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Vlaams Belang (English: Flemish Interest) is an anti-immigration right-wing political party in the Flemish Community of Belgium , advocates the independence of Flanders & strict limits on immigrants obliged to adopt Dutch culture and language.

Vlaams Belang appears to have direct links to the Neo Nazi group, Blood & Honour. Robert S. Griffin, member of the National Alliance (NEO NAZI GROUP), took part on July 3, 2004 in activities organized by the Belgium neo-Nazi group Blood & Honour Vlaanderen (flemish branch of Blood & Honour) and by Bloed-Bodem-Eer en Trouw (BBET, Blood, Soil, Honour and Fidelity).

This last group rose to public attention at the start of September 2006 following the arrest of tens of its members on allegations that they were preparing bombings in Belgium in order to "destabilize" the country.

Griffin wrote in his account that he was happy to see that the Flemish organizations he had seen in Belgium had to their sides a party such as the Vlaams Belang

Blood & Honour are a militant neo-Nazi network founded in 1987 in response to the Anti-Nazi Leagues Rock Against Racism organisation. ... Bloed-Bodem-Eer en Trouw (BBET; Blood, Soil, Honour and Loyalty) is a Flemish neo-Nazi group, created in 2004 from a splinter of the Flemish branch of the international Nazi skinhead organization Blood & Honour. .. Vlaams Belang (English: Flemish Interest) is a Belgian political party. ...

After a raid by the Belgian police, 17 activists from the Neo-Nazi movement, ‘Blood & Honour’, were arrested. Amongst those held were 10 Belgian army professional soldiers. The next day, two more neo-Nazis were arrested. The main suspects organised a fascist grouping inside the army, whose activities included weekend "terrorist" training camps and trading arms.

Those arrested are part of a section of Blood & Honour that go under the name, ‘Bloed Bodem Eer Trouw’ (BBET; Blood, Soil, Honour, Fidelity).

There are two different groupings using the name Blood & Honour in Flanders, both linked to rival international groupings. The Blood & Honour group that was targeted by the police regularly use the name of its paper, ‘BBET’, as its public face.

When police made the raids, they found over 100 high-tech weapons, including sophisticated weapons of war. On Friday, two more raids followed, in which another 100 pistols and machine guns were recovered. The police also discovered a large quantity of munitions, explosives and a sophisticated bomb. There was even a model letter claiming responsibility for terrorist attacks.

Although the Belgian police say the group did not have detailed plans to use the weaponry, one of those arrested declared publicly that the group did have the intention to strike against the state, migrants and radical left organisations. In an interview on television, this suspect said members of the security services, soldiers in the army and politicians would be involved in the planning and execution of these plans.

Training; Ten of the nineteen arrested neo-Nazis served in the armed forces and used to train together at weekends. In the Leopoldsburg army barracks a group around suspect ‘Thomas B’ had a strong influence on soldiers. The Leopoldsburg commanders knew about the political activity of its personnel. The group of ten suspects are made up of candidate-officers, a vice-officer and eight ordinary soldiers.
It is not at all excluded that this neo-Nazi group would have used its weapons to mount an attack. One of the articles in their paper praised Timothy McVeigh, calling him a "white warrior". Timothy McVeigh became known as the Oklahoma bomber, after he was convicted of blowing up US federal building, in Oklahoma City, in April 1995, in which 168 people died.

The police investigation into Blood & Honour started in 2004, (just after Vlaams Blok aka Vlaams Belong was forced to disband in 2004 following a Belgian court’s decision that it was racist). Blokbuster publicised a meeting organised in Belgium at which Robert Griffin, a US academic professor who is well known in neo-Nazi circles, spoke. At the time of the meeting, Blokbuster published a picture of the main suspect arrested last week, where he was shown posing for the camera with a cache of weapons. This information was in the public domain for two years and still no official action was taken.

FOLLOWING INFO TRANSLATED FROM DUTCH; The concert on October 19 in Diksmuide and on October 21 (even) holding of three organizers of Blood and Honor Flanders we still this year, have seen the last of Blood and Honor Flanders, is mistaken. Rebelsere and the younger brother of the traditional Blood and Honor Flanders, the branch of Combat 18 Blood and Honor Flanders, today, Saturday, November 29, for its part in a concert with neo-Nazi music (picture 1).

The Anti-Fascist Front (AFF) posted this yesterday an Open letter to the Ministers of Interior and Justice, Patrick Dewael and Jo Vandeurzen. The Combat 18-branch of Blood and Honor Flanders is the group that on April 19 an Adolf Hitler establishment in commemoration Overpelt (picture 2), while competition from the traditional Blood and Honor Flanders (also known by the first beer Nazis once said) the same day its SS-hero homage followed by a concert in Bellegem, in Kortrijk, decorating.

In Overpelt challenged but a fifty neo-Nazis on, according to the organizers of the commemoration Adolf Hitler-less people than expected as a result of the identity checks by police that day in Overpelt and environment. The past four years she took part in a demonstration in the Netherlands, but not always with much more people than their banner to hold. In a search in November 2007 were PCs and mobile phones seized, stroke but also weapons such as knuckles, bats and knives telescope.

Worrying is that those involved in this illegal arms possession and other offenses have not yet been brought before the court. Last week, appeared Wednesday on the forum of Blood and Honor Flanders / Combat 18-branch still calling for physical violence against visitors to a six-December in beano a squat in East Flanders. Past Tuesday appeared on the website of Blood and Honor Flanders / Combat 18, the poster for a concert tomorrow Saturday, November 29. The poster appeared the same day also on the international website of Blood and Honor / Combat 18.

The website specifically for the concert was already booked in July. In order to ascertain the meeting point could be made to a Belgian mobile phone number and two Dutch mobile phone numbers. The Slovak Projekt Vandal which focuses against everything that is left and left-wing skinheads in particular. The German Oidoxie, the house orchestra of Combat 18 CDs including three in Germany may not be sold because volksopruiing and use of Nazi symbolism.

The Breton Bagadou Stourm whose first album named after the Breton division in the SS. The German Extressiv which a concert on October 8, 2005 in Dusseldorf, along with German and Dutch National Socialist Black Metal groups, was stopped by German police, after which everyone was sent home.

To ensure that the searches in November last year by Blood and Honor Flanders / Combat 18 to lead prosecution, and that an investigation be opened into the call to violence on December 6 , 2008 (see: http://aff.skynetblogs.be/post / 6472157/bedreiging-met-geweld-niet-enkel-voor-dewinte). " November-11-2008.

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