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Geert Wilders Party is Extreme Right Says Study by Leiden University and the Anne Frank Foundation

Researchers: Geert Wilders is Extreme Right.THE HAGUE, DEC. 11 2008 The Party for Freedom (PVV) can be classified as extreme right, the University of Leiden and the Anne Frank foundation conclude. "Racism and Extremism Monitor".

"The problem of 'Islamophobia' has increased substantially in the Netherlands during the past year," the Anne Frank foundation stated. "This is not just a question of the climate of negative opinion concerning Muslims, but also of the rise in violence against this community".

The foundation went on to say that "the extreme right-wing landscape in the Netherlands has changed fundamentally in recent years, on the one hand due to a sharp rise in far-right street activism, and on the other hand because of the way the increasingly radical Party for Freedom has manifested itself. The PVV can be classified as extreme right."

Head researcher Jaap van Donselaar observed that the PVV is extreme right because of "the positive orientation on that which is indigenous (nationalism) and the strong aversion to that which is foreign (racism)". A court should decide whether the PVV should be banned, he declared.

It appears that Filip Dewinter of Vlaams Belang, linked to Voorpost, and Dutch Parliment Member (PM) Geert Wilders have hit the "confernece" road together, where-ever Filip Dewinter and the Vlaams Belang/Voorpost Neo Nazi's gang shows up, so does Geert Wilders.

The report implies that strict enforcement of the law represents extremism. "The way the PVV manifests itself contains several aspects of radicalism. We are not only referring to the anti-foreigner views, but also to the rest of its political programme. For example, the PVV is explicitly a law and order party. Zero tolerance, but tough action and heavy penalties."

PVV leader and founder Geert Wilders responded furiously to the study. "Have they gone completely nuts? This is an insult to the PVV and our voters," he fumed.

The conclusions of the Anne Frank foundation do indeed seem controversial and are at least ironic; the PVV is the most pro-Israeli party in parliament. The question also arises of how the foundation, named after the world-famous Jewish girl killed by the Nazis in WWII, reached their conclusion that there is a "sharp rise in far-right street activism". Although demonstrations are regularly held by neo-Nazis, these are on a very small scale and almost always broken up within minutes. The police do so when they are disrupted by violence by extreme left-wing gangs.

However, Van Donselaar maintained that "the balance between freedom to express opinions and protection against discrimination has been disturbed during the past monitor period". The "causes can be found in a changed political climate - 'everyone must be able to speak their mind' - and in the side effects of policies against terrorism and radicalisation."

Dutch PM Geert Wilders to Ally With Vlaams Belang, Racist Geert Wilders Admits his Links to Filip Dewinter and Neo Nazi Vlaams Belang Party

Click on photo to enlarge, the man on L. is Filip Dewinter, Vlaams Belang (VB) pushing his book at Voorpost, in the front row is Filip De Man, Vlaaams Belang member, his name is on the placard on the table.

See posters of Mexican Neo Nazi group with Anti-semite publications Tecos/ Replica, a poster for youth group JN, sponsored group of the German Neo-Nazi group NPD, Voorpost posters are plastered all over the wall, see all four corners.

Vlaams Belang group is still linked into the Flemish and Dutch supremacist fronts via Voorpost and Ijzerwake activities. There are usually solidarity speeches with White South Africa, or the Afrikaaners at every Voorpost meeting. The posters, behind Filip Dewinter in the photo, are a permanent fixture on the wall of the Voorpost meeting room.

A key element in Voorpost's political stance is its strong links with prominent Holocaust deniers like Siegfried Verbeke. Vlaams Blok ideologist Roeland Raes and Vlaams Belang politicians like Luc Vermeulen are members of Voorpost.

What is Voorpost ? The Dutch fascist strong-arm squad Voorpost has entered a new phase with the aim of recruiting racist youngsters into its ranks. A key method adopted has been the internet where, through popular websites for youngsters, including Dutch Neo Nazi websites like "Holland Hardcore" run by Stefan Heijnen and the Neo Nazi "Stormfront", the fascists generally attempt to interest youth in their ideas and organisations.

In August/2007 eleven members of a mob from Almere, among them several members of Voorpost, appeared in court in Rotterdam for series of arson attacks. Among other things, they had tried to burn down a Jewish synagogue, an Islamic butchery and an Islamic school in Almere and a squatters' house in Amsterdam. Voorpost, equal opportunity white supremacists, they hate Jews and Muslims.

The people at the "Facing Jihad Conference ", that took place recently in Jerusalem , had race baiter Geert Wilders as a featured speaker, they have been played by Racist Geert Wilders now showing his true Neo Nazi colors, in of all places, a conference in Israel, suckers.

See link to "Gates of Vienna Post" "Oh, dear — and here we thought Mr. Wilders and the Partij Voor Vrijheid were OK! Now we find out that they’re Neo-Nazis…".

See prior post in Jihad Watch by director Robert Spencer who was at the "Facing Jihad Conference with Geert Wilders, now alligned with the Vlaams Belang Political party (Neo Nazi's).....

