK screening of Wilders' film Published: Friday 13 February. The film Fitna was shown in the British upper house of parliament on Thursday despite the British authorities' refusal to allow its maker, Dutch right wing MP Geert Wilders, into the UK.

Only around 30 people attended the screening, five of them members of the upper house. All 743 members of the upper house were invited, as were the 646 members of the lower house, none of whom attended.

Mr Wilders returned from London to the Netherlands on Thursday evening. At London's Heathrow Airport he was refused entry by the British immigration authorities, who put him on a plane to Amsterdam shortly afterwards.

Three countries have now either banned Geert Wilders from entry or have issued an arrest warrant or have set a date for his trial on hate speech, INTEPOL needs to tag this guy.

Mr Wilders said he was furious at the incident, describing it as a blow both to himself and to freedom of speech. He called British PM Gordon Brown "Europe's biggest coward".

Geert Wilders version of "freedom of speech"...
3). Partial and temporary suspension of freedom of religion in the form of a ban on building mosques for five years (Wilders is as insane as Adolph Hitler).
4). Partial and temporary suspension of the freedom of education in the form of a prohibition against the establishment of Islamic schools for five years. Muslims under his thumb for now, next, guess who, from his Neo Nazi, Anti-semitism Party links to the Vlaams Belang group.

"Threat to society" The Freedom Party leader had been invited by a member of the upper house, the House of Lords, to show his anti-Islam film Fitna, but the Foreign Office informed him on Tuesday that allowing him to enter the UK would pose a "genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat to one of the fundamental interests of society".

Mr Wilders was accompanied on his trip by dozens of journalists, which led to chaotic situations at Heathrow Airport.

Geert Wilders traveling freak show.

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