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Mc CARTHY, BURGES & WOLFF... MB&W MANAGEMENT TEAM The MB&W Management Team consists of two highly respected professionals having a combined total of over 35 years in the business, (they claim to be a law firm). Stephen Wolff Partner/CEO email

In 1980, Stephen Wolff Partner/CEO founded Grable, Greiner & Wolff, where he introduced the first EDMS application, his current website is . Stephen Graham Wolff, the Partner in the Law Firm of McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff, appears to live on Rye Rd in Shaker Heights, OHIO 44142, a 4 bed/room, 3 baths 2,228 sq ft house and appears to be about 54 years old, further investigation into this "Law Firm" and Stephen G. Wolff is needed.
McCARTHY, BURGES & WOLFF at 26000 Cannon RD, Cleveland, Ohio 44146, ph. 440-735-5100 and Fax 440-735-5110, claim to be a Law Firm working for Idearc Media in St Pete Fl as per a conversation with one of the Female partners on Thursday 1/29/2009.

This appears to untrue as there is no listing with the Ohio State Bar (OSBA) for any Law Firm of McCARTHY, BURGESS & WOLFF it appears that Idearc Media is dealing with a sham operation, the Ohio State Bar (OSBA) needs to be aware of the activity of McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff "Law Firm". The OSBA does NOT license attorneys to practice law in Ohio; the Supreme Court of Ohio is the licensing body. Click here for the Supreme Court of Ohio's Web site. Click here for the web site of the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline.
McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff Freida Burgess Partner/Senior Business Development Manager, Freida designed client relationship programs for over 500 companies, including SBC, Ameritech and Safety Kleen.
McCarthy Burgess & Wolff Posted: 2008-11-06 by Jennifer
Melten, Fayrouz Lambert - Is a Criminal
- Needs To Be In Jail.
I was called at my employers office and told that if i did not begin paying her (Fayrouz Lambert) immediatly she would have me arrested and thrown in jail. McCarthy Burgess & Wolff employs criminals' like Fayrouz Lambert and they let her get away with this stuff.

Cleveland MB&W, fax your COMPLAINTS: Mike Sands at 440-735-5110, email to or call 440-735-5100 EXT 4377. For East Side of Cleveland fax COMPLAINTS: 440-735-5110, email or call 440-735-5100 EXT 2376
Idearc Media - Verizon St. Pete Fl Shuts Down Website of Sarasota P.I. Bill Warner in Feb 2007, Hires Local "Barracuda" Attorney to Seek Payment in 2008 for services never provided by Idearc Media.

Idearc Media's Stephen Tenney was relentless in striking the website from the Internet and continued billing Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner in the following months, (each and every month through 2007) even after the website was no longer on the Internet (I changed to Yahoo) and now Stepehn Tenney of Idearc Media has hired a local "Barracuda" of an Attorney to collect funds for services they never full filled.

See closing arguments via email in Feb 2007 with Stephen Tenney of Idearc Media St. Pete below, the fight continues to keep "Private Investigator Bill Warner" on the Internet;
----- Original Message -----

Cc: ;
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 10:37 AM
Subject: RE: "Objectionable Material".

Mr. Bill Warner,

I was pulled out of town unexpectedly and therefore was not able to help see us bring the issues with your web site to fruition. That said, I have asked our Marketing and Legal team to re-review your web site as I see that you have made a number of changes.

That said, the consensus remains, even after the changes that youhave made, that the content within your web site is in breach of ourpink policies. Therefore, I have instructed my team to pull this web site down at close of business today.

In both my and the
organizations view, you are simply unwilling to comply with the repeated requests to bring this web site in alignment with our pink policies and terms and conditions. Therefore, we will be forced to close out our relationship and remove the advertising completely.

Stephen Tenney
ph. 1-800-282-2670 ext #4858
Idearc Media Verizon
St Petersburg Fl

Bill Warner
private investigator
Sarasota Fl