Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fox 13 Anchor Russell Rhodes Charged With Resisting Arrest Without Violence, Then Why Did The Cop Body Slam Mr. Rhodes ?

TAMPA (Bay News 9) -- The morning news anchor at Fox 13 was arrested Friday night after deputies said he resisted arrest without violence (OH REALLY then why did the cop body slam Mr. Rhodes head first into the pavement ?).

According to reports, a deputy saw a 2006 BMW driving recklessly inside the Channelside parking garage shortly after 10 p.m. Friday. The deputy said Russell Rhodes was trying to exit through the toll area of the garage and attempting to back into cars behind him when he stopped him.

At that point, the deputy said Rhodes got out of the car with his belt and pants undone, although they were still up, and that he appeared to be confused and possibly intoxicated. The deputy said Rhodes tried to walk away twice after he was ordered to hand over his keys, and then he ran from the garage.

The deputy grabbed Rhodes, and when he began to flail his arms, the deputy took him to the ground, the report said (this appears to be a bear hug lift by the cop and body slammed head first into the pavement, look at Russell rhodes face in the photo).

Arrest report for Russell Rhodes. Rhodes had several cuts and bruises on his face, which spokesman J.D. Callaway said happened when he hit the ground (body slammed by the cop). Rhodes was taken to the emergency room at Tampa General Hospital, where he received treatment for his injuries.

If I were Mr Rhodes I would be contacting an attorney ASAP and filing a complaint with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department, can you say excessive force, the cop could have fractured Mr. Rhodes skull.

He was then booked into Orient Road Jail on charges of resisting arrest without violence and released early Saturday morning on $500 bail. Callaway said that Rhodes apologized following the incident, saying that he panicked because he was worried about his job.

Blood samples were taken at the emergency room to determine whether Rhodes was intoxicated at the time of the incident. The results of the toxicology tests should be available next week, Callaway said.

Bill Warner
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