Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UGG-ly Jihad: Overpriced Boot Company Gives You Another Reason Not to Buy, Scarf Worn by Model is OfficIal Head Gear of Somalia Al-Shabaab Terrorists

Scarf Worn by UGG Model is Official Head Gear of Somalia Al-Shabaab Terrorists.

DEBBIE SCHUSSEL; "No, I am not one of the many doltish American (and those of other nationalities) who threw out $200-$300 on the most ugly, overpriced boots imaginable. But, price and hideousness aside, the Ugg folks now provide us with another reason not to patronize them. The company is based in Australia, which is overrun by Muslim extremists. They know what the keffiyeh is and what it now stands for, which we all know is jihad. They've seen the Nicholas Berg and other such videos. They've seen the HAMAS parades".

The scarf the model is wearing in the UGG Boots Ad is the same scarf worn by the Al-Shabaab terrorists, (linked to al-Qaeda), who are taking over Somalia and have entered into Mogadishu to install Islamic Sharia Law, beheading, flogging, stoning to death for minor infractions (or none at all).

Bill Warner
Private Investigator
WBI Inc private Detective Agency
Sarasota Fl