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My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dutch PM Geert Wilders to Ally With Vlaams Belang, Racist Geert Wilders Admits his Links to Filip Dewinter and Neo Nazi Vlaams Belang Party

Dutch legislator Geert Wilders told Haaretz yesterday in an interview, that he is considering forming an alliance with Belgium's far-right Vlaams Belang party, which he has hitherto shunned. Belgian Jews have also shunned Vlaams Belang (which is linked to Neo Nazi groups).

It appears that Filip Dewinter of Vlaams Belang and Dutch Parliment Member (PM) Geert Wilders have hit the "confernece" road together, where-ever Filip Dewinter and the Vlaams Belang Neo Nazi's show up so does Geert Wilders. The people at the "Facing Jihad Conference " have been played by Racist Geert Wilders, now showing his true Neo Nazi colors, suckers. See link to "Gates of Vienna Post" "Oh, dear — and here we thought Mr. Wilders and the Partij Voor Vrijheid were OK! Now we find out that they’re Neo-Nazis…".

When neo-Nazi mutant David Duke went to Belgium to take part in a skinhead summit meeting (which included Nick Griffin of the BNP), his host for the weekend: a local council member of the Belgian Vlaams Belang party. You know, that "anti-jihad" party that some ultra right wing bloggers, like "Atlas Shrugs" continue to promote. VLAAMS BELANG: THE JEWISH PARTY!

The Stephen Roth Institute for study of Antisemitism and Racism, Tel Aviv University. Extreme Right Political Parties; Vlaams Belang, (Flemish Interest VB) succeeded the Vlaams Blok after forced to disband in 2004 following a Belgian court’s decision that it was racist.

After toning down some of the Blok’s extremist anti-immigrant and Holocaust denial rhetoric, the VB won significant percentages of the vote in Flanders.

Despite its demonstrations of solidarity with the Jewish community since the creation of the AEL and its more moderate tone in relation to the Holocaust and the Jews in general, the VB continues to retain ties with small neo-fascist and antisemitic groups, such as Voorpost (see Filip Dewinter VB with posters below), Were Di and the Vlaamse Militanten Orde (VMO).

Besides being the leading political party in the city of Antwerp, having gained 35 percent of the overall vote in the 2004 elections, the VB is also the main Flemish political party in the Brussels regional parliament, with 6 out of the 11 seats held by Flemings.

The VB is one of the founders of the Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty (ITS), a racist and antisemitic group formed in the European Parliament in January 2007. Other members include the French Front National and Romania's Greater Romania Party, among others.

Filip Dewinter, one of the leaders of VB and a member of the Belgian parliament, and Frank Vanhecke, VB member of the European parliament, visited the US in February 2007, where they reportedly met with representatives of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and spoke at a forum organized by the conservative Robert A Taft Club in Arlington, Virginia.

Dewinter also spoke on the white supremacist "Political Cesspool" Internet radio program. The Virginia forum consisted of an amalgam of supporters of the former conservative Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, proponents of scientific racism, and white supremacists from the Council of Conservative Citizens. Dewinter and Vanhecke attacked multiculturalism (as the “new communism”), bemoaned the falling birth rate among white Europeans and declared their intention to save “the West” from the depredations of immigrants who followed the Islamic faith.

Islam was like a cuckoo that laid its eggs in your nest; but the West was not yet dead, they argued, in a reference to Pat Buchanan’s book, The Death of the West (Searchlight Magazine, 2007). The two reportedly met privately with Buchanan, who gave them a copy of his anti-immigrant book, State of Emergency (
ADL release, Feb. 26).

In September 2007, Dewinter and the man responsible for party security, Luc Vermeulen, participated in a Flemish neo-Nazi VMO meeting.

Hitlergroet is Dutch for the Nazi salute or “Hitler Greeting” - as seen by VB’er Filip Dewinter being sworn into office. Filip Dewinter gave the Hitler salute while being sworn into parliament ‘91 or ‘92 , he didn’t face a potential 3 month sentence as Members of Parliament are immune to prosecution while in office.

He explained it away as “just the old Roman salute.” Afterwards the picture appeared on the cover of the party publication. Other members of the Vlaams Belang have also recently given the “Hitlergroet” while being sworn in, and one Vlaams Belang member of PM served the 3 month sentence.

From the 1997 annual report on racism and anti-semitism from the Stephen Roth Institute at Tel Aviv University: ”Flemish nationalism of the 1930s, Flemish collaboration with Nazi Germany, and glorification of the Vlaanderen Division of the Waffen SS, are legacies embraced by the party [Vlaams belang -VB].

One of the most fanatical defenders of these values is VB vice-president Roland Raes. Although in 1995 VB voted for the law prohibiting denial or minimization of the Holocaust, members of the VB are known as Holocaust deniers. The party’s theory of nationalism is based on the German volkisch conception.

Here’s the full picture of Filip Dewinter from Vlaams Belang (VB) pushing his latest book at Voorpost, click on it. See posters of Mexican Neo Nazi group with Anti-semite publications Tecos/ Replica, a poster for youth group JN, sponsored group of the German Neo-Nazi group NPD.

Also see a poster for Bobby Parks Sands/IRA, as well as a poster showing their aim: a map of Flanders joined with the netherlands and part of France.
Voorpost and NSV have also displayed solidarity with most tribal nationalist groups in Europe (excepting the far-left anarchist skinheads) the separatists in Quebec, the American Indian Movement, Stormfront, Scottish Nationalist Party, Welsh separatists, ETA and Catalonian Separatists.

Vlaams Belang group is still linked into the Flemish and Dutch supremacist fronts via voorpost and Ijzerwake activities. There are usually solidarity speeches with White South Africa, or the Afrikaaners at every Zangerfeest and Ijzerwake, at Voorpost the poster, behind Filip Dewinter in the photo, is a permanent fixture of the wall.

Dutch PM Geert Wilders has now 'publicly" alligned himself with Filip Dewinter and the Neo Nazi party Vlaams Belang, you lie with dogs and you get fleas.

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