Thursday, December 18, 2008

Former USF student sentenced to 15 years, Tampa's Muslim Terrorist Ahmed Mohamed Headed For the Federal Pen !

Former USF student sentenced to 15 years, Posted By: Carolyn Dolcimascolo 12/18/2008 1 hr ago 4:07 PM

Tampa, Florida -- The future of former USF student Ahmed Mohamed was decided in Federal Court today. U.S. District Judge Steven D. Merryday heard testimony from both defense and prosecuting attorneys, and sentenced him to 15 years in prison. (ONE MORE UGLY TERRORIST BASTARD HEADED FOR A FEDERAL PEN, HE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN LIFE, HIS PLAN WAS FOR BOMBINGS IN TAMPA)

Mohamed pleaded guilty earlier this year to trying to help terrorists. The 27-year-old made a YouTube video that showed how to make a remote-controlled toy into a detonation device. His lawyers urged the judge to sentence him to eight years in prison (NO WAY).

However, prosecutors wanted 15 years. They spent the morning showing videos and files obtained from Mohamed's laptop computer. Some of the videos show rockets and bombs and talk of martyrs being heroes. Posters on the computer showed anti-American slogans. And prosecutors said Mohamed spent a great deal of time researching explosives and bomb-making.

Mohamed and a friend, Youssef Megahed, were arrested last year in South Carolina after deputies found what they considered explosives in their car. The two say the materials were for homemade fireworks. Megahed is still awaiting trial.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Monk that Mohamed had made a video and posted it on the Internet on how to use a toy to start a bomb by remote control, the video had 782 views while it was posted on YouTube.

Prosecutors painted a picture of an Islamic extremist determined to harm "stupid" Americans. He told an FBI agent, "You don't understand, you have made me a hero." He also said, "Americans are more stupid than pigs, and you cannot deny this."

Monk said Mohamed told an agent, "It is the wish of every Muslim to die … at the hands of the invaders, and he will get credit for this when he dies." Monk read from letters Mohamed wrote from jail to his parents and another person where he talked about the Muslim religion taking over the world.

Prosecutors argued Mohamed came to the United States to gather information about explosives and to hurt U.S. interests. Mohamed said he made the video to help "martyrs" who want to attack American troops overseas.

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