Friday, February 06, 2009

Aussie Car Rebirthing Scam Busted, Faisal Soueid Sold Wrecked Cars From Salvage Yards Repaired With Stolen Parts, Sold Cars Online.

AUSSIE BODY SHOP OWNER labelled the mastermind of an online car rebirthing racket (rebuilding wrecked/salvaged vehicles from auto auctions with stolen parts, same used car scam is run in Tampa Fl) faced court yesterday accused of selling a stolen car to an undercover policeman.

Faisal Soueid, 36, of Chester Hill faced Parramatta Bail Court yesterday charged with eight counts including knowingly facilitating vehicle re-birthing activity and knowingly participating in an organised criminal group.

Police allege Soueid had sold 400 repaired car wrecks over the internet on in the past 11 years.However when an undercover policeman allegedly paid Soueid $22,000 for a Subaru Liberty that had been stolen just 400m from the panelbeater's repair shop, the game began to unravel (this scam is also run on eBay Motors).

The court was told police from Strike Force Deeble began investigating Soueid and family members in July 2008 after the RTA raised concerns about his Chester Hill business.

According to facts presented, Soueid and his associates allegedly purchased wrecked cars from salvage auctions, which then allegedly were repaired with stolen parts and sold by way of the internet site www. also run on eBay Motors)

What is vehicle rebirthing? Vehicle rebirthing is the name given when a
stolen vehicle is given a new identity, usually by changing its identification numbers and serial numbers. As the identity of a stolen car is a problem for thieves when trying to resell a vehicle, they replace the car's identity with that of a wrecked vehicle. By doing this, it can be claimed that the vehicle was repaired to a roadworthy condition. Vehicle rebirthing can also include vehicles that are being imported for reassembly or using the identities of imported vehicles.

Isn't vehicle rebirthing a relatively 'victimless' crime with only insurance companies suffering? Direct victims of rebirthing include the original owner of the stolen vehicle and the person buying the rebirthed vehicle. An increase in theft of motor vehicles also leads to increases in insurance premiums for all motorists. Vehicle rebirthing is usually conducted by organised crime syndicates. These same syndicates are often involved in other criminal activities which impact on the community, including
money laundering, firearms and drug trafficking and violence and support of terrorism.

Police allege the panelbeater used a web of fake car parts receipts and owners' log books to hoodwink RTA inspectors and potential buyers. The log books allegedly were filled out in his name and buyers were told the cars had never been in accidents. But Soueid's luck ran out when he sold an allegedly rebirthed Subaru Liberty to strike force police on January 22.

The car sale and the trail of repairs provided an intricate insight into the methods of car-rebirthing. According to a statement of facts, the Liberty was stolen from a street just 400m from Soueid's panel shop on February 13, 2008.

Stripped of parts, the car was recovered and then written off by insurers Western QBE, before the chassis was bought by Soueid at auction. The car was then sold to an undercover officer for $22,000 on January 7, before a forensic examination revealed it had been refitted with original parts

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