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Debbie Schlussel Posted on Ex-ICE Chief Julie Myers & Nick Smith New Biz, I & C Solutions, Appears FBI Investigated Mr. Smith on Bribe Allegations.

"She's BAAACK!: New Blackface Expert Consulting Firm For ICE Princess, Immigration Execs No-One Will Hire." By Debbie Schlussel If you're an agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, you probably already know about the latest absurd enterprise of airhead incompetent and tax money waster extraordinaire, Julie L. Myers.

Yes, she and one of the two other judges who gave an award to an employee dressed in Blackface--her pandering, former Chief of Staff Nick Smith--are now the heads of a company called Blackface Experts Solutions (the third judge of this contest, Theresa Bertucci, is the top ICE transition official).

Well, actually, it's called I & C Solutions. Oddly, there's no truth in advertising, since the I and C don't stand for Incompetence and Cronyism, which is the only thing at play in this couple's "professional" life. Nope, it's Immigration and Customs Solutions.

Debbie Schlussel Posted an article on Ex-ICE Chief Julie Myers & Nick Smith's New Biz, I & C Solutions, today. From further checking it appears the FBI investigated Mr. Smith on Bribe Allegations in 2004.

Nick Smith was named director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Public Affairs in August 2005. As director, Smith was responsible for all internal and external communications and messaging for the 20,000-plus employee agency.

Before coming to ICE, Smith spent nearly eight years working with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist as press secretary, communications director, and then deputy chief of staff. He took time off from his regular role in 2000 to serve as press secretary for Frist’s reelection campaign. In 2004 he again took time off from the Senate to support Frist, who served as a primary surrogate for the ’04 Bush-Cheney campaign.

G.O.P. On The Griddle; Scandal, or at least the persistent allegation of it, is as much a feature of election years as is the stump speech. And so far this season, the G.O.P. seems more besieged than its adversary. Some of the memos, which at times suggest liberal special-interest groups' fingerprints on the Democrats' strategy, were even leaked to G.O.P.-friendly journalists. Manuel Miranda, a former aide to Senate majority leader Bill Frist, does not deny snooping but contends that Pickle's report did not find a "credible suggestion of criminal acts."

Still, a Justice Department probe may be in the offing, and it won't be the only one aimed at Republicans. The FBI is investigating whether Michigan Republican Representative Nick Smith was offered a bribe to support the Medicare reform bill. Smith alleged in November that unnamed G.O.P. Congressmen offered to donate $100,000 to his son's campaign for the House if he backed the bill. (He now says he got only a vague offer of "significant financial support" for his son.)--By Douglas Waller.

November 22, 2003, Medigate: Bribes, Lies and Videotape; A Three Hour Vote And a Bribe Attempt: After the Medicare bill failed to secure enough votes for passage on the House floor, Republican leaders heldthe vote open for three hours in order to twist arms. Rep. Nick Smith (R- MI) later revealed that during the push to make Members switch to “Aye” votes, Republican leaders offered him a bribe of $100,000 for his son's campaign in exchange for his vote. Smith declined, but the Republican leadership eventually got the votes and the bill narrowly passed.

FBI LOOKING AT BRIBERY ALLEGATIONS IN MEDICARE VOTE, March 2, 2004 FBI agents reportedly are investigating allegations that Rep. Nick Smith (R-Mich.) was offered a $100,000 donation for his son's House campaign in exchange for a yes vote on the Bush Medicare law (HR 1).

In December, Smith, who is retiring this year, 2004, said that unnamed Republican leaders promised such a contribution. However, he later backed away from that comment, terming suggestions he was bribed "technically incorrect." Smith said that some Republican lawmakers had vowed to oppose his son's campaign if he did not vote for the Medicare legislation, but they did not offer to donate any money to the campaign. Smith ultimately voted against the bill. The House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct has conducted an informal probe into the situation but has so far resisted calls for a formal investigation.

Mar 17, 2004 – The House Committee of Official Conduct voted to conduct an formal inquiry regarding alleged attempts to bribe Rep. Nick Smith (R-MI).

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