Vlaams Belang allies with British National Party; On November 15 of last year, 2007, I (Robert Spencer) wrote this about the controversy over whether anti-jihadists should support the Vlaams Belang (VB) party or not: If VB and SD have really made a clean break with the past, make it a complete one: let them deal with the ties to LePen and Haider, and make a distinction between cultural defense and white supremacism that is completely clear and distinguishes their position from the neo-fascists.

Instead, it seems as if the VB has gone the other way. "Right-wingers gather against 'Islamisation,'" from The Australian : SEVERAL European far-right parties announced a new organisation aimed at fighting the "Islamisation" of Europe. The group dubbed "Cities against Islamisation" was presented to the media in the northern Belgian city of Antwerp by Filip Dewinter, head of the far-right Belgian party Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) along with Austrian FPOE leader Heinz-Christian Strace and Robert Spieler of the regionalist Alsace First group. Parties from Britain (the British National Party), Denmark, Germany and Italy were also represented at the launch of the group which has a road-sign-style crossed-out mosque as its logo.

"Membership of the British National Party is open to those of British or kindred European ethnic (white) descent". While we welcome contact and co-operation with nationalists and patriots of other races, and with the many non-whites who also oppose enforced multi-racialism, we ask them to respect our right to an organisation of our own, for our own, as we respect and applaud their measures to organise themselves in like fashion.

The British National Party (BNP) is a far-right and whites only political party in the United Kingdom, The BNP, its former leaders and present leader, Nick Griffin, have promoted anti-semitism and Holocaust denial or revisionism in the past, they are white supremacists .

The 2002 Channel 4 documentary "Young, Nazi and Proud" featured hidden-camera footage of the then BNP youth leader Mark Collett stating his admiration for Adolf Hitler, and stating "I'd never say this on camera, the Jews have been thrown out of every country including England.

In 2006, the BNP party's deputy chairman Scott McLean was shown on the TV documentary "Nazi Hate Rock" making Hitler salutes at a white-supremacist cross-burning ceremony where intensely racist songs were sung and jokes made about Auschwitz.

Racist Geert Wilders Wilders himself sees the press as his enemy, accusing it of bias, yet journalists are vital to his success. His PVV party is not composed of rank and file members like other political parties and has no regional infrastructure. Wilders communicates with his potential voters through websites, email and by being in the news.

The controversies he has created so far have developed according to a fixed pattern. They start with extreme statements made to journalists. These comments are guaranteed to kick up a furore. The announcement that he was to propose a motion of no-confidence in two junior ministers with dual nationality is a good example of this tactic.

The next step is to dominate parliamentary debates by diverting discussion towards his latest radical standpoint. So, for example, instead of debating the policy statement issued by the newly installed government, parliament felt forced to focus on Wilders and the issue of dual citizenship.

During such a parliamentary confrontation Wilders uses his opponents’ responses to distance himself from the political establishment. No matter what their reactions are, Wilders consistently accuses his opponents of cowardliness, sticking their head in the sand, attempting to silence his voters or setting up a ‘cordon sanitaire’ around his party.

The same pattern unfolded when Wilders wrote an article in de Volkskrant newspaper, demanding a ban on the Koran. He described the Muslim holy book as a ‘fascist text’ that preaches violence. A week later he repeated his demand for the ban in a parliamentary debate about Islamic activism held, by chance, on his birthday. Subsequent attacks by political opponents provided him with the opportunity to hold the floor for hours. During this time, he called the prophet Mohammed ‘a barbarian’ and told the integration minister that she was ‘crazy’. Wilders himself said his own performance was the best birthday present he could have wished for.

The uproar around Wilders’ film Fitna, however, has broken Wilders’ usual pattern. News of the film was leaked to the press against his will, he says. With international criticism from Muslim countries, strong pressure from the Dutch government not to release his film, the refusal of Dutch broadcasters to screen it in its entirety and the difficulty in finding a venue to present Fitna, the question arises as to whether Wilders is still the director of his creation.

The film may be at the heart of the current turmoil. But concerns about Wilders’ influence in general are more profound. After the initial hesitation, political attacks on Wilders’ PVV party have increased over the last months. Members of parliament are openly accusing him of discrimination and the cabinet is taking a stand against the way Wilders conducts politics.

Christian Democrat politician Schinkelshoek says Wilders’ behaviour has a ‘destabilising’ influence on Dutch society. “He exacerbates the problems he identifies. He thrives on animosity. His vexing, provoking and battering political and parliamentary performance exceed simple name-calling. He undermines the established order.”

Conclusion, Mr. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, Geert Wilders is directly linked to Dutch Neo Nazi Political Parties, he appears to use the anti-jihad approach in Holland to gather more votes and support from the Neo Nazi contingent and make for a stronger party ties with Vlaams Belang and Voorpost.

Mr Spencer, there is an old saying, "The Enemy Of My Enemy is My Friend" right now you are Geert Wilders "friend" in his attack on Islam, underlying all that is the anti-semitism of his white supremacist Political groups that eventualy will rear it's ugly head.

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