Thursday, November 13, 2008


AHMED MOHAMED WAS READY, he came to Tampa to construct explosives to cause harm within this country !
The word "Tampa" is believed to mean sticks of fire in the language of the Calusa, a Native American tribe that once lived south of today’s Tampa Bay.

The Super Bowl XLIII , will be at Raymond James Stadium Tampa, FL on Sunday, February 1st 2009 at 6:00 PM.

TAMPA Nov 6th, 2008.. 18:07:30 GMT Critical Incident Solutions has recently assisted the Tampa, Florida, UASI and local RDSTF (Regional Domestic Security Task Force) with conducting an exercise that focused on intelligence information sharing and emergency response to acts of terrorism affecting multiple locations throughout the Tampa Bay region and surrounding counties. This effort is part of an ongoing training and preparedness program, which the Tampa Bay region is using to prepare for the Super Bowl which will be held in Tampa on Sunday 2/01/2009. Regional Domestic Security Task Force (RDSTF), the goal of the RDSTF is to provide a regional response to any Weapon of Mass Destruction or Terrorist incident that may occur within the State of Florida.

Tampa Florida has been terror central for the past 3 decades going back to 1988 with the formation of front companies for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad that solicited funds for suicide bombers in the Middle East, now have the suicide bombers have arrived in Tampa with the revelation of what convicted terrorist Ahmed Mohamed (he is Al-Qaeda) had in mind.

The prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Hoffer, argues in a sentencing memorandum filed in Ahmed Mohamed's case that Youseff Megahed, a legal, permanent resident of the United States, was a "front man" who was to help Mohamed acquire firearms within the USA, in Tampa Fl (in the run up to Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Fl).

Ahmed Mohamed (al-Qaeda member) was "no mere neophyte or 'arm-chair' supporter of violent jihad. He had taken steps in July 2007 to teach others how to set off remote-controlled detonations from a distance; he had engaged in extensive personal research on his laptop computer and had, in fact, manufactured on his own quantities of a potassium nitrate explosive mixture called 'MOTHER OF SATAN BOMB"; he had purchased sulfur and other products which would be useful in the manufacture of black powder and the defendant purchased, at the same time, from the same store, and during the same trip, hydrogen peroxide and acetone onyx remover (nail polish remover).

Those items are two of the primary components of the high explosive acetone peroxide (Mother of Satan Bomb); and he had sought to possess firearms unlawfully and attempted to buy them, with the apparent aim to train in their use and the possible use of concealable "Mother Of Satan Bombs" at Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Fl.

Acetone peroxide (triacetone triperoxide, peroxyacetone, TATP, TCAP) is an organic peroxide and a primary high explosive. It takes the form of a white crystalline powder with a distinctive acrid smell. It is highly susceptible to heat, friction, and shock. For its instability, it has been called the "Mother of Satan". However the instability is greatly improved by impurities. It is normally stable when pure in powder form, but it dissolves quickly (even when kept under water). It is one of the few explosives which is explosive when wet or kept underwater.

How many more "Ahmed Mohameds" are in Tampa or St. Pete or Bradenton or Sarasota getting ready for the "Big Show" the most-watched TV event of the year, with about 150 million viewers in the U.S., the Superbowl in 2009 will see Bruce Springsteen and his E-Street band perform for 230 countries, and is the biggest musical performance on the planet, outstripping Grammys, Oscars and other worldwide broadcasts. Florida is not new to the terror biz as all of the al-Qaeda 9/11 pilots trained in Florida at one time or another, big stage, big audience, big "sticks of fire" !

Bill Warner
Private Investigator