Monday, December 01, 2008

Indian Muslim Mafia "Godfather" Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar aka Muchcdad Financed the Mumbai Terror Attack, Dawood has a US Passport.

MUMBAI: "There were 24 of us who took one-year training in camps organised by Laskar-e-Taiba (LeT) at Mansera and Muzzarafabad in Punjab province of Pakistan. Ten of us were later handpicked for the Mumbai operation '' said Ajmal Amir Kasab during interrogations. Kasab, 21, the only terrorist arrested by the Mumbai police, told his interrogators that Abdul Rahman, (Chacha), had given them training.

The sources said Kasab explained that the training was divided into seven phases. "He said the first phase was of ‘very hard physical training’ of three months which included running 10 to 15 km. The next three months were for marine training like swimming, surfing, diving and boating in high seas.

The rest included arms and ammunition training,'' said a source. Sources said the Mumbai operation plot was planned in Karachi some six months ago (By Dawood Ibrahim). Joint commissioner of police (crime) Rakesh Maria said,"We are closely working with the all the central agencies who have earlier handled such situations.''


Reports indicate that Mafia Muslim 'Don' Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar set up (financed) the terror crew for the terror attack on Mumbai during Thanksgiving from his home in Karachi.

Muchchad (as Dawood ibrahim Kaskar is known in police and underworld circles) is now evincing interest in the day-to-day operations of his gang. He is himself making extortion calls to big builders now," an intelligence source revealed. "It's a throwback to the '80s when the don kept all powers to himself. Every hit was planned by him and payments to policemen and politicians were personally supervised by him," he added.
All of this from Dawoods palatial bungalow in the Clifton area of Karachi PK (WHITE HOUSE, NEAR SAUDI MOSQUE). Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar has connections with terrorist organisation lashkar-e-toiba (LeT).

Recent information indicates that Ibrahim has been helping finance increasing attacks in Gujarat by lashkar-e-toiba. New Delhi handed over to Islamabad a list of 38 most wanted criminals, including Dawood Ibrahim.

Sanjay Dutt, one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, was jailed for six years for possessing illegal firearms given to him by gangsters involved in a series of bomb attacks in Bombay in 1993.

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar also prospered enough to gain a grip over the city's prolific film industry, Bollywood. Ibrahim allegedly began financing a number of films and got some of the industry's leading actors to star in them.

"They wouldn't dare refuse an invitation (from Ibrahim)," (right out of the "Godfather" movie) a friend of the gangster was reported as saying.

His Bollywood connections came out in the open when he was seen on television sitting with a number of leading stars and watching international cricket matches in the Gulf city of Sharjah UAE right next to Dubai, the stolen car capital of the world.

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar heads an organization known as the D-Company which carries out billions of dollars of operations in Bombay alone. Dawood is believed to control much of the 'hawala' system, which is the very commonly used unofficial system for transferring money and remittances outside the view of official agencies.

Much of the organisation's operations are in India, allegedly with the support of Govt. of Pakistan and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). In a major blow to Ibrahim, ten members of his gang were arrested by Bombay Crime Branch (see photo above) they were extradited from Dubai United Arab Emirates, (used car racket) from where they had been deported.
Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar's brother Anees detained at Jeddah airport August 2008. Anees Ibrahim Kaskar, brother of Interpol’s most wanted man Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, has been detained at Jeddah Airport for using a fake passport, according to sources.

Anees is wanted in India in connection with the '93 Mumbai bomb blasts. The Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia has been alerted about Anees' arrest.

Anees Ibrahim, one of the main accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case and younger brother of Dawood Ibrahim, had continued to dodge both Interpol and the Indian agencies using passports of four nations, including the USA and Pakistan.

Sources said Anees’s US passport (number 111480930) is in the name of Sheikh Anees A Tasleem. His wife Tahseem, too, carries an American passport (number 091655833) in the name of Sheikh Kalsoom A Anees. In addition Anees, also wanted in the murder cases of Gulshan Kumar, O P Kukreja and builder Pradeep Jain, has a Belize passport (A-001407 dated June 6, 1995), a Pakistani passport and a Tanzanian passport.

Anees had managed to fly out to Pakistan from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on December 12, 1996, the night after he was granted bail. He had, however, reportedly been warned by the UAE authorities not to return to their country in future. Officials in Abu Dhabi and Dubai had played a key role in getting him released after his arrest in Dubai on December 3, following an Interpol Red Corner notice (A-349) issued in 1994.

The officials had also managed to track down at least 12 mobile and land line phone numbers, including six mobile phone numbers originating from the UAE. Five other numbers originate from Pakistan while one telephone number is from the United Kingdom.

Anees Ibrahim Kaskar fled Dubai after Indian law enforcement agencies nabbed and deported Aftab Ansari to India. He was allegedly involved in the attack on the US consulate in Kolkata.

Bill Warner
Private investigator