Sunday, November 09, 2008

Muslim Terrorist Ahmed Mohamed came to Tampa USA to cause harm within the country," Terrorists at USF again, Mohamed will get 15 years in Federal Pen.

TAMPA - Ahmed Mohamed aka Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, came to the United States to gather "information about explosives and acquiring components in this country to construct explosives to cause harm within this country," a federal prosecutor asserts in a newly filed court document.

In order to achieve victory, Ahmed Mohamed states, Muslims needed to “deceive the infidels, and keep them in the dark”.The defendant made clear that his intention was to assist bretheren in carrying out martyrdom operations that involved the murder of American soldiers.

Ahmed Mohamed used his studies at USF as a cover for a covert operation to make and distribute bombs in the USA to cause harm to Americans. Mohamed entered the United States on or about January 1, 2007. He entered on a F-1 student visa. In his application for that visa in October, 2006, he acknowledged that he had previously been “arrested or convicted” of an “offense or crime” in Egypt. The defendant has admitted to the Probation Office that he had been arrested in 2003 in Egypt and had been held in custody there for over four months.

Mohamed, an
Egyptian student in the United States to attend the University of South Florida (USF), is scheduled to be sentenced Friday (postponed to Dec 18th 2008) after pleading guilty to providing material support to terrorists by making and posting on the Web site You Tube a video in which he shows how to use a remote-controlled device to detonate a bomb.

Mohamed was arrested, along with his friend, Youseff Megahed, last year in South Carolina after deputies there said they found explosives in the trunk of their car. Megahed is still awaiting trial on charges of illegally transporting explosives. The prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Hoffer, argues in a sentencing memorandum filed in Mohamed's case that Megahed, a legal, permanent resident of the United States, was a "front man" who was to help Mohamed acquire firearms.

By operation of law, the defendant’s final adjusted sentencing range is 180
months imprisonment, the statutory maximum term of imprisonment for a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2339A under the circumstances of this case. A thoughtful consideration of all of the pertinent sentencing factors indicates that an appropriate sentence for this defendant is the sentence indicated in the Pre Sentence Report – a term of fifteen years imprisonment. A lesser sentence is not appropriate in this case. A sentence of 180 months imprisonment would do much to deter a defendant such as this one and protect the community from his evil designs.

Mohamed was "no mere neophyte or 'arm-chair' supporter of violent jihad. He had taken steps in July 2007 to teach others how to set off remote-controlled detonations from a distance; he had engaged in extensive personal research on his laptop computer and had, in fact, manufactured on his own quantities of a potassium nitrate explosive mixture; he had purchased sulfur and other products which would be useful in the manufacture of black powder and the defendant purchased, at the same time, from the same store, and during the same trip, hydrogen peroxide and acetone onyx remover (nail polish remover). Those items are two of the primary components of the high explosive acetone peroxide (Mother of Satan Bomb); and he had sought to possess firearms unlawfully and attempted to buy them, with the apparent aim to train in their use.

Acetone peroxide (triacetone triperoxide, peroxyacetone, TATP, TCAP) is an organic peroxide and a primary high explosive. It takes the form of a white crystalline powder with a distinctive acrid smell. It is highly susceptible to heat, friction, and shock. For its instability, it has been called the "Mother of Satan". However the instability is greatly impoved by impurities. It is normally stable when pure, but it dissolves quickly(even when kept under water). It is one of the few explosives which is explosive when wet or kept underwater.

Ahmed Mohamed agreed that he made the video relating to the creation and use of a radio remote controlled ignition system. He acknowledged that he had told FBI agents that his aim in the distribution of that video was to aid persons fighting in the Middle East against “invaders” and that he considered U.S. military forces in the Middle East to be part of the “invading” force. By doing so, Mohamed’s statements constituted admissions that his intention in producing and distributing the recording was to support attempts by terrorists to murder employees of the United States, including members of the uniformed services, while such persons were engaged in or on account of the performance of their official duties.

The images on the defendant’s computer included a photograph of a child aiming a anti-tank weapon while stepping on a military helmet which appears to be of American manufacture and also an image of a map of what appears to be Israel circled in what appears to be blood, being held in the palm of a bleeding hand.

Ahmed Mohamed called the United States a "vile nation" when speaking to his parents on Dec. 20, Hoffer writes. Agents found a 37-line poem on Mohamed's computer that appeared to have been written by Mohamed, Hoffer writes. "The author of the poem extols various figures such as the 'exalted Ossama Bin Laden' and other members of Al Qaeda. … In it, the author of the poem pledged his 'blood,' his 'neck' and 'soul' to his Lord and dreamt of the day that Egypt would lead the world by G-D's canonical law, and by jihad in the cause of G-D," Hoffer writes.

(The prosecutor, as a matter of practice, doesn't write out the word "God" as part of his Jewish faith.). Hoffer writes that "the coldest statement of this defendant and the most telling as to his hatred and disdain for the United States came in a hand-written letter which the defendant sent to a Hillsborough County jail deputy on April 1, 2008. In that letter, which he signed, the defendant 'congratulated' the jail deputy upon the fact that the Pentagon had recently announced the death of more than 4,000 U.S. troops in the Middle East."

A Terrorist Bastard hiding at USF, again.

Bill Warner
Private investigator