My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Friday, December 19, 2008


POST DECEMBER 19TH, 2008. Some very disturbing phone calls have been coming into my offices since I posted an article about the "White House Boys" 10 tears agoand the unbelievable torture endured by boys as young as 8 years old at the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna Fl during the late 1950's and the 1960's. See my prior post here, Wednesday, December 10, 2008, White House Boys, Search of 32 Graves Ordered at North Florida Dozier Reform School, 2nd Teen Scandal for Panama City - Marianna Area. From various sources it has been verified that the young boys were beaten with a giant strap which was made of two pieces of leather, with a piece of sheet metal sewn in between the halves. This weapon inflicted tremendous blunt trauma and deep bruises. I have also been told that with some of the boys, the giant strap was turned sideways so that on impact the sheet metal edge would slice open the skin of the children, this is barbaric, what kind of man was the one armed tormentor, Mr. Troy Tidwell Jr, who is still living in Marianna, Florida..... he is 84 today. Mr. Tidwell Jr. the one armed man, who accidentally severed his left arm with a shotgun when he was 6 and his father Mr. Tidwell Sr. and a Mr. Hess were the chief tormentors at the Dozier School for boys. Troy Tidwell, 84, a retired supervisor still in Marianna, acknowledges that children were disciplined at The White House, though he denied any of the inmates were injured. 

Originally, Tidwell said, guards ''spanked'' the boys with a three-inch-wide, 18-inch-long board but traded in the paddle for the strap because ``we were afraid the board would injure them.'' ''Kids that were chronic cases, getting in trouble all the time, running away and what have you, they used that as a last resort,'' Tidwell said. ``We would take them to a little building near the dining room and spank the boys there when we felt it was necessary.'' ''Some of the boys didn't need but the one spanking; they didn't want to go back,'' he added. ``Some of the kids, sometimes they would try to be tough.'' Mr. Troy Tidwell, there is no statute of limitations on murder, when the 32 graves are dug up in the coming weeks and there is indication of broken bones, necks and skulls, your time will come, sleep well. UPDATE...Troy Tidwell, the former supervisor who still lives in Marianna would not talk with a CNN crew that visited his home on 12/14/2008, I hope news crews and satellite trucks start parking out in front of this dirt bags home everyday! 

I have been told today, that the young boys were raped by the guards and a priest of pastor who was housed on the grounds, this school was a living hell for these children who for some had committed petty crimes or were just run aways in the State of Florida. Some nagging questions are bound to come up. Where was the public outcry? Why did no one speak out until now? Why weren't the families searching for their missing sons ? In regards to the 32 bodies buried at the Dozier School for boys, one very plausible reason as to why no one ever filed any missing person reports was because a number of the boys had come to the "Dozier School for Boys" in Marianna from orphanages (as told today from a man who was there in 1958), there was no one to follow up, and the Warden and Guards knew this, isn't that right Mr. Tidwell. It's a appalling fact that children were beaten and abused while at Dozier School for juvenile offenders. Question asked by Gov. Charlie Crist at the urging of a group of men who were at the Dozier School is whether some of the atrocities at the school included murder. At the center of the investigation are 32 graves of unknown persons, marked only by crude white crosses fashioned out of old pipe. There will be some who will scoff at the governor's request that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigate who is buried on what once was Dozier property.

But a full accounting of what occurred at Dozier is as important as reopening the investigations of the Rosewood massacre, lynchings and the slaying of civil rights-era activists. Confronting its past will help Florida build a better future for all its citizens. And if you don't think that youngsters in state custody still face threats, remember Martin Lee Anderson, the young inmate who died after a confrontation with guards in a Panama City boot camp in 2006. The young inmates in Florida's juvenile justice facilities while tough and dangerous in many cases - remain vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Even after decades of improvements, the juvenile justice system lacks the resources to deal with all the youngsters it must oversee. At Dozier, the atrocities documented included the actions of the "dog boys," a group of guards who used attack dogs on the boys. Louis de la Parte, the crusading former state senator from Tampa who recently passed away, personally saw the blood-splattered "White House" building where vicious beatings occurred. That history was revisited recently when four men who had been inmates at Dozier met on the Internet and formed the White House Boys -a group devoted to bringing attention to the brutal history of the place. Some told of seeing boys who had gotten in trouble being led away and never seen again. Whoever is buried beneath those crudely made crosses deserves the dignity of a full investigation. And if they were victims of a crime, they deserve the full measure of whatever justice can be deliver.

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