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My dad's not a monster and I'm not a pole-dancer, says al-Muhajiroun firebrand preacher Omar Bakri's daughter, Yasmin Fostok

My dad's not a monster and I'm not a pole-dancer, says firebrand preacher Omar Bakri's daughter Yasmin Fostok, The Mail on Sunday, Last updated at 10:05 PM November 8th 2008. When the daughter of firebrand Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed was revealed to be a topless pole dancer, the conflict between their two lifestyles could hardly have been more stark. Bakri, exiled from Britain in 2005 for inciting hatred, is infamous for his radical interpretation of Islam, which includes denouncing Western 'depravity' and claiming the British people brought the 7/7 outrages on themselves.

In allegedly choosing to lead a secret double life stripping for money in seedy London bars and nightclubs, Yasmin Fostok appeared to have rejected her father's views in the most extreme way possible. She's kinda attractive, if you like the "Stripper/HairDresser- Drama Queen" type.

Yet while 'friends' described her passion for flaunting her cosmetically enhanced figure in front of men, and her colourful love life, to the Press in September 08, Yasmin was overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught of publicity and terrified by a slew of messages on the internet from extremists angered by her lifestyle and threatening to harm her.

Now the 27-year-old single mother of three has spoken out for the first time in an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday to claim that, contrary to what has been written about her, both her Muslim faith and her father's opinion are still extremely important to her. While she admits rebelling against her strict upbringing, she denies pole-dancing or taking her clothes off for money and says the allegations have left her so devastated that she attempted suicide.

She says: 'For weeks now I've read lie after lie about myself and the experience has shattered me. At one stage, I even thought I wanted to die, but I feel much stronger now. 'When I was younger, I danced in nightclubs, but I've never taken my clothes off or danced around a pole to get men going (so who is in the stripper pic ?).

She was introduced to London's nightclubs by her husband's brother. 'My husband didn't mind - he was quite happy to stay at home and look after the children, or we would leave them with his parents. 'I never drank but I adored dancing. The first few times I went clubbing I felt guilty because I knew nightclubs were exactly the kind of place my dad would hate most, but I felt as if I'd missed out on a normal teenage life and I was making up for it. 'I put my parents and their views to the back of my mind and just enjoyed myself.'

'I danced in the big clubs like Equinox and the Hippodrome in Leicester Square, (In London al-Qaeda has targeted Tiger Tiger nightclub in The Haymarket and the Ministry of Sound nightclub in central London) standing on a podium or the stage,' she says. 'I wore combat trousers and little vest tops and sometimes I'd be on stilts or even fire-breathing. 'I loved it and although I knew it was a long way from the way I'd been brought up, I didn't care. 'But I was never nude and the dancing was never around a pole, or lap-dancing. I've never even been to a gentleman's club, only to normal nightclubs.'

Although Bakri is believed to have strong links with Al Qaeda, Yasmin says: 'I never believed, and I still don't, that he has ever had anything to do with hurting people. I think he just has his opinions.' In 2003, Yasmin's marriage fell apart when she met Mustafa Mehmet, a mechanic who became the father of her youngest son, Amir, who is now two. During their relationship, which lasted three years, Yasmin had her breasts enhanced from a B-cup to a DD. It has been claimed that her father paid for the operation, but she says she saved for it herself.

Yasmin was so frightened for her safety that the police moved her to a safe house. She also received her first phone call from her father in years. Far from being angry, she says he was worried for her, and supportive. 'He told me he loved me, and to stay strong. I apologised but he said I didn't need to seek his forgiveness, only God's. 'He said the papers had run the story to get back at him and to attack our religion. Part of me feels angry with him for bringing this on me, but part of me agrees with him that he's been attacked unfairly.

Omar Bakri Mohammed was the founder of the terrorist group Al-Muhajiroun in London and also in Queens NY, see my prior post, Monday, October 27, 2008, US holds terror suspect from Queens NY, Syed "Fahad" Hashmi, in harsh conditions says lawyer Sean Maher, "Fahad" is a member of al-Muhajiroun. Omar Bakri Mohammed is a terrorist organizer.

Bill Warner
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