Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Why Was Mark Ruffalo's Brother Shot and killed by Shaha Mishaal Adham the Daughter of Mega Rich Saudi Nationals linked to Saudi Royal Family ?

One week after a seemingly unprovoked shooting, the brother of actor Mark Ruffalo has died and two people have been arrested in connection with the case.

Scott Ruffalo, center, and brother, actor Mark Ruffalo, attend the "My Life Without Me" screening hosted by IFP, in this file photo. Scott Ruffalo died Monday night, one week after being shot in the head.

Scott Ruffalo, 39, died late Monday night at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, according to Beverly Hills Police Sgt. Renato Moreno.

Two people wanted for questioning about the shooting surrendered to police earlier Monday, according to the Associated Press. Shaha Mishaal Adham, 26, was arrested on an attempted murder warrant in connection with the shooting of Ruffalo. Shaha Mishaal Adham, who is said to be related to the Saudi Arabian royal family, is now the prime suspect in the attempted murder case. She has hired high-profile attorney Keith Davidson, according to the report.

Shaha Adham is listed in public records as a relative, possibly a granddaughter, of Sheikh Kamal Ibrahim Adham, the deceased former head of Saudi foreign intelligence and a wealthy businessman who was the half-brother of King Faisal's wife. Sheikh Adham was fined $105 million by New York prosecutors in a 1992 banking scandal involving the First American Bank in Washington.

Scott Ruffalo was shot in the head Dec. 1 at his condo. Mark Ruffalo, star of films "13 Going on 30," "Zodiac" and "You Can Count on Me," had been at his brother's bedside since the shooting, according to his publicist Jessica Kolstad.

Suspect in Shooting of Mark Ruffalo's Brother in Custody; Shaha Mishaal Adham, a suspect in the murder of hairdresser Scott Ruffalo – who is the brother of actor Mark Ruffalo – is in police custody, PEOPLE has 
confirmed. Adham, 26, turned herself in to Beverly Hills police on Monday.

Police issued an attempted murder warrant for her arrest earlier on Monday. Adham is being held without bail.. Scott Ruffalo, 39, was shot in the head Dec. 1 at the condo where he lives on North Palm Drive in Beverly Hills. Police had booked Shaha Mishaal Adham for attempted murder but that is being upped to murder.

Brian Burton Scofield, who was named a "person of interest" in the murder was booked for a misdemeanor traffic warrant for past violations, but was released on Tuesday. "Shaha was always a problem child" while in school at Harvard Westlake, a source told Hollyscoop exclusively. "She never finished school [at Harvard Westlake] because her parents sent her back to Saudi Arabia." Shaha came from a very wealthy Saudi Arabian family, and would often tell people she was a Saudi Princess.

"Shaha was apart of the wealthy Beverly Hills elite," said our source. Her and her sister Sherry, who used to date Brandon Davis, "would hang out with Paris Hilton and Brandon and their crew. They're families all know each other," the source told Hollyscoop exclusively. What would cause a self described princess to shoot and kill someone ? There are still so many details that haven't been release by the police, but her motif for the killing is sure to be uncovered soon.

A well-known hairdresser who worked in salons such as Kenneth George in Santa Monica and Giuseppe Franco in Beverly Hills, Scott Ruffalo has had past run-ins
with the law. In 2002, he was convicted for possession of a
controlled substance with intent to sell.

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