Monday, November 24, 2008

Timoshenko-slay trial sting by ex-fling of suspect Robert Ellis, thug pal Dexter Bostick was going to hide out on Long Island near the used car lot.

Dexter Bostick's last name is also spelled Bostic. DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERS Wednesday, November 19th 2008, 1:32 AM A prosecution witness tied three ex-cons to the murder of cop Russel Timoshenko Tuesday a woman who had sex with a defendant hours before the slaying. Tameeka Buggs, 22, nervously burst into tears moments after taking the stand, but composed herself enough to deliver damaging testimony about what the men said hours after Timoshenko was killed. "They were saying they shot somebody and didn't know who and didn't know what condition they left them in," Buggs said of Dexter Bostick aka Bostic and Robert Ellis.

See my prior post,Friday, November 14, 2008, Thug accused of murdering NYPD Russel Timoshenko was laughing, Dexter Bostick also eyed in murder of Collin Thomas at Universal Auto World Long Island

DEXTER BOSTIC's LAST NAME IS ALSO SPELLED BOSTICK (see Police wanted poster), BOSTIC HAD A HIDEOUT APARTMENT ON CORNANGA AVE, FAR ROCKAWAY NY, NEAR THE USED CAR LOTS WERE HE WORKED. The third defendant, Lee Woods, spoke of returning to the crime scene to retrieve the murder weapons, but turning back because there were "too many police."

During a discussion about the stolen car they were driving, Woods blurted out that "he don't care because he didn't shoot nobody," Buggs testified. Buggs knew the crew through Woods, her aunt's ex-boyfriend. When Buggs had trouble with her Queens landlord, Woods had pals Ellis and Bostick aka Bostic bring her to their apartment early on July 8, 2007. Hours later, she had sex with Ellis, she said.

Ellis and Bostick aka Bostic left the apartment around midnight. An "anxious" Ellis returned around 5 a.m., got her out of bed and took her to a McDonald's - where headlines of the Timoshenko murder were blaring on TV.

Because three juries - one for each defendant - were present, Buggs did not repeat what Ellis said while he watched the news. When she retakes the stand Wednesday, she's expected to testify only for Ellis' jury that he told her: "I might have had something to do with that."

After they left McDonald's, Ellis and Buggs were picked up by Woods and Bostic's sister Nicole and then joined Bostic aka Bostick. "Mr. Bostick was talking, saying he was going to go to Long Island for a few months until this died down," she said. Bostick and Ellis were busted two days later in Pennsylvania.

Bostick's lawyer, Ed Wilford, called Buggs a liar outside court, saying she wanted revenge for being spurned. Woods' lawyer, Samuel Karliner, was pleased Buggs recounted his client's statement about who did the shooting. "It tremendously helps my client," he said.

Dexter Bostick DOB 09/01/1972, (also arrested & did time using the last name Bostic), Queens NY, New York State Prison release date 8/18/1999, he did 9 years in Cape Vincent Prison up near Camp Drum outside of Watertown NY..
ASSAULT 1ST ...........C
SODOMY 1ST ............B
ROBBERY 2ND ..........C

Dexter Bostic DOB 09/01/1972 Queens NY, New York State Prison release date 01/28/04 PAROLE - COND REL TO PAROLE, he did 2 1/2 years at Bare Hill Correctional Facility in Malone (Adirondack Forest), New York. Crime................................................................Class

Dexter Bostick aka Dexter Bostic DOB 9/01/1972, criminal, cop killer and used car salesman on Long Island. Dexter Bostic worked as a car salesman at Five Towns Mitsubishi, just up the road from raided Universal Auto World on Burnside Avenue in Inwood

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