Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dutch PM Geert Wilders To Hook Up With Vlaams Belang Party and Voorpost, Both Parties Linked to Neo Nazi White Supremacists.

The new face of European politics is Geert Wilders 1998 - 2009, which is much like the old face of European politics in Adolph Hitler during the 1930's-1940's. Geert Wilders is following Adolph Hitler's game plan,

Geert Wilders has gained support by promoting nationalism, anti-islamism and anti-communism, (if you want to compare Islam to anything compare it to communism) all with charismatic oratory and propaganda (internet-media), he has become a passionate Dutch patriot.

"Dutch PM Geert Wilders to Ally With Vlaams Belang", Racist Geert Wilders Admits his Links to Filip Dewinter and Neo Nazi Vlaams Belang Party . Dutch legislator Geert Wilders told Haaretz yesterday in an interview, that he is considering forming an alliance with Belgium's far-right Vlaams Belang party, which he has hitherto shunned. Belgian Jews have also shunned Vlaams Belang which is linked to Neo Nazi groups and white supremacists.

Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born politician and the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, also called the Nazi Party. Hitler was a decorated veteran of World War I who led the Nazi Party in Weimar Germany, he gained support by promoting nationalism, aryan supremacy, anti-semitism and anti-communism all with charismatic oratory and propaganda (media-movies), he had become a passionate German patriot.

Geert Wilders is anti-immigration, wants closed borders and blames the economic problems of the country on minorities, i.e. Muslims (for now).

Adolph Hitler stressed anti-immigration, a pure race, wanted and got closed borders and blamed the economic problems of the country on minorities, i.e Jews. German society had rallied behind Adolph Hitler: the judicial, the educational, the industrial and the economic establishments gave him their support. Hitler was beloved by his people, it was idolatry on a national scale.

Geert Wilders, 'There is no moderate Islam,' says the far-right Dutch legislator, and it is time for the West to realize it is "in a conflict with the Muslim faith at large.

Adolph Hitler's Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels made his own film against the Jews, called Jud Suss (Jew Suss) 1940. It showed a Jew in 18th century Wurttemberg holding prisoner and torturing the husband of a blonde wholesome German/Aryan woman, played by Kristina Soderbaum, whom he rapes. It was a huge success, and Nazi research showed that the audience made the connection between 18th century Wurttemberg and 20th century Germany. The movie helped the audience feel that the removal of Jews from their homes was justified.

Geert Wilders made his own Islamic propaganda movie called FITNA directed against Muslims. The film shows a selection of Suras from the Qur'an, interspersed with media clips and newspaper clippings showing or describing acts of violence and/or hatred by Muslims. Consequently, the film argues, Islam encourages, among others, acts of terrorism, antisemitism, violence against women, and Islamic universalism. A large part of the movie deals with the influence of Islam on the Netherlands.

I, Bill Warner, am totally against radical Islam as depicted in FITNA and have shut down numerous Jihad websites around the world, but Wilders is a snake in the grass with an agenda.

[Jewish TV producer Harry De Winter:] “We Jews know better than anyone else what this sort of discrimination can lead to. Wilders claims that the Muslims must be dealt with and that the Koran is a fascist book. That’s how the persecution of Jews once started, by generalization (Adolph Hitler). Therefore, it is time for a sharper criticism from the Jewish community. Anti-religious prejudice whether Islamophobia or anti-Semitism is never OK, especially coming from an elected offical .

Conservative bloggers in the USA see Geert Wilders as some sort of great crusader against radical Islam, what he is, is a white supremacist who will take down all non-white races, see, "A petition to support Geert Wilders, By Michelle Malkin April 1, 2008", and see, Jihad Watch Petition in Defense of Geert Wilders.

It appears that Filip Dewinter of Vlaams Belang and Geert Wilders have hit the "conference" road together, where-ever Filip Dewinter and the Vlaams Belang Neo Nazi's show up, so does Geert Wilders. The people at the "Facing Jihad Conference " in Israel have been played by Racist Geert Wilders, now showing his true Neo Nazi colors, suckers.

See link to "Gates of Vienna Post" "Oh, dear — and here we thought Mr. Wilders and the Partij Voor Vrijheid were OK! Now we find out that they’re Neo-Nazis…".

Researchers: Geert Wilders is Extreme Right.THE HAGUE, DEC. 11 2008 The Party for Freedom (PVV) can be classified as extreme right, the University of Leiden and the Anne Frank foundation conclude. "Racism and Extremism Monitor". The conclusions of the Anne Frank foundation do indeed seem controversial and are at least ironic; the PVV is the most pro-Israeli party in parliament.

The question also arises of how the foundation, named after the world-famous Jewish girl killed by the Nazis in WWII, reached their conclusion that there is a "sharp rise in far-right street activism". See the answer below.

Vlaams Belang group is still linked into the Flemish and Dutch supremacist fronts via Voorpost and Ijzerwake activities. There are usually solidarity speeches with White South Africa, or the Afrikaaners at every Voorpost - Vlaams Belang meeting.

A key element in Voorpost's political stance is its strong links with prominent Holocaust deniers like Siegfried Verbeke. Vlaams Blok ideologist Roeland Raes and Vlaams Belang politicians like Luc Vermeulen are members of Voorpost.

What is Voorpost ? The Dutch fascist strong-arm squad Voorpost has entered a new phase with the aim of recruiting racist youngsters into its ranks. A key method adopted has been the internet where, through popular websites for youngsters, including Dutch Neo Nazi websites like "Holland Hardcore" run by Stefan Heijnen and the Neo Nazi "Stormfront", the fascists generally attempt to interest youth in their ideas and organisations. In August/2007 eleven members of a mob from Almere, among them several members of Voorpost, appeared in court in Rotterdam for series of arson attacks. Among other things, they had tried to burn down a Jewish synagogue, an Islamic butchery and an Islamic school in Almere and a squatters' house in Amsterdam. Voorpost, equal opportunity white supremacists, they hate Jews and Muslims.

The Stephen Roth Institute for study of Antisemitism and Racism, Tel Aviv University. Extreme Right Political Parties; Vlaams Belang, (Flemish Interest VB) succeeded the Vlaams Blok after forced to disband in 2004 following a Belgian court’s decision that it was racist.

See prior post in Jihad Watch by director Robert Spencer who was at the "Facing Jihad Conference with Geert Wilders, now alligned with the Vlaams Belang Political party (Neo Nazi's)..... Vlaams Belang allies with British National Party; On November 15 of last year, 2007, I (Robert Spencer) wrote this about the controversy over whether anti-jihadists should support the Vlaams Belang (VB) party or not: If VB and SD have really made a clean break with the past, make it a complete one: let them deal with the ties to LePen and Haider, and make a distinction between cultural defense and white supremacist that is completely clear and distinguishes their position from the neo-fascists.

They never did.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator
WBI Inc Private Detective Agency