My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tot Mom Casey Anthony's Bizarre World of Sex, Booze, Drugs & Clubbing, See Pic's, Led To The Death of Caylee Anthony.

Tot Mom Casey Anthony's Bizarre World of Sex, Booze, Drugs & Clubbing, See Pic's, Led To The Death of Caylee Anthony. There is and can be no excuse for the death (murder) of little Caylee Anthony, whose body was found Dec. 11th stuffed in plastic garbage bags in a wooded area just blocks from the Anthony clan's residence. Casey Anthony, the prime suspect in Caylee's death, sits in a segregated cell at the Orange County Jail. Officials said a chaplain broke the news to Casey Anthony that her daughter's remains had been identified. "Inmate Casey Anthony is aware of the developments in her case," said Orange County Jail spokesman Allen Moore. "She was notified by a jail chaplain as is consistent with our policy. The notification came at approximately 1:45 p.m." The public was told at a 2 p.m. news conference. "We will not be commenting on the demeanor of inmate Anthony or her reaction to the news ( if there was any) and do not have any public records related to this matter."
Moore said Anthony is not on suicide watch and is not on psychological observation status (does not seem to concerned). She remains in Protective Custody Level One in the Female Detention Center. There has been no change in her custody status. Casey Anthony led a booze fueled life filled with partying, sex, and drugs, it appears that Caylee was in the way of a 'good time" Explicit Online Conversation Between Casey Anthony, Lover Released, ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- One of the main topics of conversation in an Instant Message conversation online with Anthony Rusciano, one of Casey's lovers, is sex. "Sex is good with us, really good. And I know it's not the only reason you want to see me," Casey told him (read full conversation - explicit). "Good, I hope so, but Jesus three week droughts blow," Rusciano replied. "So again, bring your little fine ass over here." Rusciano was a sheriff's deputy later fired for lying about the affair. 
It seems like Casey's daughter Caylee was the problem in the relationship. "Ha, want me to bring the little snot head?" Casey asked. "Didn't think so." The text message was sent to her lovers and it was about how much she wanted to have sex with him (she used harsher words) and how the lack of a baby siitter for "the little snot-head" was keeping her from her lover's bed.

Casey Anthony appears to have been promoting herself on-line in the Orlando area as the ultimate party girl, up for anything and down with anybody. Casey Anthony posted hundreds of pic's of herself and others on-line in all sorts of suggestive poses, also photos of herself drunk and passed out in cars or in front of a toilet, where was her daughter Caylee during all of this ? Casey Anthony appears to be a Secondary/Neurotic Sociopath MOST DANGEROUS TYPE OF CRIMINAL Dysfunctional Upbringing, Pathological Liar, Anti Social, No Conscience, Intelligent, Manipulator, Drug/Alcohol Abuser, Charming, Emotional Thrill Seeker, Fearless, Promiscuous, Convincing Con Artist. Casey Anthony had several boyfriends and worked sporadically as a product promotion representative (liquor distributors) in bars, clubs and restaurants, this is a cash "job" and required Casey Anthony to work odd hours (happy hour crowd late afternoons, still hot) at several different Orlando locations. Since there was no babysitter, was Caylee Anthony left in the White 1998 two door Pontiac (registered to grandparents with FL Tag) while Casey Anthony worked the bars ? Where is the car seat that 3 year old Caylee would need to have been strapped into in the 1998 white Pontiac ? Why is there duct tape, in the area of the mouth, found on the skull now ID'd as Caylee ? Why was there DNA stains, hair and the decomp of Caylee's body found in the trunk of the same 1992 two door Pontiac? 

Caylee Anthony Missing As Mother Parties At Club Would, a concerned mother of a missing two-year-old, who claims to be mortified over her daughter's disappearance, be partying at a nightclub with pals, a week after her little girl was "kidnapped"? It's been revealed that Casey Anthony was out partying a week after her daughter went missing. Casey was photographed partying with some lovely gentlemen at a club on June 20th - well after the date she told police her daughter went missing. Casey is now changing her story, as is her attorney, claiming the date she gave police as the day her daughter disappeared is false and that Casey was lacking the guidance of an attorney at the time. Apparently Caylee disappeared "much later" than the date Casey gave authorities, perhaps even early July.

The grandmother Cindy, however, says Caylee was gone on June 15th. Casey was also seen partying with friends on July 4th. The shocking photos are seen above. The tattoo artist who etched "Bella Vita" aka "Beautiful Life" on Casey's back (Tramp Stamp see photo above) two weeks after Caylee disappeared told Eyewitness News all Casey talked about was her new boyfriend (one of many), until she was asked where Caylee was and she said Caylee was fine and that she was with the nanny.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator