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Click images to enlarge; Police thought Muslim cleric Benbrika might use one of his willing youths to walk into a popular Melbourne meeting place, such as a crowded AFL Football game, wearing a suicide bomb vest.
Security concerns for 2009 Superbowl in Tampa Fl; Back in Jan 2001 when Tampa hosted the Super Bowl, ticket holders got through the gates after a bag check and ticket scan. When the Super Bowl returns in 2009, fans will face those measures plus metal detectors and random pat downs passing through a fence before making it to the stadium.

That's one of the differences in Super Bowl security in the post-Sept. 11 world. "It's a completely different ball game," said Tampa fire Chief Dennis Jones, who assisted with security during Tampa's 2001 Super Bowl. Tens of thousands of people working at Super Bowl events - everyone from concessionaires to souvenir hawkers - undergo extensive background checks, and on Sunday, planes can't fly within 10 miles of the stadium. The Super Bowl XLIII , will be at Raymond James Stadium Tampa, FL on Sunday, February 1st 2009 at 6:00 PM.

TAMPA Nov 6th, 2008.. 18:07:30 GMT Critical Incident Solutions has recently assisted the Tampa, Florida, UASI and local RDSTF (Regional Domestic Security Task Force) with conducting an exercise that focused on intelligence information sharing and emergency response to acts of terrorism affecting multiple locations throughout the Tampa Bay region and surrounding counties.

TAMPA Nov 5th, 2008 - Ahmed Mohamed aka Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, came to the United States to gather "information about explosives and acquiring components in this country to construct explosives to cause harm within this country," a federal prosecutor asserts in a newly filed court document.

See my prior post, Thursday, November 13, 2008,

Ahmed Mohamed (al-Qaeda member) was "no mere neophyte or 'arm-chair' supporter of violent jihad. He had taken steps in July 2007 to teach others how to set off remote-controlled detonations from a distance; he had engaged in extensive personal research on his laptop computer and had, in fact, manufactured on his own quantities of a potassium nitrate explosive mixture called 'MOTHER OF SATAN BOMB"; he had purchased sulfur and other products which would be useful in the manufacture of black powder and the defendant purchased,
at the same time, from the same store, and during the same trip, hydrogen peroxide and acetone onyx remover (nail polish remover) all the products needed for a suicide bomber.

IN AUSTRALIA, RADICAL self-proclaimed Muslim cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika and six of his followers have been convicted of being members of a Melbourne-based terrorist cell in September 2008. Benbrika's warped interpretation of Allah's wishes included permission for his followers to steal cars, commit fraud, become suicide bombers, kill thousands of innocent men women and children at a crowded Football Game Championship and generally wage war on Australia in Australia.

Police thought Benbrika might use one of his willing youths to walk into a popular Melbourne meeting place, such as a crowded AFL Football game, wearing a suicide bomb vest. Police who raided Benbrika's home found material which explained how to make such a vest. Exploding the device in the middle of a football crowd would physically damage surrounding fans and mentally damage the whole country. Fifty or more people could easily be killed. But the death of even one AFL fan as a result of a suicide bomb attack would send long-lasting shock waves through the community.

That scenario was discussed by investigators even before prosecution witness and convicted terrorist Izzydeen Atik, 28, told police of a discussion he alleged he had with Benbrika about a planned attack on the MCG. Atik claimed ASIO and police raids on Benbrika cell members forced the plotters to shelve plans to bomb the 2005 AFL Grand Final between Sydney Swans and West Coast Eagles. He alleged Benbrika - who he knew by the name of Abu Bakr - then switched targets to a choice between a 2006 NAB cup game or Crown casino during the Grand Prix weekend. Police secretly taped Benbrika telling Merhi in September 2004 that the rulings of Allah meant it was permissible to carry out violent acts of jihad in Australia.

he men had planned to buy weapons for "Allah's cause" and used car parts stripped from stolen vehicles to raise funds. The mujahideen "brothers in Chechnya" also stole to support Allah's cause: "You just see all those macho videos where they are all holding AKs and all shooting, you don't see what they do behind … They don't do it every single day, man, they do this." Mr Maidment said the men were involved in a car-stripping scheme to raise funds for an alleged terror organisation to which they belonged.

One of the suspected terrorist group members was alleged to be funding the group's opera- tions by trafficking in stolen cars. Authorities could have arrested him for the illegal car trade, but they made a risk-management decision not to do so. Again, the risk of exposing the investigation was deemed greater than the risk of an imminent attack. Senior-Detective Jennifer Bannan-Moss, of the joint counter-terrorism group, alleged in court that Hany Taha's panel beating business helped obtain funds for the alleged cell's "sandook" (common fund) by rebirthing stolen cars…The court was told Hany Taha was not arrested for the rebirthing racket as that action would have jeopardised the joint police operation. (

Footage shown by Benbrika to some of his followers included vision of the 2004 beheadings of US hostages Jack Hensley, Nick Berg and Eugene Armstrong in Iraq; the shooting of American Robert Jacob in the Saudi capital of Riyadh in 2004; and the beheading of US hostage Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia in 2004.

Builder Aimen Joud, 23, of Hoppers Crossing, who was found guilty, was Benbrika's right-hand man and responsible for keeping the others in line and encouraging them to maintain their radical views. Joud used the email address to conduct online discussions with like-minded extremists. He used 13 different mobile telephones, only one of which was in his name, to talk to cell members.

The cell phone calls of convicted Tampa terrorist, Ahmed Mohamed, need to be checked and double checked and every "cell phone pal" of Tampa's Ahmed Mohamed needs to be scrutinized and under surveillance.

SYDNEY, Australia, on SEPTEMBER 15 th, 2008 -- A jury in Australia’s largest terrorism trial has found six men guilty of plotting attacks on public facilities. The six were part of a group of 12 men who had been accused of planning to attack major sites around their home city of Melbourne. Prosecutors said their targets included the Melbourne Cricket Ground during the final of the Australian Football League, when over 90,000 people would have been in attendance.

THREE WEEKS LATER ON OCTOBER 6TH, 2008, PAT DOWNS TO RESUME AT RAYMOND JAMES STADIUM ON SUNDAY . Posted by Mike Florio, 12:52 p.m. EDT. Folks attending games at the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should be prepared to be frisked. With a federal appeals court clearing the way last month for the resumption of security pat downs at Raymond James Stadium, (which holds 70,000 and will have a viewing audience of 150 million on Super Bowl Sunday, 2/01/09), the procedure will be resurrected on October 12, 2008, the team announced. The procedure is used at all NFL stadiums. A lawsuit was filed challenging the procedure in Tampa. After some initial success, the measure was upheld. And that’s a good thing, in our view. If anyone has a problem with getting patted down, they should just watch the game at home.

Does convicted terrorist and al-Qaeda member Ahmed Mohamed have 11 other associates in the Tampa area, like the Sydney terror cell, who are like minded and ready to become Shahid's. Also see, China Thwarts Terrorist Plot At Olympic Football Stadium Submitted by national on Friday, 25 July 2008.

THE SCENARIO OF WHAT IF; A terrorist or multiple terroists walk into a football stadium on a beautiful fall day. He/they are wearing a heavy wool overcoat, but underneath the coat is a bomb belt loaded with plastic explosive and ball bearings that will rip through the flesh of everyone nearby within a 360-degree arc. The crowd is on its feet as the home team runs onto the field and the terrorist detonates the device. There is a flash and a loud bang, then a puff of smoke. In an instant, hundreds of people are cut down by the shrapnel. Arms and legs are torn away from their victims, and there is blood everywhere. At first, no one realizes what has happened, but then the crowd panics; hundreds more are trampled in the mad dash for the exits.........then what do we do ?

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