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Recent interview with Haaretz, Geert Wilders said he is considering forming an alliance with Belgium’s far-right Vlaams Belang party, he has hitherto shunned. Belgian Jews also shunned Vlaams Belang.

Dutch Extreme Right Political Parties; The Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest VB) succeeded the Vlaams Blok after the latter was forced to disband in 2004 following a Belgian court’s decision that it was racist and outside the bounds of legal public discourse see (ASW 2004).

After toning down some of the Blok’s extremist anti-immigrant and Holocaust denial rhetoric, the VB won significant percentages of the vote in Flanders. Despite its demonstrations of solidarity with the Jewish community since the creation of the AEL and its more moderate tone in relation to the Holocaust and the Jews in general, the VB continues to retain ties with small neo-fascist and antisemitic groups, such as Voorpost, Were Di and the Vlaamse Militanten Orde (VMO).

Vlaams Belang says one thing to the Dutch Press and then alligns itself with Neo-Nazi facist groups like ITS and Voorpost.

ITS members include the French National Front and Romania's Greater Romania Party, (Holocaust denial ) among others. The Greater Romania Party (PRM) is a Romanian ultra-nationalist political party, led by Corneliu Vadim Tudor.
The party is sometimes referred to in English as the Great Romania Party. It promotes strongly nationalist policies and is seen as the most ultra right-wing of the major Romanian parties. The party's philosophy has often been characterized as xenophobic, anti-ethnic Hungarian, anti-Roma, homophobic, Antisemitic, and irredentist. Bruno Gollnisch, MEP is the leader of the European parliamentary group Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty .

Gollnisch was condemned in 2004 to three months of prison on probation and 55,000 Euros in damages and interest by Lyon's tribunal correctionnel for the "offense of verbal contestation of the existence of crimes against humanity (Holocaust Denial)."

Gollnisch had carried out the incriminated verbal contestation on October 11, 2004, by declaring: "I do not question the existence of concentration camps but historians could discuss the number of deaths. As to the existence of gas chambers, it is up to historians to make up their minds".

Geert Wilders revealed that if his Party for Freedom - which occupies nine of the Dutch parliament’s 150 seats - runs in European parliamentary elections, he may join Vlaams Belang to form a larger right-wing bloc.

Wilders had previously said he would not consider such an alliance. Belgium’s Jewish leadership has boycotted Vlaams Belang, citing its “strong anti-Semitic characteristics.”

So why are far right consservative bloggers like Pamela Geller of "Atlas Shrugs" and Robert Spencer of "Jihad Watch" (their photos above), both staunch defenders of Israel and Jewish interests around the world and leaders of the Anti-Jihad crusade, hanging with Neo Nazi linked Geert Wilders ?

Robert Spencer of "Jihad Watch" just crowned Geert Wilders as his "Anti-Dhimmi Internationale 2008: Geert Wilders" whatever that means. The old axion, the "Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend", just goes so far, I hope Geller and Spencer don't get burned by the hot spotlight ever increasing on Geert Wilders and his links to neo-nazi groups and Holocaust deniers.

Protestants want talks with Geert Wilders; Leaders of the Dutch Protestant church have renewed their call to anti-immigration MP Geert Wilders for a meeting to discus his party’s stance on the integration of Muslims, reports news agency ANP. The country’s largest religious group says it is increasingly concerned about the polarisation within society as a result of the stigmatisation of ethnic minorities by politicians.

Dutch Parliamentarian Wilders incites hate" - "Wilders needs to be impeached" - EU-Digest A lawyer from Lelystad reported to police on Wednesday to bring a case against Geert Wilders. Els Lucas says that the politician's letter published in the Volkskrant on Wednesday incites hate between population groups. In the letter Wilders compares the Koran with Hitler's Mein Kampf and urges that the holy book of Islam be banned. "I think that is really taking it too far. Moreover it is unseemly that a member of Parliament is expressing himself in this manner," Lucas said.

Geert Wilders 'is asking for trouble'; Nearly 60% of the Dutch think that anti-Islam party leader Geert Wilders has brought the threats he receives on himself because of his outspoken comments, the Telegraaf reports on Wednesday. In addition, 60% of those polled think the taxpayer should not have to pay for Wilders' special security provisions.

Queen out of government, says Wilders; The anti-immigration party PVV is to submit a motion calling for the queen’s role in government to be restricted to ceremonial functions, NOS tv reports on Thursday. PVV leader Geert Wilders says in a number of newspapers that queen Beatrix’s Christmas Day speech was ‘stuffed full of multi-cultural nonsense’ and was largely directed at his FAR RIGHT party.

In her televised speech, the queen criticised the increase in intolerance and the way discussion is being replaced by hardened standpoints. ‘The PVV was not mentioned but everyone understands what she was driving at,’ Wilders says in the Telegraaf. Speaking from his holiday address, prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende said he is completely behind the sentiments expressed by the queen in her Christmas speech.

Wilders says he wants to defend Dutch interests, but he is destroying that which makes the Netherlands the Netherlands: our royal family, our tolerance and our solidarity with people beyond our borders,’ said Balkenende !

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