Tuesday, December 30, 2008


James "Whitey" Bulger has been on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list since 1999. According to the FBI, James "Whitey" Bulger is their second most-wanted man, second only to Usama bin Laden the head of Al-Qaeda.

They say Bulger is wanted for 19 murders, as well as for money laundering, extortion, and drug dealing. The FBI is offering a $2 million reward for information that leads to his arrest.

One of Bulger's favorite return spots has been Florida, time and time again he has been supposedly spotted in the Sun Shine State, Bulger had safe deposit boxes filled with cash ($100 bills) in Clearwater Fl.

Whitey Bulger has spent a lot of time in Florida over the years, he even killed a guy or two down here.

Supposedly Whitey Bulger is a fan of AM Talk Radio in Florida and has called into a popular daytime show in West Palm Beach Fl on a few occasions, not identifying himself but his voice is unmistakable when heard, listen here.

Whitey Bulger aka Thomas Baxter (NY drivers license) lactose intolerant, he has used Socail Security Number SSN 018-22-4149, DOB 9/03/1929, age 79 (very bad breath).

Now a septuagenarian (79), cops say Bulger ruled Boston's Irish mafia with an iron fist from the early 1970s to the mid 1990s. In 1995, shortly after he was indicted on federal racketeering charges, cops say Bulger went into hiding with his long-time girlfriend, Teresa Stanley.
After a month on the run, Teresa asked Bulger to bring her back home to Boston. Bulger did, then hit the road again -- this time with another girlfriend, Catherine Greig, and this time for good.

Bulger Likes large dark colored sedans (Mercury Marquis), Wears baseball caps & sunglasses, Likes to visit Indian Reservations, historical sites, libraries, Purchases in cash ($100 bills), Takes daily walks (5-6 mi), Bulger is an avid reader with an interest in history, Bulger's girlfriend, Catherine Greig loves animals and may frequent animal shelters, Bulger has been known to alter his appearance through the use of disguises, Is known to have carried a knife at all times.

Long time gal pal of Whitey Bulger is aging moll Catherine Elizabeth Greig. Catherine Elizabeth Greig, aka Carol Shapeton aka Helen Marshall has used Social Security Number SSN 030-40-4309, her DOB is 4/03/1951, age 57, she has worked as a dog groomer.

The FBI says Bulger should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. He uses cash for everything, and enjoys visiting libraries and historic sites. Bulger got his nickname, Whitey, from the platinum blond hair he had as a child, but he's now almost completely bald, and it's believed he's taking a heart medication called Atenolol.

The fugitive investigation of James “Whitey” Bulger is conducted by the Bulger Fugitive Task Force (BFTF). This is a multiagency task force comprised of the FBI, the Massachusetts Department of Correction, the Massachusetts State Police, and the United States Attorney Office—District of Massachusetts.

When Bulger and his girlfriend, Catherine Greig, went on the run together in 1995, the couple abandoned her two poodles, Niki and Gigi. After caring for the dogs for several years, Greig's sister, Margaret McCusker, of South Boston, had them euthanized in 1999, according to law enforcement officials, after McCusker was indicted on perjury charges for lying about telephone calls with her sister, who is wanted for allegedly harboring a fugitive. McCusker was sentenced to six months home confinement and probation (2004).

Catherine Greig is the key in capturing James Whitey Bulger, she keeps in contact with her relatives, Whitey may someday just have to kill Catherine Greig to protect himself from being caught, she is the weak link.

If you think you've spotted James J. "Whitey" Bulger or his girlfriend, Catherine Greig, call the AMW hotline right now at 1-800-CRIME-TV or the Boston FBI "Bulger" task force, The Boston FBI Office may be contacted 24 hours a day at telephone number 617-742-5533. The FBI is offering a $2,000,000 reward for information leading directly to the arrest of James J. "Whitey" Bulger.

Bill Warner
private investigator
Sarasota Fl
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