Monday, November 24, 2008

Muslim Terrorists Met at Strip Clubs in Sarasota, Daytona, Las Vegas and the Midway Invader in Mississauga Ontario, Eh ?

Kimberlee Ouwroulis, 44, has worked at several of John Sit's 4 Strip Clubs over the last 4 years, she was last working at the 'New Locomotion Strip Club', when club owner John Sit fired her on June 6 2008. Kimberlee filed a human rights complaint alleging she was fired because of her age.

"He told me that the club is going in a new direction with younger girls," Ouwroulis said. Ouwroulis told the National Post that while the job is about looks, it is also about personality and attitude, all of which made her a great dancer.

"That's age discrimination to me," the complaint was filed Sept 16 to the tribunal in Toronto.  In a recent interview with Kimberlee, information has been obtained that points to very possible terrorist meetings at the Midway Invader Strip Club in Mississauga Ontario.

Mr. Sit owns 4 bars. The New Locomotion Strip club is one of four strip clubs run by "The Cabaret Group" in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Kimberlee worked at Midway Invader in Mississauga; in 2006 and 2005 which is Mr. Sits bar.

That is where she thought that there was 'Muslim Meetings' going on in the late Winter and early Spring of 2006 in Mississauga Ontario. She suspected that something wasn't right about the way a group of Muslim men were acting.
The Muslim men came into the Midway Invader Strip Club as a group (and left the same way), they possibly met in the parking lot, there was an older Muslim man , about 40, who wore the Muslim skull cap and wore some of the traditional Muslim garb, there were 4 to 5 younger men, 20 to 29, who wore western clothes, loose fitting jackets and pants in the Hip-Hop fashion, they came into the Midway Invader Strip club on Friday nights, early, and sat in the loudest section of the club near the speakers.

The older Muslim man (40's) with the skull cap appeared to lead the "discussions" as the other younger men all leaned in towards him with great interest as to what he was saying, they all ordered bottles of water.
Kimberlee had no idea if those men she saw were any that were actually arrested in the June of 2006. She did complain to people about what she saw, managers, and friends etc., Because girls were going on stage, young girls and the Muslim men were sitting there; in a circle and not even moving there heads toward the stage were the young strippers were dancing.  Kimberlee watched them for a long time; they were oblivious to the fact that they were in a club; when It was her turn to go up on stage...she looked down; and again they never tried to watch any dancers at all...very very strange....they ordered drinks...not alcohol because there were bottles of water; and then they left of course without speaking to any girls....also I told other girls to watch them....! -I noticed it again the following week...same time same place....that is when I told the manager of the Midway Invader Strip Club Mississauga, Ontario, ; after having seen it the 2nd time...Kimberlee Ouwroulis

Ontario Terrorism Suspects Face List of Charges in Plot, MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, June 5 2006 . The men who were arrested in a suspected terrorist plot to bomb several Canadian buildings faced a rash of terrorism charges, including belonging to a terrorist group, running training camps and smuggling guns and ammunition across the border, according to court documents released Monday.Canadian police officials said that the sweeping investigation, which has also touched on suspects in the United States and other countries, was continuing, and that more arrests were expected.

"The investigation is not over by any stretch," So far 12 Canadian men, along with five youths under 18 who are being treated as minors, have been arrested in connection with the investigation. Mr. McDonell said the main thrust of the operation continues to be in Mississauga Ontario, but it has turned up several international connections.
Police arrested 12 adults, ages 19 to 43, and five suspects younger than 18 Friday and Saturday on charges including plotting attacks with explosives on Canadian targets. The oldest, Qayyum Abdul Jamal, 43, led prayers at a storefront mosque attended by some 40 to 50 families down the street from his home in a middle-class neighborhood of Mississauga, west of Toronto. A partial list of the arrested terror suspects is seen below;
1). Qayyum Abdul Jamal, 43, Mississauga described as the leader.
3). Steven Vikash Chand, alias Abdul Shakur, 25
4). Yasim Abdi Mohamed, 24, born in Somalia.
5). Asad Ansari, 21, Mississauga
6). Zakaria Amara, 20, Mississauga

CBS NEWS...Focus On Florida..MIAMI, Sept. 14, 2001. Three men spewed anti-American sentiments in a bar and talked of impending bloodshed the night before the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, a Daytona Beach strip club manager interviewed by the FBI said Thursday. "They were talking about what a bad place America is.

Kap said they made the claims to a bartender and a patron. In Daytona Beach, Kap said he told FBI investigators the men in his bar spent $200 to $300 apiece on lap dances and drinks, paying with credit cards. Kap said he gave the FBI credit card receipts, photocopied driver's licenses, a business card left by one man and a copy of the Quran - the sacred book of Islam - that was left at the bar.
Jewish World Review Nov. 8, 2001 / 22 Mar-Cheshvan, 5762 Norman Doidge Terrorist ringleader Mohammed Atta and other hijackers reportedly spent US$200 to US$300 on lap dances in the Pink Pony Strip Club in Florida.

