Sunday, November 09, 2008

Spain Expels Son of bin Laden Who Sought Asylum, Omar Osama bin Laden, 27, & his British wife, Jane Felix-Browne, 52, he is her 6th husband.

Spain Expels Son of bin Laden Who Sought Asylum , November 8, 2008... MADRID — A son of Osama bin Laden who was seeking asylum in Spain has been deported after his final appeal failed, the Spanish authorities and one of his lawyers said Saturday, November 8th, 2008.

Omar Osama bin Laden, 27, one of 19 children of Osama bin Laden, the founder of Al Qaeda, applied for asylum last week after arriving at Barajas International Airport in Madrid on a flight from Cairo.

Mr. bin Laden argued that his life was in danger, his lawyer in Spain, Bianca Sharma, said Saturday.

UPDATE.. Sunday Nov. 9th CAIRO, Egypt Usama Bin Laden's Son Denied Entry Into Egypt, Egyptian authorities put one of Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden's son on a plane to Qatar on Sunday after denying him entry into the country, a security official at Cairo's airport said. Omar Osama bin Laden, 27, and his British wife arrived at Cairo International Airport over the weekend after he unsuccessfully tried to seek political asylum in Spain, claiming he would not be safe if he returned to an Arab country. The couple had lived in Egypt for the past year. Egyptian authorities at the airport decided to deny them entry and instead sent them to the Gulf Arab country of Qatar.

Omar Ossama bin Laden has said that he trained in al-Qaeda camps beginning at the age of 14, but after training with al-Qaeda for six years and sharing a house with Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's second-in-command, he left al-Qaeda in 2000 because he did not want to be associated with killing civilians (or so he says) and his father did not object.

The Spanish government denied Mr. bin Laden’s initial petition and his appeal, according to Ms. Sharma and an interior ministry spokeswoman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, as is customary. He and his British wife, Jane Felix-Browne aka Zaina Mohamed Al-Sabah age 52 (her 6th marriage), flew back to Cairo on Saturday (Nov. 8th) afternoon, the interior ministry official said.

He married Zaina Mohamed Al-Sabah, legally named Jane Felix-Browne, a parish councillor from Moulton, near Northwich in Cheshire UK in July 2007. The marriage was conducted in April 2007 in Islamic ceremonies in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia, after which the couple spent three weeks together in Jeddah before Zaina returned to Britain for several months. Zaina had been married five times previously, beginning with a Saudi man at the age of 16, who introduced her to several members of the bin Laden family. She believes she met Osama bin Laden at a party in London in the 1970s

The Spanish spokeswoman said that Mr. Omar Ossama bin Laden had not met the criteria for asylum. However, Ms. Sharma said the couple had received many death threats because of his father. “Their lives are in grave danger in any Arab country,” she said.

Omar Ossama bin Laden helped to organize the U.S. branch of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY, occasionally reported as the World Congress of Muslim Youth, formerly at 5134 Leesburg Pike, Alexandria VA) in Falls Church, Virginia during the 1990s with his brother Abdallah and Kamal Helwabi or Kamal Helbawy, a member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (Terrorists) who now characterizes himself as a moderate. WAMY was criticized for disseminating "hate speech", employing persons calling for violence against Jews, and sued for damages by survivors of the September 11th attacks before being shut down in May 2004 in a federal raid in which all files and computer hard drives were seized.

Ms. Felix-Browne, 52, who also goes by the name Zaina al-Sabah, said in an interview with Reuters on Friday, “Spain is our only chance of surviving, our only chance of living.” Spain receives about 5,000 asylum petitions a year and accepts about 8 percent of them, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

In an interview with The Associated Press in May, Ms. Felix-Browne said Mr. bin Laden had been denied a visa to Britain. Omar bin-Laden spent 1991-96 in Sudan before moving with his father to Afghanistan, where Al Qaeda established training camps at the invitation of the Taliban regime. Where he was on 9/11 is a moot point. Some sources say Omar split with his father only because he was angry that the 9/11 attacks led to the destruction of the Taliban regime.
UK-No, Spain-No, Egypt-No, Omar Osama bin Laden a man with no country, as no country wants a terrorist, especially with this terrorists family baggage.

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