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MAN OF THE YEAR; Geert Wilders Jan 02, 2009 Front Page Magazine.. MAN OF THE YEAR; Adolph Hitler Jan 02, 1939 TIME Magazine, 70 years and no change.

Man of the Year for 2008: Geert Wilders, By David Horowitz FrontPage Magazine Friday, January 02, 2009. "It’s a safe bet that Geert Wilders won’t be Time magazine’s Man of the Year any time soon.

If anything, the unusually coiffed Dutch MP is a favorite hate figure of the Western media, which has spent years vilifying him as a “reactionary,” a “particularly dangerous type of demagogue,” a “racist” and an “Islamophobe (all very true).”

Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer also crowned Geert Wilders as one of their 2008, "Man of the Year" Award winners on the same day...January 2, 2009. The gala event of the year: the Jihad Watch Awards banquet! Anti-Dhimmi Internationale 2008...GEERT WILDERS!! "Wilders, tall, unbowed, indomitable, comes forward to accept his Anti-Dhimmi statuette. His remarks were similar to the ones he made here." FOX NEWS..Dutch Lawmaker, Charged With Insulting Islam, Fears Prison Sentence. A member of parliament in the Netherlands who has been charged with "insulting" Muslims says he fears he will be found guilty and sent to prison in only a few months. “I have had enough of Islam in the Netherlands, let not one more Muslim immigrate,” Geert Wilders once wrote in the national newspaper De Volkskrant. “I have had enough of the Koran in the Netherlands: forbid that fascist book.”

TIME Magazine published their "Man of the Year for 1938" on the same day, January 02 in 1939, he was Adolph Hitler, whose political career and aspirations Geert Wilders appears to mimic 70 years later ! What's that old saying, " History Repeats Itself."

The political careers of Wilders and Hitler are almost identical; Geert Wilders has gained support by promoting nationalism, anti-islamism and anti-communism, (if you want to compare Islam to anything compare it to communism he said) all with charismatic oratory and propaganda (internet-media), he has become a passionate Dutch patriot.

Adolph Hitler used "down with communism" as his false slogan banner cry under Fascism, Hitler also aligned himself with influential Jews in Vienna and Right Wing intellectuals in Munich to further his early political career.

Dutch PM Geert Wilders to Ally With Vlaams Belang", Racist Geert Wilders Admits his Links to Filip Dewinter and Neo Nazi Vlaams Belang Party . Dutch legislator Geert Wilders told Haaretz yesterday in an interview, that he is considering forming an alliance with Belgium's far-right Vlaams Belang party, which he has hitherto shunned. Belgian Jews have also shunned Vlaams Belang which is linked to Neo Nazi groups and white supremacists.

Dutch Fundamental rights as per the PPV Party and 'Geert Wilders.'
1). Abolition of
Article 1 of the Constitution, the legal standard under which all residents in principle equal before the law. He will replace it by an article that establishes that the dominant culture of the Netherlands from the Judeo-Christian and humanist traditions. As grounds for removal Wilders suggests that the current article restricts the freedom of expression..
2). Partial and permanent restrictions on freedom of expression in the form of a prohibition to hold sermons (all sermons, this goes for Synagogues too) in a language other than Dutch.
3). Partial and temporary suspension
of freedom of religion in the form of a ban on building mosques for five years (this Wilders is as insane as Adolph Hitler).
4). Partial and temporary suspension of the
freedom of education in the form of a prohibition against the establishment of Islamic schools for five years.
Muslims under his thumb for now, next, guess who, from his Neo Nazi, antisemitism Party links.

This is not Democracy in any shape or form, it is Fascism heading at high speed towards the same type of "Nationalism" as under Geert Wilders predecessor Adolph Hitler, see below.

Man of the Year: Adolph Hitler, by Time Magazine Monday, January 02, 1939; Greatest single news event of 1938 took place on September 29, when four statesmen met at the Führerhaus, in Munich, to redraw the map of Europe.

The three visiting statesmen at that historic conference were Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain, Premier Edouard Daladier of France, and Dictator Benito Mussolini of Italy.

But by all odds the dominating figure at Munich was the German host, Adolf Hitler.