Marwan Al-Shehhi, who, it is believed, piloted the plane that slammed into the south tower, frequently got lap dances in the Olympic Garden Topless Cabaret in Las Vegas, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The Boston Globe reported that four other alleged terrorists, Satam M.A. Al Suqami, Marwan Al-Shehhi, Fayez Rahsid Ahmed Hasan Al Qadi Banihammad and Mohand Alshehri, who were staying at the Milner Hotel in Boston, called escort services on Sept. 10. The last three are believed to have helped hijack United Airlines Flight 175, while Satam M.A. Al Suqami joined those who hijacked American Airlines Flight 11.
Agents of terror leave their mark on Sin City, Las Vegas workers recall the men they can't forget, Kevin Fagan, Chronicle Staff Writer Thursday, October 4, 2001. 'Samantha' says she lap danced for Marwan Al-Shehhi at the Olympic Garden Topless Cabaret during one of his trips there.  Samantha remembers the killer settling into the crushed red velvet chair, staring blankly up at her while she undulated her hips inches from his face.
He didn't look evil, she said. Not even interesting. Certainly not like a man who would, just three months later, hijack a jet and smash it into the World Trade Center to slaughter thousands of people in a suicidal fireball. To the 37-year-old stripper, Marwan Al-Shehhi simply looked "cheap." "Some big-man terrorist, huh?"
Samantha said this week as she took a breather from the two-dozen lap dances she bestows daily upon the lonely at the Olympic Garden Topless Cabaret. "He spent about $20 for a quick dance and didn't tip more." She stopped and bit her lip, throbbing rock music rattling the dimly lit crystal ball overhead while other "girls" in G-strings gyrated for grinning tourists. "I'm glad he's dead with the rest of them, and I don't like feeling something like that," Samantha finally said. "But he wasn't just a bad tipper - - he killed people."
Samantha would have never given Al-Shehhi another thought if she hadn't seen his photo in a news article naming him as one of five Sept. 11 hijackers who stayed in Las Vegas not long before they pulled off the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history. Just why the five chose Vegas is still somewhat of a mystery, and FBI agents are knocking on doors up and down The Strip -- the casino-studded road cutting north to south -- to try to solve it.
But one thing seems clear. The self-styled warriors for Allah -- who believed their hijackings would earn them eager virgins in heaven -- engaged in some decidedly un-Islamic sampling of prohibited pleasures in America's reputed capital of moral corrosion. The fact that she played a role in that sampling was disturbing enough to Samantha, but after recognizing 23-year-old Al-Shehhi's bearded face, she had another shock coming. It turned out one of his accomplices, Mohamed Atta -- thought to be the ringleader of the entire four-jet attack that demolished the twin towers and part of the Pentagon -- stayed in the cheap Econo Lodge just a couple of blocks from the Olympic along The Strip.

“Charles Grapentine, the manager of Sandpiper Apartments on Airport Avenue in Venice, said he remembers seeing Atta at the complex for about three weeks in April.
He said Atta was living in the apartment of Amanda Keller.” We asked him if he had any clue about what had happened to her. Was she just a reluctant witness? Or had she been frightened into silence?
Kimel knew a bit about recalcitrant witnesses: he’d found some strippers who had danced for Atta in a Sarasota strip joint, the Cheetah, but had then encountered resistance from the establishment's management when he began to ask them a few questions...They threw him out of the club. Kimel’s next story about Atta and Amanda included a brief phone interview with her.
She spoke to him from her mother’s house in the northern Florida town of Lady Lake. “She said authorities told her not to say anything at all about Atta,” reported Kimel. The story then quoted Amanda Keller's last eleven words, before she lapsed into a silence which only ended after we found her more than a year later: “I can’t really discuss anything. I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble.”
I (Bill Warner) helped the original investigative reporter, Daniel Hopsicker dig up some of the background info on Amanda Keller, stipper and girl firend of Mohamed Atta while he lived in the Venice Sarasota Fl area. Daniel Hopsicker's invesitigative work on stripper Amanda Keller in Sarasota/Venice Fl and Mohamed Atta.From Hopsicker's article (Book 'Welcome to Terrorland" 2004):

In Venice Florida (JUST SOUTH OF SARASOTA), Mohamed Atta lived for two months with an American stripper/lingerie model named Amanda Keller. Atta loved to party.
He was out with Keller nearly every night they were together. He was a heavy drinker, snorted coke, was a stylish dresser and wore expensive jewelry. Keller dumped him after he embarrassed her at a night club by dancing, poorly, atop a speaker. Atta revenged himself later on Keller by returning to the apartment they had shared and killing her cat and kittens, disemboweling and dismembering them in her apartment for her to find.

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario June 2006, At least 6 of the 17 people arrested by Canadian authorities in a sweeping counterterrorism operation regularly attended the same storefront mosque.

The Globe and Mail newspaper reported Sunday on its Web site that the supposed conspiracy dated to March 2005 up to June 2006 and that men and youths in the group might have undergone training at sites in Fort Erie, Ont., near the United States border, and in Barrie, north of Toronto. The 12 adults arrested range in age from 19 to 43. Most live in Toronto or in the Mississauga suburb of more than 700,000 people. Al-Rahman Mosque, MISSISSAUGA, Ontario.

Bill Warner
Sarasota Private Investigator

WORLD EXCLUSIVEOct 04, 2006--Venice, Daniel Hopsicker In a meeting at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune’s Venice bureau, which had ironically been our first stop in our search for Stripper Amanda Keller four years ago, to check in with reporter Earle Kimel. Atta may have been in Venice Fl as recently as April 2001,” Kimel had reported.