Saturday, January 10, 2009

Somalia Al-Shabaab Insurgents Take Over Capital Mogadishu, Photos', Kill Town Mayor Ahmed Magan, Al-Shabaab "Wanted Dead or Alive" US Spec Opps Teams

MOGADISHU, Somalia Jan 7, 2009 (Garowe Online) - At least six soldiers were killed Wednesday in Somalia's war-torn capital Mogadishu after suspected Al-Shabaab insurgents threw hand grenades, Radio Garowe reports, Al-Shabaab terrorists are taking over Mogadishu.

UPDATE...Sunday, January 25, 2009, SOMALI AL-SHABAAB TERRORIST RECRUITING WEBSITE HOSTED IN VANCOUVER WA USA, WWW.KATAAIB.NET APPEARS TO BE SHUT DOWN. The soldiers died in two separate explosions in Mogadishu's Yaaqshiid district, as they were passing through a key intersection at Towfiq.

"There were two explosions, only minutes apart," said a witness, adding: "Four soldiers died in the first explosion and two more died in the second [explosion]."

Witnesses told Mogadishu-based radio stations that at least four Somali government soldiers were wounded in the explosions, which was claimed by Al Shabaab insurgents who run a website based in Vancouver WA.

Yesterday, one peacekeeper was killed and another wounded in a Mogadishu blast, the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) confirmed.
Mogadishu has been the scene of targeted explosions since Ethiopian troops invaded the country more than two years ago to assist the weak interim government.

The anti-Ethiopia insurgency has killed upwards of 10,000 people in a series of near-daily attacks, including shootouts, assassinations and roadside bombings.

See my prior post, Monday, July 28, 2008, WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE; MEMBERS OF AL-SHABAAB AND/OR AL-QAEDA IN SOMALIA. US Spec Opps teams have a search and destroy policy on Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia. Al-Shabaab's offical website is seen here, the translated website is see by clicking here, they solicit funds and recruit additional "fighters" online, the website is hosted in the USA by the Dotster Web Hosting Company in Vancouver WA.

BELED HAWO, Somalia Jan 9, 2009 (Garowe Online) - The mayor of a provincial capital in southwestern Somalia was killed on Friday by Islamist insurgents, the Al-Shababb terrorists who are linked to Al-Qaeda, Radio Garowe reports.

Ahmed Abdalle Magan, the mayor of Garbaharey town, the regional capital of Gedo, died at the scene after insurgents used a rocket launcher against his vehicle.

"The mayor died after a rocket [shell] hit his car, which also wounded five of his personal guards," said a witness, adding: "Another vehicle escaped the attack." The late mayor was on his way to Dolow, a town along the Somali-Ethiopian border that serves as a major base for Ethiopian troops.

Gedo region has entered a period of instability ever since the Islamist group Al Shabaab seized control of key towns, including Garbaharey and Bardhere.
But Ethiopian-backed warlord Col. Barre Hirale has returned to Gedo in an attempt to violently expel Al Shabaab from the region and has successfully re-captured some towns.

Ethiopia has pledged to withdraw its troops from Somalia in the coming weeks, but the military operation in Gedo region signals that Ethiopia is not prepared to completely pull out of Somalia, where Islamist fighters are positioned to take control. Al-Shabaab will install Islamic Rule From Alaska & Chile to South Africa, & From Japan to Russia – Beware, We Are Coming, Al-Shabab'"

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