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Idearc Media -Verizon Superpages the Subject of Numerous Law Suits and Rip-Off Reports, Idearc Media Shut Down the Website of P.I. Bill Warner

Idearc Media -Verizon Superpages has been the Subject of Law Suits and Rip-Off Reports. The harassment of PI Bill Warner continues; Idearc Media - Verizon St. Pete Shuts Down Website of Sarasota P.I. Bill Warner in 07, Idearc Media Hires Local "Barracuda" Attorney to Seek Payment in 08 for work they never delivered.

U.S. FEDERAL COURT DALLAS, TX, Aug 06 (MARKET WIRE) -- A federal district judge in Dallas has approved a request for binding arbitration submitted by Hillsborough, N.C.-based Encore Marketing Group Inc. in an ongoing dispute with Dallas-based Idearc Media Group over advertising sales generated for the Web site.

Idearc, formerly known as Verizon Directories Corp., filed the law suit earlier this year (2008). Attorneys for Idearc contend that representatives of Encore Marketing submitted thousands of fraudulent invoices for advertising sales that never occurred, and subsequently received commissions for those sales. Idearc had sought to avoid binding arbitration in the case. Encore vigorously denies the allegations and has asserted from the
outsetthat the parties contractually agreed to resolve any disputes through arbitration. On July 30, 2008,
Federal Judge Barbara Lynn denied Idearc's motion.

U.S. FEDERAL COURT DALLAS TEXAS..London-based Geomas filed suit (.pdf) late last year against Verizon Communications and its spinoff Idearc Media in a Texas federal court, alleging their search site infringes upon patent No. 5,930,474, for an “Internet Organizer for Accessing Geographically and Topically Based Information.” Last month, U.S. District Judge T. John Ward ruled the case could proceed to the discovery phase.

Idearc Media in St. Pete Fl abused my 1st Amendment Constitutional Rights to Free Speech by Censoring the website in Feb 2007 (they actually pulled the website from the Internet), even after extensive changes were made to the website .

Idearc Media's Stephen Tenney was relentless in striking the website from the Internet and continued billing Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner in the following months, (each and every month through 2007) even after the website was no longer on the Internet (I changed to Yahoo) and now Stepehn Tenney of Idearc Media has hired a local "Barracuda" of an Attorney to collect funds for services they never full filled.

See closing arguments via email in Feb 2007 with Stephen Tenney of Idearc Media St. Pete below, the fight continues to keep "Private Investigator Bill Warner" on the Internet;

----- Original Message -----


To: Bill Warner


Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 10:37 AM

Subject: RE: "Objectionable Material" .

Mr. Bill Warner,

I was pulled out of town unexpectedly and therefore was not able to help see us bring the issues with your web site to fruition. That said, I have asked our Marketing and Legal team to re-review your web site as I see that you have made a number of changes.

That said, the consensus remains, even after the changes that youhave made, that the content within your web site is in breach of ourpink policies. Therefore, I have instructed my team to pull this web site down at close of business today. In both my and the organizations view, you are simply unwilling to comply with the repeated requests to bring this web site in alignment with our pink policies and terms and conditions. Therefore, we will be forced to close out our relationship and remove the advertising completely.


Stephen Tenney ph. 1-800-282-2670 ext #4858

Idearc Media VerizonSt Petersburg Fl

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