Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cop Killer Dexter Bostic Gets Life +, Investigators Link Him To Murder of Collin Thomas at Universal Auto World Long Island

Dexter Bostic, fired bullets that killed NYPD officer Russel Timoshenko, gets life with no parole.

A convicted cop-killer read a defiant poem before being sentenced to life without parole Wednesday for gunning down a 23-year-old officer after a Brooklyn traffic stop.

Dexter Bostic, (aka Dexter Bostick he served time under both names), one of three men tried in the case, was convicted Dec. 19 of murder and weapons charges in the July 9, 2007 murder of NYPD Detective

Russel Timoshenko.

Fellow cops and Timoshenko's mother, Tatyana, could not hide their disgust as Bostic read the poem "Invictus," by William Ernest Henley.

"This crime that I've been convicted of isn't something that I committed. With that your honor, I'm ready to face the inevitable sentence of life in prison without parole," Bostic said after completing the poem's last line, "I am the captain of my soul."

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Plummer Lott brushed aside Bostic's claim of innocence.
"Make no mistake, sir, the evidence at trial established overwhelmingly that you shot Russel Timoshenko.

That .45 was in your hands and you pulled the trigger," the judge said, tacking on an extra 55-year sentence. The slain cop's mother said after the sentencing that she takes solace in knowing Bostic will be locked up for life.

"He's evil and he will never be out on the street and hurt anyone else again," Tatyana Timoshenko said. Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said Bostic deserves to rot in jail. "We finally have the opportunity to see this animal shackled and put behind bars for life," Lynch said.

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The New York Post says police are investigating the link between car dealer loan fraud at Universal Auto World in Lawrence, L.I. and the murder of 27-year-old salesman Collin Thomas outside the showroom. According to a civil forfeiture lawsuit, Universal employees paid "straw purchasers" (co-conspirators with a good credit history) to sign loan documents for more than $1.3m worth of luxury vehicles, which were then transferred to customers who didn't want their names to appear on the loan papers.

Police say car salesmen Dexter Bostick (aka Bostic) and Robert Ellis, who stand accused/CONVICTED of firing upon
NYPD Officers Herman Yan and Russel Timoshenko (who was killed), were involved with the Used Car scam at Universal Auto World owned by Michael Oshry.

Bostick worked as a car salesman at nearby Five Towns Mitsubishi, which once employed the slain salesman. Ellis, who lived with Bostick, also may have once worked at Five Towns. Cops say Bostic and Ellis were in a BMW SUV that Bostic had taken from the Mitsubishi lot when they fired at Officers Herman Yan and Russel Timoshenko.

As part of the homicide probe, Nassau County police raided the dealership, owned by auto czar Michael Oshry in 2007, and Oshry's Hewlett Harbor home and seized business records. Cops found banking records were sent to the house, though the state requires such files be kept at businesses, according to court papers filed in a civil forfeiture action by the Nassau district attorney.

His ex-wife, Pamela Geller, former assoc publisher of the NY Observer and conservative blogger (Atlas Shrugs) burst into tears when told her ex is under criminal investigation. Although listed in NY business records as (Pamela Oshry) a Universal Auto World co-owner, Geller denied it. "I have nothing to do with this." Geller.

"The dealership (Michael Oshry) knew what was going on," an investigator said, "all the way to the top". Ten managers and salesmen and Universal Auto World have been charged. Most defendants, including the dealership, were charged with scheme to defraud and grand larceny, as well as other charges.

Nassau police began probing the dealerships after the 2007 shooting death of Collin Thomas, a salesman at "Universal Auto World". Rice's office is also investigating a link between the Thomas slaying and a car stolen from another Five Towns dealership that was used in the 2007 shooting of two New York City police officers.

Thomas' death remains unsolved. "This investigation started with a murder at Universal Auto World and eventually led the police department and my office into a tangled web of financial schemes and bogus identities," Rice said at a Mineola news conference.

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