Führer of the German people, Commander-in-Chief of the German Army, Navy & Air Force, Chancellor of the Third Reich, Herr Hitler reaped on that day at Munich the harvest of an audacious, defiant, ruthless foreign policy he had pursued for five and a half years.

He had torn the Treaty of Versailles to shreds. He had rearmed Germany to the teeth— or as close to the teeth as he was able. He had stolen Austria before the eyes of a horrified and apparently impotent world.

All these events were shocking to nations which had defeated Germany on the battlefield only 20 years before, but nothing so terrified the world as the ruthless, methodical, Nazi-directed events which during late summer and early autumn threatened a world war over Czechoslovakia.

When without loss of blood he reduced Czechoslovakia to a German puppet state, forced a drastic revision of Europe's defensive alliances, and won a free hand for himself in Eastern Europe by getting a "hands-off" promise from powerful Britain (and later France), Adolf Hitler without doubt became 1938's Man of the Year.

Führer Hitler does not regard himself as a revolutionary; he has become so only by force of circumstances. Fascism has discovered that freedom—of press, speech, assembly—is a potential danger to its own security.

In Fascist phraseology democracy is often coupled with Communism. The Fascist battle against freedom is often carried forward under the false slogan of "Down with Communism!" One of the chief German complaints against democratic Czechoslovakia last summer was that it was an "outpost of Communism."

Although Hitler absorbed the racist and anti-Semitic discourses that so shaped the Viennese political and intellectual climate and was to reproduce their arguments and clichés years later, at the time he does not appear to have been hostile to Jews, at any rate on a personal level, since many of his closest associates in the men's hostel, who helped him sell his pictures, were in fact Jews (Geert Wilders uses the same approach in 2008)

This explanation chimed with the anti-Semitic theories which Hitler had absorbed in Vienna but which, in the light of his day-to-day positive experiences with actual Jews had not made much impact. Now, in very different circumstances and reinforced by the arguments of right-wing intellectuals in Munich which Hitler now encountered, these theories began to make sense, indeed to provide the total explanation which he was seeking (Geert Wilders again follows the same path by aligning with right wing bloggers in 2008).

His political career began in 1919 when he became Member No. 7 of the midget German Labor Party. Discovering his powers of oratory, Hitler soon became the party's leader, changed its name to the National Socialist German Labor Party, wrote its anti-Semitic, antidemocratic, authoritarian program (Same program for Geert Wilders in 2008).

Outlawed in many German districts, the National Socialist Party nevertheless climbed steadily in membership. Time-honored Tammany Hall methods of handing out many small favors were combined with rowdy terrorism and lurid, patriotic propaganda. The picture of a mystic, abstemious, charismatic Führer was assiduously cultivated (Same program and tactic used by Geert Wilders in 2008).

What Adolf Hitler & Co. did to the German people in that time left civilized men and women aghast. Civil rights and liberties have disappeared. Opposition to the Nazi regime has become tantamount to suicide or worse. Free speech and free assembly are anachronisms (Geert Wilders PPV party proposes bans on individual rights, freedom of religion and education).

The reputations of the once-vaunted German centres of learning have vanished. Education has been reduced to a National Socialist catechism. Germany's 700,000 Jews have been tortured physically, robbed of homes and properties, denied a chance to earn a living, chased off the streets. Now they are being held for "ransom," a gangster trick through the ages (Geert Wilders uses hatred towards Muslims in the exact same manner).

But not only Jews have suffered. Out of Germany has come a steady, ever-swelling stream of refugees, Jews and Gentiles, liberals and conservatives, Catholics as well as Protestants, who could stand Naziism no longer.

TIME'S cover, showing Organist Adolf Hitler playing his hymn of hate in a desecrated cathedral while victims dangle on a St. Catherine's wheel and the Nazi hierarchy looks on.

The Nazi controlled press, jumping the rope at the count of Propaganda Minister Paul Joseph Goebbels, shrieked insults at real and imagined enemies. And the pace of the German dictatorship quickened as more & more guns rolled from factories and little more butter was produced (Geert Wilders propaganda machine is now in overdrive).

Bill Warner
Private Investigator