Friday, January 02, 2009


Anthony’s PI: no videos of the site where remains found. Last Edited: Thursday, 01 Jan 2009; (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) -- As reports circulate in the media that two private investigators who worked for the Anthony family may have visited the site where Caylee Anthony’s remains where eventually found, one of the investigators is coming forward to distance himself from the other.

Two year old Caylee Anthony was missing since June of last year, her remains were found in November. George and Cindy Anthony are the grandparents of the toddler. Caylee's mother Casey Anthony sets in jail accused of murder.Published reports said this week that the private investigators had made videotapes they took while in the area where the remains were found, before they were actually found.

Dominic Casey of D&A Investigations said Thursday that James Hoover, the other private investigator associated with this case, and the man who is alleged by some to have made the videotapes, is not employed by his agency.

VIDEO: Click here Anthony’s PI: no videos of the site where remains found ......D. Casey said Hoover simply showed up at the Anthony's door one day and offered to help them deal with protesters free of charge, and the Anthony’s allowed it. According to D. Casey he's the only private investigator working on the case for the Anthony's and admitted he went to the site where the remains were found November 15th.

"I went out there to determine if it really was a place where teens hung out,” D. Casey said. Dominic Casey added that he was taking photos to document information found in discovery documents that stated it was a teen hang out.

He said he was looking for items such as beer bottles, makeshift chairs and similar items. While he was there, D. Casey said that James Hoover snuck up on him."As I turned around, Hoover was standing there with a video camera,” D. Casey said. “I said, 'What are you doing here?' He said, ‘I thought you might want help.' I said, ‘James, that's completely inappropriate’."

Dominic Casey took photos of the area and said he's turned over his photos to the Anthony's attorney, to give to prosecutors. According to D. Casey, James Hoover now claims his video no longer exists, that he taped over it."I would be interested to talking with James Hoover myself," D. Casey said. "I have over 40 phone calls in to him and he has not returned my phone calls."

Dominic Casey, along with multiple other sources, said Hoover is trying to sell the fotage to various media organizations as proof that Caylee’s remains were not in the area in November. Dominic Casey said Hoover’s claims are false.

A sheriff’s spokesman said this week that the sheriff’s office would like to see the tape, but he would not verify if Hoover had given it to them.

Phone calls to Hoover were not returned. Dominic Casey said he plans to pursue legal action against Hoover for making false claims. "I find it appalling that someone would profit from a missing child. It sickens me," Dominic Casey said.

It appears that private investigator James D. Hoover immersed himself into the Casey Anthony case (circus) and is trying to pull off a publicity stunt and make a profit on the side.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator