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Britney Spears is most searched-for subject by British web users, Yahoo! claims, Adnan Ghalib The British Terror Threat, Trashed

Britney Spears is most searched-for subject by British web users, Yahoo! claims. and looking for a new man, December 2nd 2008.

Interest in the
troubled pop star propelled her to first place in the website's list of the top 10 searches for 2008. Her profile seems only to have grown even as she became known more for her turbulent private life than her music.

She is now attempting a comeback as she releases her sixth studio album, called Circus. The UK's other interests over the past year have been similarly showbiz-focused, with all top five positions filled by pop culture phenomena:

The enthusiasm for entertainment left the only news story in the top 10, the US election, in sixth place. The real-life dramas of Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss also captured the public's imagination, but just one male celebrity featured in the list - the actor Heath Ledger, who died suddenly in January.
Britney more popular than Obama, By Maggie Shiels Technology reporter, BBC News, Silicon Valley; Spears has been the top search term for seven of the past eight years, Barack Obama will make history by becoming the first black US president, but in the world of internet search he trails the singer, Britney Spears.

:: The Yahoo! UK Top 10 Searches of 2008:
2. Big Brother
3. X Factor
4. Oasis
5. High School Musical 3
6. US election
7. Amy Winehouse
8. Heath Ledger
9. Kate Moss
10. EastEnders

Just 60 days ago, British dirt bag ADNAN GHALIB was shopping around a sex tape of him and BRITNEY. Article in the Sun Newspaper, BRITNEY SPEARS' ex-boyfriend allegedly owns a sex tape featuring himself and the US singer.

ADNAN GHALIB, the British pap whom she dated during her breakdown, says he WILL sell the tape for the right price. He told Heat magazine: "There is such a tape, but I won’t discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries. "Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further.”

This comes on the heels of Spears' recent comeback. The pop princess snagged three MTV Music Awards earlier this month, and her latest single, "Womanizer," hit the airwaves last week. "I am not interested in selling out any other details about Britney," Adnan adds.

An unconfirmed source claims the two-hour X-rated footage features Britney naked wearing just a pink wig and was allegedly shot while on holiday in Mexico.

So Adnan Ghalib goes from pious Muslim who decrees that Britney Spears would have to convert to Islam (to appease his UK parents), to pimping out X-Rated movies of himself.
Early in 2008 when we were concerned about Britney and her relationship to British 'Muslim' boy friend Adnan Ghalib, some pretty disturbing links were discovered about the Ghalib clan in Birmingham UK and links to British Terrorism.

Florida Investigator: Britney Spears' BoyToy's Extremist Mosque; Why is He StillHere? By Debbie Schlussel

I've said before, I really don't care a whit about Britney Spears or her paramours. But, sadly, her Muslim boyfriend/reported fiance Adnan Ghalib--and the fact that he has a green card from an apparent sham marriage--brings to the forefront serious problems about our immigration policies and the authorities who "enforce" them. And I do care about that.

And Florida investigator Bill Warner has uncovered exclusive information about the mosque Ghalib's family belongs to (his father is a trustee) that should make us wonder why this guy is in America at all.

Warner reports: Adnan Ghalib, 35, (Britney's boy toy) grew up in Small Heath, Birmingham, where his mum Saghar and dad Hussain Ghalib are strict Muslims who attend their local mosque daily, Hussain Ghalib is a trustee at the
Central Jamai Masjid Ghamkol Sharif (Mosque) 150 Golden Hillock Road, Small Heath, Birmingham.

According to Bill Warner, the mosque is known as an extremist Pakistani mosque, not far from another extremist mosque, the Finsbury Mosque, where the Shoe Bomber a/k/a Richard Reidand Zaccarias Moussaoui worshipped Allah. Bill also notes that :

Terror arrests have been made in the Small Heath area of Birmingham.
The first of the suspected 21 Julaty attackers to be held, Yassin Hassan Omar, was arrested in Heybarnes Road, in the Small Heath area of Birmingham, at 0430 BST on Wednesday.

Why doesn't anyone in Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) ever look into this the way Bill Warner has? They don't, and they won't. And that's the problem.

We don't "discriminate against" a/k/a discern Muslims in our immigration process. We allow way too many in. And Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) adjudicators--the ones who decide who gets immigration benefits like green cards and certain visas--don't even investigate which mosque someone belonged to or whether they are involved with extremists.

As I've repeatedly reported, CIS adjudicators spend on average only SIX minutes per application, and that's without adjusting downward for bathroom breaks and lunch. And as I reported, not too long ago, CIS adjudicators weren't even allowed to check terrorism databases for citizenship applicants.

If only Bill Warner or former CIS Director of Security/whistleblower Mike Maxwell were running the show, we'd be safe. Instead, we are less safe.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator