Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tampa Muslim Mafia Boss Khaldoun “Tony” Khalil Khawaja Runs Smuggled and Stolen Cigarette Scam

Exhibit No. 003-0085 is the most chilling. Translated from Arabic by federal investigators in the case against the Holy Land Foundation, an alleged Hamas front, the secret document outlines a full-blown conspiracy by the major Muslim groups in America all of which are considered "mainstream" by the media.
In fact, they are part of the "Ikhwan," or Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of Hamas, al-Qaida and other major Islamic terror groups. They have conspired to infiltrate American society with the purpose of undermining it and turning it into an Islamic state. They include the Islamic Society of North America the umbrella organization and the North American Islamic Trust, which controls most of the mosques in America and is the forerunner to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, this country's most visible Muslim-rights group.

All three have been cited as unindicted co-conspirators in the case, with all three sharing membership in the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet all have claimed, in the wake of 9/11, to be moderate, even patriotic.

The Tampa (Iraqi) Shiite used car dealers who were exporting vehicles, operated out of the Port of Tampa and the Port of Savannah, vehicles were purchased at salvaged auto auctions and or from street hustlers of recent stolen vehicles. Stolen vehicles were disassembled, the engine and transmission taken out and then shipped with the hull of the vehicle packed in shipping containers as "auto parts" and sent to Dubai UAE.

As such the U. S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the various U.S. Ports do not check the "VIN" (vehicle identification number) of exported "auto parts" and upon receiving the "auto parts" in Dubai (were whole industries exist to do just such work, including welding back together vehicles that had been cut apart) the vehicles are reassembled and sold at 2 to 3 times the retail that is obtainable in the USA, older vehicles are shipped into Iraq to be used as car bombs, see FBI report here that indicates that at least dozens of USA cars have been used as car bombs in Iraq.

A long time Tampa Sami Al-Arian associate and used car dealer in Virginia is convicted terrorist bagman Abdurahman Alamoudi who also ran a used car dealership in Virginia, ALAMOUDI WAS THE OWNER OF THE SHIRLINGTON AUTO MART-USED CAR LOT IN ARLINGTON VA, currently Alamoudi is doing 23 years at the Federal Transfer Center (FTC) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which is an administrative facility housing male and female holdover offenders, a US federal prison, for illegal financial transactions and for his involvement in a scheme to assassinate Crown Prince Abdullah (now King) of Saudi Arabia.

Alamoudi was caught with $340,000 in cash, 34 bundles of sequentially numbered $100 bills to be used to pay terrorists to kill the Saudi Crown prince (now King), money indirectly from the same Jeddah Saudi individuals linked in the Iraq Study Report who are funding al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq. Alamoudi was brought to Tampa Fl in 2005 to testify against Sami al-Arian, Alamoudi was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail on 7/19/2005 and stayed there until 11/01/2005, but never went to Court to testify against his buddy Al-Arian ?

TAMPA SMUGGLED CIGARETTE SCHEME UP IN SMOKE, ARRESTED ARE KHALDOUN "TONY" KHAWAJA AND 5 OTHERS, A SEARCH WARRANT WAS SERVED AT THE MAIN STREET GROCERY.. TAMPA, FL--A scheme to facilitate the theft and resale of smuggled cigarettes has been uncovered as the result of "Operation Up in Smoke", an ongoing criminal investigation run by the Tampa Bay Regional Domestic Security Task Force (RDSTF).  Tampa Muslim Mafia Boss Khaldoun “Tony” Khalil Khawaja.

After the terrorist events of September 11, 2001, and the national focus on homeland security, specific responsibility for the identification of Florida's domestic security issues and the coordination of State responses was tasked to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

While foreign and domestic terrorism remains a critical concern of the federal government, state and local governments clearly have an essential role safeguarding citizens, preventing domestic terrorism, and responding to any domestic security event or incident should one occur. RDSTF investigators also identified a suspect who solicited undercover agents for help in procuring sex from children.

According to Lance Newman, Florida Department of Law Enforcement special agent in charge and, Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee, RDSTF co-chairs, intelligence collected by law enforcement agencies throughout the United States indicated that the proceeds from the sale of stolen property, particularly SMUGGLED CIGARETTES and BABY FORMULA in convenience stores, have allegedly been forwarded to foreign groups associated with funding terrorist organizations (like the Palestinian Islamic Jihad which has numerous links in Tampa).

Store owners "fencing" stolen/smuggled cigarettes and baby formula reap substantial profits because the retail value of the stolen goods is substantially higher than prices paid to the thieves. Based on these circumstances, the Tampa Bay RDSTF initiated an investigation.

In February 2004, the Tampa Bay RDSTF received information from the Jacksonville RDSTF that a Tampa resident, Adil Abdel Hader, 58, was allegedly involved in an organized criminal enterprise that purchased stolen cigarettes derived from "smash and grab" burglaries throughout Central Florida.

Through a series of undercover operations, agents identified suspects, including Hader, who purchased stolen cigarettes at prices well below wholesale value and resold them through convenience stores whom Hader either controlled or with whom he was associated. Smuggled Cigarettes totaling approximately $45,000 in value were purchased by suspects who were told they had been stolen.


Contacts with Hader also led to the revelation that Hader was allegedly interested in procuring young children for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity with them. On at least four occasions, sometimes in graphic detail, Hader told undercover officers that he was interested in sex with young girls and boys and that he would be willing to pay for the arranged meetings.

A list of suspects arrested and charges follows (these men pled out and were put on Florida State felony probation):
Abil Abdel Hader Solicitation Commit Sexual Battery Dealing Stolen Property.
Khaldoun Khalil "Tony" Khawaja Dealing in Stolen Property Racketeering.
Salim Yousef Suleiman Dealing in Stolen Property Racketeering.
Said Ibrahim Dealing in Stolen Property Racketeering.
Tariq Hammad Dealing in Stolen Property Racketeering.
Victor Javier Reyes Dealing in Stolen Property

Search warrants were executed at the Main Street Grocery, 2117 W. Main Street, Tampa; Bearss Meat and Groceries, 1450 N. Skipper Rd. #48, Tampa; Price is Right Market, 4008 N. 34th Street, Tampa; Ybor Restaurant, 3402 N. 15th Street, Tampa and Sav-Mor Market, 1900 N. Rome Ave., Tampa.

Now everyone knows the truth. The Muslim establishment that publicly decries the radical fringe —represented by Hamas and al-Qaida may actually be a part of it. The only difference is that they use words and money instead of bombs to accomplish their subversive goals.

Over the past two decades they have constructed, with Saudi money, an elaborate infrastructure of support for the bad guys right under our noses. They even brag about putting "beehives" (Islamic centers) in every major city. These exhibits which so far have been ignored by major media outside the Dallas area, where the trial is under way completely blow the mainstream Muslim NGOs' cover as pro-American moderates. Many, if not most, aren't.

This is their real agenda, spelled out in black and white. It should help investigators build a RICO case to dismantle the entire terror-support network in America. Many have suspected it, but now we have proof that there is a secret underworld operating inside America under the cover of fronts with legitimate-sounding names.

It even uses charities to launder money for violent hits on enemies. It's highly organized, with its own internal bylaws and security to avoid monitoring from law enforcement.

Sounds like the Mafia. But unlike the mob, this syndicate is religious in nature and protected by political correctness. More evidence like this should put an end to such nonsense.

Bill Warner
private investigator
WBI Inc private Detective Agency
Sarasota FL