Monday, December 01, 2008

Somali Pirates Attack Cruise Ship, Two pirate boats opened fire on the six-star Nautica, as she sailed between Somalia and Yemen on Sunday.

Cruise ship repels Somali pirates; Two pirate boats opened fire on the six-star Nautica Luxury cruise ship, Australia flagged, as she sailed between Somalia and Yemen on Sunday 11/30/2008.

The cruise ship, which carries 690 passengers and 386 crew, was sailing past several groups of fishing boats when two small skiffs tried to intercept it.

Captain Jurica Brajcic began evasive manoeuvres when the pirates were about 1,000 yards away from the ship and managed to avert the attack.

While cargo ships and small pleasure boats have been attacked by Somali pirates, this is only the second time they have attempted to hijack a cruise ship.
Three years ago, rocket-propelled grenades were fired at the Seabourn Spirit. Two of the ship's officers were injured. A Oceania Cruises spokesman said: "Nautica was immediately brought to flank speed and was able to outrun the two skiffs

Yemen's Coast Guards Forces in coordination with the international maritime forces in the area have successfully rescued a Saudi oil tanker from a pirate attack in the Aden Gulf, about 7 miles from the coast of Mukala city in the Hadhramout governorate, the state-run Saba news agency reported. The information centre at the Ministry of Interior mentioned that the Coast Guards had received a distress signal from the tanker that there were two pirate boats close to the ship trying to attack and hijack it. In response, the coast guards forces hurried at once to the site of the tanker and chased the pirates who escaped. They confirmed the ship was rescued before being attacked or harmed.

A Oceania luxury cruise ship from Australia flagged in the Marshall islands (U.S.) and carrying scores of western holiday-makers came under attack from pirates yesterday. One of two small skiffs got within 300 yards of the six-star Nautica and fired eight rifle shots. The ship, carrying 690 passengers and 386 crew, was passing fishing boats when the pirate vessels tried to intercept it in the Gulf of Aden, between Somalia and Yemen.

Croatian Captain Jurica Brajcic began evasive manoeuvres and hit full speed of 23 knots — 27 mph. Oceania Cruises said: "The Nautica was able to outrun the two skiffs. No one aboard was harmed and no damage was sustained." The attempt failed after the vessel was reported to have increased speed and a French warship under Danish operations command came to the vessel's aid, according to Admiral Danish Fleet Headquarters (SOK).

"The operation was run by the Danish military, although the warship Absalon was not involved as it was in harbour at the time," the SOK spokesperson said. The Absalon currently heads the Task Force 150, an international naval operation designed to help guard against piracy in the region.The six-star luxury cruise ship is on a 32-day cruise from Rome to Singapore. The vessel and its passengers aboard, who paid in average £ 15,000 for the voyage, are due in Oman today.

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